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Maximo Consultant, Resume

Columbus, OH


  • Over 10 years of Maximo experience
  • Experienced in 3 full life cycle installations and configurations of Maximo 5, 6, 7.1,7.5,7.6
  • BEA WebLogic installations and configurations and administration on a windows environment
  • WebSphere 6.0/ 6.1 installations and administration on Windows clustered environment
  • Experienced as Maximo Systems Administrator
  • Knowledge of Maximo Model
  • Maximo integration with ERPs PeopleSoft, Oracle financials, SAP etc.
  • Migration and Migration by scripting (SQL, PL/SQL)
  • Knowledgeable in Clustered Application environment running on 2 app servers with a total of 8 JVMs (Java Virtual Machines)
  • Experience with WebSphere Installation and Administration for Maximo 6.2.1
  • Design and development of base Systems using Oracle and implementation of business requirements using SQL, Procedures, Functions and Triggers
  • Installations of Oracle 9, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2000 bases
  • Configuring Maximo to work with bases
  • Maximo 6.2.1 System Administration - creating user groups, user accounts, supporting users with changing passwords.
  • Functional skills and knowledge in Maximo Asset Management, Maximo Work Management, Business analysis, Corrective action, Supply Chain Management/Procurement Management, Maximo Materials Management/Inventory Management, Maximo Contract Management, Maximo IT Service Management.
  • Working knowledge of Maximo systems including developing of workflow processes, work views and communication templates.
  • Vast experience in software development life cycle and software testing methodologies.
  • Functional experience with SAP, SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle 8i/9i/10g
  • Skilled in BEA WebLogic administration, compiling and deploying MAXIMO EAR files
  • Experience as a MAXIMO Functional Analyst
  • Working knowledge in various aspects of MAXIMO Systems including develop and generation of communication templates, workflow processes and work views
  • Experience in MAXIMO modules encompasses MAXIMO Asset Management, MAXIMO IT Service Management, MAXIMO Work Management, Supply Chain Management/Procurement Management, MAXIMO Materials Management/Inventory Management, Workflow Processes/Administration


  • Operating System: Win 7, 2000, XP, Microsoft office, Corel word perfect, Microsoft excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project.
  • Languages: JAVA, C, C++.
  • Configuration Management: CCMDB, Visual Source Safe, Clear case, PVCS Version Manager,
  • Test Management/Defect Management: Quality Center 9.2, Clear Quest, BugZilla, PVCS Tracker.
  • Bases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MS Access, MySQL, Sybase,
  • Altova Diffdog XML file editor
  • AutoCAD, Intergraph Micro-station


Maximo Consultant,

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Interact with project teams to gather and understand requirements
  • Designed technical integration technical documentation
  • Configure adaptors to implement integration transactions based on where purchasing is managed, Maximo or Oracle.
  • Created screen driven integration configuration, customization and deployment facilities for adopting and extending integration.
  • Lead the offshore team in timely deliverables.
  • Testing and supporting the integrations.
Maximo Developer,

Confidential, Charlotte, 


  • Lead working sessions to understand client requirements
  • Creation of technical design specification, unit test plans, defect resolution
  • Translating functional requirements and high level design into technical requirements and designs.
  • Building Maximo components to support Design, and including deployment
  • Provide subject matter expertise regarding key decision related to industry
  • Participate in technical documentation writing
  • Integrate software packages and objects residing on multiple platforms
  • Ensure timely issue escalation and resolution as well adherence to deadlines.
Maximo Consultant,

Confidential, New York,


  • Prepared test plan documentation for all the 4 test phases.
  • Prepared test scripts all the test Phases
  • Test execution strategies
  • Defect Management and follow up
  • Status Reporting
  • Experience with QRM testing tool.
  • Lead the test efforts through all phases.
Maximo Developer

Confidential, Houston, Tx,


  • Maximo Rest API integration with VeriSource
  • Created Custom Cron tasks with parameters to make Rest calls
  • Developed a class file for the Custom cron
  • Created Escalations against the MAXINTERROR table for exception handling
  • Created a custom table for Validations by automation scripts
  • Created object structures and enterprise services for the Os.
Maximo System Admin/Developer.

