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Director Of Technology Resume

Mclean, VA


I am seeking new challenges that will utilize my leadership, programming, design, development, and problem solving skills and present me with new and interesting ways to ensure the success of software development projects.


Programming Languages: Java (up to Java 7), C++, C, Assembly Language, SQL, ICON, VB6,VB.NET, Python, PHP, C#.NET, ASP.NET, JAPE

Web tools: HTML, JSP, XML, Java Applets, Java Servlets, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, PHP., JSF, Java Swing 5.0., Spring MVC

DB Software: MS Access, Cloudscape, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, MySQL, MS SQL, Toplink, Aqua Data Studio, MS SSIS, Microsoft BIDS., IBATIS, JASPER, Tableau, SSMA for MySQL

OS Software: Windows (95 - XP), UNIX (Sun OS 5.8, Linux 7.2), Mac OS 9 and OS X.

Server Software: IIS 5.0, Tomcat 6.0, Lotus Domino, Confidential Websphere 5.1, 10.3. OC4J, Microsoft FAST 5.3 (search technology), SOLR server, IConnex. JBOSS 4 and 5., Weblogic 10.3.6

Programming tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Sun one / Forte for Java, gcc, Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 and MX, Borland JBuilder, Websphere Site Studio developer using eclipse, Eclipse up to 3.7 (Indigo), Jdeveloper 9 and Jdeveloper 10.3.1, Netbeans.

Application: Office suite, Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat.

Security: Ericom PowerTerm 8.0, Sygate and Tiny Firewall. Paegent (putty), HTTPS SSL s (Java)

Other Technology: Right Now Web Support System, JDBC, ODBC, J2EE, MIPD (Java MIDlets), SOAP Web Service technology in Java and Python, LDAP, CORBA. Starteam and Win CVS, Bugzilla, JExcel, PVCS, Dimensions (as CVS and Bug tracking tool), JIRA, SVN and Tortoise,, Trac (project management and bug tracking), SharePoint 2007, Mozenda, Alfresco, GATE (Entity Extractor), REST Web service, Spring framework. Spring Web Services, Java Melody. SAML authentication. OpenAM Server, Drupal 6.


Director of Technology

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Conducting a number of interviews in an effort to grow the team, I also introduced a process of sending feedback in writing to upper management so that candidates that may not fit our team, could be considered for other projects in the company.
  • Participated in and contributed in a standardization of project weekly status reporting across the company.
  • Lead the Data Migration from Drupal MySQL database to MS SQL 2012 for Infragard FBI Project.
  • Directly responsible for Maintenance of existing Drupal 6 Infragard application in production, including admin functions such as applying patches as well as maintenance in debugging and fixing production issues and data issues.
  • Interface with FBI client on project that involves converting existing Drupal based site to .NET.
  • Leading the effort to design a Amazon Cloud architecture for the .NET version of Infragard
  • Reviewed and updated RFS, and Technical Solutions for RFQ on behalf of company sent to FBI and Air Force Clients. .
  • Lead the ViCAP Java dev team, directly responsible for Dev and Testing using DSDM Agile methodology while working closely with a FBI JAD Team to deliver functionality on VICAP Web while managing O&M and it’s Big Data component that uses H2 to perform link analysis on Criminal Cases. Advised the FBI JAD team about what is and is not technically possible and determining LOE for all tasks. Rescued the project from performance related cancellation by delivering functionality quickly, thereby increasing performance trends on the Velocity Graph to client’s satisfaction. Instituted a process of Peer Verification of tasks, reducing validation issues and thereby repairing relationship between client and my company. Developed among other things name linking capabilities using FAST Search technology to connect people across documents for Investigators. Reorganized entire Fast Search UI for the project while adding missing fields into the search index
  • Worked on design and implementation of migrating project from Law Enforcement Online (LEO) authentication to using SAML Authentication interfacing with external FBI Identity providers.
  • Serving as .NET SME and lending my expertise in Helpdesk Management in transfer of a Project at DISA from previous contractors to our company.

