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Assistant Manager Programmer Resume


Software Development professional with 4 years of experience programming in JAVA, JSP, JavaScript, SQL, Spring (MVC), Struts, Json, AJAX and Jquery. Intermediate or advance in solving problems, troubleshooting, and quality assurance testing. Have experiences working with large scale projects with major banks and life insurance companies and programs in South Korea.


Available OS: Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/NT/2003

Java, JQuery, AJAX, Visual: Basic, JavaScript, Spring(MVC), Struts, Bootstrap, Json, J2EE

Softwares: Eclipse, VisualStudio, Toad, SQL Developer

DataBase Oracle, MSSQL, MY: SQL


Assistant Manager Programmer



  • Managed and supervised a small development team developing CIGNA Health Life Insurance Korea (LINA Korea).
  • Created CIGNA’s company website and program Customer Services data to assist staff.
  • Developed system for CIGNA using JSP, AJAX, MVC, Spring, Jquery, Oracle, to maintain and monitor customer service calls, automatically distributes documents and reports to Microsoft Excel type files such as Electronic Report System (ERS)
  • Developed and designed website called Confidential using JSP, Oracle, AJAX, Bootstrap, JQuery.
  • Confidential is created for customers to book trip plans or traveling itinerary using Google Maps as s
  • Created webpage for Confidential using JSP, AJAX, Bootstratp, MYSQL allowing research forum to tracing and producing reports.

Senior Assistant Computer Developer



  • Monitored database and server logs of banking customers and controls credit card payment processing.
  • Managed Payment Gateway system, server and mobile webpage.
  • Developed and designed Payat webpage which allow clients to see track their sales, profits and customer data base.
  • Developed webpage using JSP, PHP, AJAX, and Oracle for Korean online shopping mall providing customers to pay with a credit card online.
  • Created Confidential website and delivery application using JSP, AJAX, MVC, JQuery which allow customers to make orders, display the orders, distributed the orders to restaurants, post sales content and distribution profit.

Assistant Manager Computer Developer



  • Developed prototypes for document security system, which is a customer service program (CS) using Visual Basic, C++, C#, Oracle, MySQL.
  • Developed and troubled shoot main project Document Security System (DSS), which creates security features like bar codes, watermarks and security codes when printing documents.
  • Created a printer counter solution program for printing documents and detecting ink levels in printers.
  • Developed Document Security System using Oracle, MySQL as a database, in which major Korean banks use this system and big companies like Hyundai and Kia Motors.
  • Developed a program called Document Carrying out Approval System, using JSP, MVC, AJAX, JQuery, which creates an expiration date for security documents for a readable file amongst Administrators or Managers in the companies.
  • Developed Digital Information Display (DID) program using Visual Basic, C++, C# and Oracle with a group of developer team.
  • Created program displays local advertisements, news, weather on TV screens or displays in elevators and buildings.
  • Programmed solutions, sold to major Korean department stores, markets, and public buildings, main streets, and apartment buildings.

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