Confidential, NY


  • Manage Maximo EAM system administration and configuration modules; workflow development and administration.
  • Serve as Primary/Secondary contact for Maximo EAM System User and IT support
  • Assist in adding modifying and granting access to Maximo EAM system
  • Identify and communicate Maximo EAM system defects to Vendor and /IT
  • Make basic modifications to Maximo EAM system screens using a screen editor on demand.
  • Serve as a Liaison between vendor and Maximo EAM system Users to resolve issues.
  • Support all Maximo environments, including Testing, Development and Production environments.
  • Develop SQL scripts and work with either Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 bases
  • Analyze business requirements and business processes and transform them into logical and physical models.
Maximo Lead Developer

Confidential, Houston TX


  • Configured MEA endpoints to accelerate transaction performance ratio
  • Tweaked WebLogic/WebSphere to minimize MEA/MIF transactional failures in order to reduce simultaneous errors generated in the JMS Queues which cause ‘Server Out of Memory’ errors that crash the application server
  • Monitoring and managing MEA integration xml error files to identify resolutions for failed transactions in the integration between Maximo and ERP systems
  • Managed all Actuate report issues including migration of report elements from one environment to another - Development-UAT-Production environment
  • Carrying out Maximo migrations
  • Responsible for the architecting and modeling of business into Maximo base design and schemas
  • Apply normalization modeling techniques for the Maximo models
  • Work with development DBAs to generate schemas, physical bases, table structures and indices
  • Prepare logical and physical models based on the requirements
  • Troubleshooting Maximo faults in installation and migration
  • Customizing Maximo applications, fields, screens, and base using built-in tools
  • Configuring Maximo using built in tools
  • Carrying out Maximo upgrades including integrations with SAP, PeopleSoft.
  • Provide production outage incident reviews, administration of ITSM based work orders and tickets, and reporting of application availability metrics on a weekly basis.
  • Supported Maximo in a Clustered environment. Running Several JVMs in WAS 6.2 with Oracle 10g as the RDBMS
  • Performed a System Upgrade. Maximo 6.2 to 7.1, by migrating directly into where there is a need/opportunity for significant restructuring and cleaning of legacy Maximo before moving to the new version.
  • Resolve defects in Maximo that arise due to transition from 6.2 to and
  • Performed maintenance operations on Cron Task Clusters. Resolving resource dampening issues.
  • Migrating different resolutions to Maximo defects to different sites (Georgia Power, Alabama Power, Gulf Power and Southern Nuclear).
  • Migrated and converted from Maximo 6.2 system into test Maximo 7.1 environment.
  • Cloning Maximo Environments. Backing up the base, comparing and changing properties and property files accordingly.
  • Work with ZMMload to upload multiple XML files to Maximo through the ZMM-Load methodology.
  • Designing Maximo solutions through HP-PPM(Project and Portfolio Management)
  • Provide ITAM and ITSM Functional and Technical support to about 900 internal Asset Management and Service Management users
  • Support IT Service Management operations using Maximo Service Management software.
  • Helped with creation of a variety of documentation showing work done for company records and others to use for purposes.
  • Assisted with Administration of Maximo services to client user community as off-hours Maximo Helpdesk Support Admin
  • Development and configuration of custom MAXIMO Applications using the application designer tools
  • Maximo base Configurations and Migration of base
  • Maximo Application Migrations of XML (import/export) into various application environments
  • Perform Maximo system configuration to accommodate modules as needed
  • Added new fields, tabs, and tables with columns and rows using application designer on Maximo version 7.1
  • Development of field control, field security, dynamic value lists, crossover domains, table domains, ALN domains
  • Creating, moving, modifying and duplicating assets and running reports, creating locations, condition monitoring and failure class
  • Verify and validate existing user functionality, configure screens and base to display correct values as needed
  • Maximo module functionality i.e. Asset Management, Work Management, Supply Chain Management, conversion and Migration.
  • Setup and configure Workflow Process as required: Developing workflow according to the technical specifications.
  • Maximo Systems Administrator providing administrative support tasks - creating user groups, troubleshooting LDAP Sync, creating users, setting up organizations
  • Creating new user accounts, user groups, monitoring LDAP synchronizations
  • Created user groups, user accounts, monitoring LDAP synchronizations, server activities
  • Created Location Hierarchies in Maximo using Multi-Site functionality.
  • Detail system design documents to represent the technical architecture of the user requirements, such as user test cases, unit and system test Involved in project implementation (from project preparation, realization, and final deployment)
  • Offer assistance to technical support team with tier 2 and 3 problems, delivering quality and speedy resolution to user issues
  • Troubleshooting defects from Test Environment in the Development Environment
  • Troubleshooting End Users Errors from the Production Environment
  • Investigate and troubleshoot End user reported errors and report the solution to the System Administrator
  • Investigate, identify and classify defects from the Test Environment as base, Maximo or Coding errors and reporting to the HPQC defect management lead for re-assignment.
  • Investigate, identify and classify End User errors as Maximo or User errors.
  • Participate in team meetings interacting effectively with all levels of staff and including upper management. users from supervisory level to general staff.
Maximo Developer