Software Development Manager

Confidential, Reston, VA


  • Responsible for Resource Planning, Architecture, Design (Technical and UI) within a CMMI-3 Dev framework of Budget Tracking Tool a Stevie winning project for the VA IT department to manage Planning and Execution of their Budget.
  • Standardized use of various technologies to ensure easier maintenance of two Java Web applications.
  • Consolidated JQuery libraries (from parts of the application that were using version 1.2, 1.3 or 1.5 to use JQuery 1.9) across both applications.
  • Standardized use of various database access technologies including Hibernate, JPA and JDBC to use Spring Ibatis as an effective and flexible way to access data across the applications and ensure that existing SQL queries would continue to be leveraged.
  • Upgraded Java application from EJB2 framework to use Spring 3.2, allowing the team to leverage various Spring frameworks such as Spring MVC, Spring Web Service, Spring Ibatis, Spring task manager etc in adding new modules to the application.
  • Manage a team of up to seven developers and one intern with some hands on coding involved.
  • Maintaining and Enhancing the Budget Tracking Tool for VA client as well as a standalone Adhoc querying tool for report generation built on Jasper that allows the team to quickly develop and update a number of reports used in concert with the Application allowing the customer to generate Excel reports that enable them to manage the budget and facilitate congressional reporting for VA and IRS.
  • Led the team through development and subsequent upgrades to two SOAP Web Services Interfaces using Spring Web Services, overseeing creation and maintenance of multiple Interface Control Documents for our team and the external Interface team to ensure that we developed a reliable and useful interface to exchanging data between the VA and VOA clients using a Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Responsible for mentoring and in a number of Java and SQL technologies a diverse group of developers ranging from Senior Level to College Hires and Interns. Holding brown bags on subjects as diverse as Java 7, Design Patterns, Web Services, Messaging Queue frameworks. As the company SME on CMMI-3 process areas, held company wide for Product Integration (PI) and Product Engineering (PDENG) processes.
  • Guided and mentored a number of team members in Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) evaluation of Open Source and COTS alternative to a number of our Configuration Management tools and as alternatives to existing code development solutions. Also guided DAR process for upgrades to our server tools including JBOSS and MS SQL Server.
  • Successfully defended the Company’s CMMI-3 Dev rating in an independent SCAMPI B and A review where our project was the primary project assessed in all areas. I was responsible for all Technical areas including Product Integration (PI), Configuration Management (CM), Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) and Technical Solution (TS) as well as part of the Verification (VER) process.
  • Contributed to the company’s work-force by not only interviewing and hiring developers on my own team but also interviewing and evaluating new hires (and interns) being brought on to other teams.
  • Upgraded two JBOSS applications to use Java Melody to monitor performance, threads, jobs and other aspects.

Solutions Engineer

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Java development in Spring 3.0 Framework using Spring DAO Support, Spring Web Services (REST) and Spring Security (using LDAP authentication), coding against MSSQL and Postgre SQL databases and Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g, deploying Tomcat based JApplet and REST based Servers which interfaced with a SOLR Server for free text searching and LDAP with spring Security for organizational Security Access ( Confidential work).
  • Updated the project to use latest Tomcat version 6 and to work on Java 7 (project was developed with a team using Java5 and then upgraded to 6 and finally Java 7).
  • The application processed unstructured text data using Entity Recognition Technology (GATE).
  • The project also included researching alternatives such as Hardoop and OpenCalais that eventually did not get used in the final product.
  • Built and debugged Kapow robots for a web-scraping project and helped design other phases of the project and how the processes I built will fit into the project.
  • Tableau 5.2 and 6.0 creating geography based visualizations and information graphs dealing with Pharmacy data such as formulary, script count, lives count and other facets of the underlying data for use by Pharmaceutical Analysts.
  • Fuzzy Matching using SSIS and BIDS on large sets of data ranging in the Hundreds of Millions of records. Then automating the process so it can be done by IRS staff.
  • ASP.NET development for EasySearch Tool, Schema updates and SQL Querying working and database backups on MSSQL 2005 and MSSQL2008. (IRS Project)
  • Minor fixes and debugging Microsoft Silverlight (.NET) code.
  • Prototype work using Java (JSP) and GoogleMaps and KML output for Google Earth.
  • Prototype working using C++ fingerprinting open source projects, researching image processing tools for company analytics tool.

I.T. Consultant

Confidential, Springfield, VA


  • Designing and building a prototype for a three part orchestration to connect Dimensions CM to Microsoft SharePoint Server to allow users to share documents from Dimensions in SharePoint and store approved versions of documents in Sharepoint in the Dimensions document repository.
  • Wrote C++ DLL code to interface with Dimensions CM server.
  • Designing a Java merge tool to combine two Dimensions document repositories into one database and maintaining the integrity of the metadata between both systems.
  • Assisted in Perl script work bringing a rudimentary file system of archive files under Dimensions change management repository by parsing file names for metadata information.
  • Working on Java Servlet based system to serve Dimensions files using a web based interface.
  • Writing report queries in SQL for Crystal Reports
  • Wrote How-to instructions on using Eclipse and Visual Studio Dimensions plug-in for CBP developer communities.

Snr. I.T. Specialist

Confidential, Fairfax, VA


  • Contracted to CBP (with full public trust) for a large project, where my responsibilities involved Java Swing and JSF work.
  • Asp, Javascript and CSS work on several sections of Confidential 's Business Of Government website.
  • Administrative and Monitoring work on closing phases of PPMS project for DC police department.
  • Work on GoArmyEd website converting existing site from ASP to .NET (ASP.net and C#). Completely responsible for maintaining and updating 18 batch processes in Java that manage the system from the back end.

Software Engineer

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • Contracted to the Confidential (with 2nd Level security clearance)
  • Design and development of two projects (as a member of two teams)
  • Struts based application dealing with access control and workflow engine that we develop and maintain
  • Development using Oracle tools such as JDeveloper and Toplink for database access to Oracle 9i and 10g Databases.
  • Designing future projects
  • Input into development in auditing module design
  • Negotiating database schema and access with other departments

Snr. Application Developer

Confidential, Waukesha, WI


  • Developed framework pages to output content in Excel (using JExcel ) and PDF (using Inetsoft) so that pages can be extended to output content in those format as easily as HTML.
  • Mapped out Design for future projects so that existing components can be reused to save time in development.
  • Developing Java Services for Web based application Websphere 5.1 with back end MS SQL and Oracle database.
  • Developing web pages in a struts like environment.
  • Working with inetsoft software to create pdf proposals as part of application solution for clients.
  • Design decision on how to create database tables and what object oriented methodologies to use to solve unique customer situations outside of the company product environment.
  • Wrote a cookbook on how to use pdf creation software to teach other members in the company.
  • Mentoring team members to resolve issues quickly so that the project tasks do not get held up.
  • Working on two teams to provide my expertise towards the success of two projects so far.
  • Responding to queries put by other teams on the company Wiki.

Application Software Developer

Confidential, Mishawaka, IN


  • Developing Java Messenger (peer-to-peer) to facilitate rep communication and to log Conversations into a database for report and review purposes.
  • Developing VB.NET components to get Outlook and Processor information across a network
  • Developed an ASP based calendar appointment system for Intranet use ASP pages to extract information out of LDAP Server
  • VB Script to output user process data and determine Size of outlook mail box across a network
  • Part of a team of Software developers in charge of moving a 13000-page intranet to Fatwire Content management system.
  • Developing Prototypes (HTML and JavaScript) for site that offers individualized menus using cookies
  • Preparing Business Requirement Documents for Software.
  • Maintaining existing systems in C++ and VB.net used by the Call center group.

Contract Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Created PHP web sites; back end does session based tracking of customers and restricted access and categorized emails sending ability.
  • Designed Java and Lotus Script agents for Lotus Domino Server (R5 and R6) which connects to MSSQL database. Performs date based calculation for work scheduling taking out holidays and weekends.
  • Built Java Swing Applets: A dynamic menu system, and to watermark images
  • Developed Java Servlet based website that keeps track of information input from various locations.
  • Web based inventory tracking system in ASP.
  • Created C and C++ dll files for a Lotus Domino Server for LDAP cookies.
  • Work on teams ranging from two people to 15 people, work in live and virtual teams on projects including one that involved interfacing C++ code with new Java systems using Java native libraries.
  • Worked for up to 4 clients simultaneously on one or two projects per client.
  • Delivery of results on or before due dates, sometimes finding quicker ways to accomplish software requirements.
  • Converted web site that uses Python and Postgre SQL one using PHP and MySQL.
  • ASP based websites that keeps track of user stats and has a modular design to allow easy changes in look and feel
  • ASP address-book entry and search system.
  • Websites back end php for www.kevinsroom.org and bug fixes on http://www.ujima.com/

Head of Support Desk

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Built an IP based login system for Computer labs with a MYSQL back end.
  • Designed and Developed a lab reservation system and equipment reservation system that displays reservation on a self-updating calendar (online) replacing non-automated Outlook Calendar.
  • Fixed the Client end and built the Administrative end of the Job website in ASP to make it searchable by set criteria, then converted entire website to PHP.
  • Developed a how-to website to reduce repeat calls to support.
  • Instructions for Win 95-WinXP, Mac OS X and Linux 8.0.
  • Instructions on use of Ericom PowerTerm 8.0
  • Deal directly with customers over requirements assessments.
  • Introduced a professional code of conduct and written scripts in dealing with common calls for support staff, implemented course for staff.
  • Helped build Confidential reputation for being helpful and efficient in responding to support requests.

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