Confidential, Wilmington, DE


  • Setup and modified security groups and users and granted access in Maximo.
  • Modified user rights and set up users in the security module and assisted the end user in setting up their start center with result sets and bulletin boards.
  • Setup and maintained Maximo interfaces with external systems (Oracle EBS, MS Project).
  • Created and modified work calendars and adjusted time periods (shifts)
  • Design and maintain Maximo Workflow using workflow designer.
  • Create and use escalations and notifications.
  • Perform screen changes and modify Value List/Domain using Maximo application designer and base configuration.
  • Assisted in structuring Maximo asset/location hierarchies, job plans, preventive maintenance, failure codes, work management practices, supply chain practice
  • Developed Workflow processes, Managing Workflow modifications and user requests, Work Views, Communication Templates, and general Maximo Systems Application tasks, roles and responsibilities
  • Created Location Hierarchies in Maximo using Multi-Site functionality.
  • Customized Work order, PR, PO, Vendor, Inventory and Other Functional Modules.
  • Monitored and generated purchase queries and purchase requests through Maximo PR and monitored and guided the purchase order process.
  • Monitored and guided Maintenance Management work flow (work orders) and prepared reports timely to demonstrate the work progress and status
  • Using, Maximo, ensured all locations that have equipment listed; had the correct equipment listed against them.
  • Planning and tracking assignments through the work order modules. Setup PM routing, work plans, safety plans and uploaded documents in support of the work.
  • Generated and issued Preventive Maintenance (PM) Plans to create necessary work orders on a monthly basis for Mechanical, Electrical, and Mobile Equipment.
  • Reviewed/issued daily Maintenance schedules and made sure that the work orders received in Maximo from different areas/departments have been scheduled according to their priorities and resources availability.
  • Maintained and continually updated the PM and job plans in Maximo as per OEM recommendations and Maintenance history of the equipment.
  • Audited the work orders after completion. Ensured the accuracy of feedback such as actual labor, materials and tools, along with Failure Hierarchy.
Maximo Developer,



  •  EAM System administration and configuration modules
  • Workflow development and administration
  • Monitor MEA JMS Queues and the failed transactions and manage retries into Maximo
  • EAM System organizational structure and application options
  • Chart of accounts
  • Application fields and value lists
  • Electronic auditing and signature security of record changes
  • EAM System linked documents
  • Create and Modify WebSphere clusters required to implement the different logical environments in the system development life cycle (dev, test, stage, prod).
  • Performance tune the WebSphere Application server so that it is optimized for each application
  • Troubleshooting failed transactions by monitoring JMS queues for retries
  • Maintaining the system logs by clearing the log files.
  • Adding and modifying users and granting access to EAM System functionality
  • Supporting base structure by creating and modifying tables and columns
  • Creating and modifying work calendars and adjusting time periods (shifts)
  • Making basic modifications to EAM System screens using a screen editor
Maximo EAM Functional Support

Confidential, Richmond, TX


  • Creating Purchase Orders in Maximo
  • Create Preventive Maintenance PMs and Purchase Orders in MAXIMO
  • Creating Projects in MAXIMO
  • Creating Work Orders in MAXIMO
  • Creating Purchase Requisition(s) in Maximo
  • Creating Request For Quotations (RFQs) in Maximo
  • Creating Job Plans

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