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Sr. Software Engineer Resume


  • Software developer with5+ yrs. of experience in software design, development, test and production rollouts.
  • I haveexperience working with large Multi - national IT service providers like Confidential and also enterprise Productdevelopment companies like 3DPLM (Enovia) and Confidential .
  • I haveexpertise building JAVA, J2EE, REST, Spring, MVC based systems&services.
  • Expertise in software programming and have sound knowledge in computer fundamentals, Data Structures, Algorithms and problem solving. Used the same in day to day business wherever applicable.
  • Expertize in Core Java programming, Collection Framework, multi-threading and more.
  • Have sound experience using Oracle as data store and developing SQL Procedures and Unix Shell Scripts. I have exposure to data modelling and developing DDLs.
  • Have hands-on experience using NOSQL data store systems and used Mongo Database.
  • Hands-on with web development and extensively used JSP, Servlet, JS libraries, AJAX for years.
  • Have working experience using JMS and Queues.
  • Have experience building REST based web services and using SOAP/WSDL.
  • Built Full text indexing and search systems using Lucene indexing libraries for enterprise scale.
  • I have proficiency in using code versioning tools like Maven and build management tools systems like Jenkins and various code quality tools.
  • Expertize using various development IDEs like Intellij, Eclipse.
  • Strong working experience with web/application servers like Apache Tomcat, WebLogic.


Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, JDBC

Frameworks: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, REST Web Services, Spring MVC, Struts

Web Technologies: JSP, HTML, XML,XSL,JSON,CSS

Scripting Languages: Java Script, Ajax, jQuery, Shell Script

IDE: Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ

Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, Weblogic 11g

Tools: SoapUI, Maven, Postman

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

Databases / No-SQL: Oracle, MySQL, Mongo DB

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8.1, Linux, UNIX

Query Language: SQL, Mongo DB(NOSQL), Stored Procedures

Others: JMS, Lucene Indexing & Search


Sr. Software Engineer



  • I worked as a JAVA / J2EE developer in Confidential . I was responsible for building MTCT system in Confidential which solves the problem of determining how fast andby when a customer complaint can be resolved by a field engineer. MTCT has REST based backend serviceand a web-app.
  • In my brief time in Confidential I was responsible to develop this system from scratch taking inputs from legacy systems.
  • This system was bit complex as MTCT has to retrieve information from multiple sources andapply rules to calculate the estimates at the scale of Confidential with many million subscribers, types of complainsand field engineers. The information could be like, getting list of holidays from FOS, availability of fieldengineers on a specific day(s) in a region, past record of time taken to resolve similar problems and more.
  • I analyzed requirements, understood the legacy system and designed control flows and services for the new application. I did development, testing and deployment of the service and application.
  • This system was designed with SOA architecture. I built REST services and also consumed the same in the application I built.
  • I usedOracleas the data store and developed Stored Proceduresfor data retrieval.
  • The frontend was a web-appwhere field engineers can enter their availability details for future. I built the app with JSP, HTML, Spring MVC, AJAX for frontend.
  • I designed schema in Mongo DB for storing and retrieving field engineer data.
  • I made sure the code quality is as par the standard with Junits, static code analysis.
  • I extensively usesMaven to fetch dependent libraries, Jenkins to build deployment packages and deployed in WebLogic application server.
  • I also prepared the deployment environment in UNIX with WebLogic App Server and did configurations for JMS, Queues and Bridges.
  • I was also responsible for production issue monitoring and fixing.
  • In my short time in Confidential I also mentored new joiners as and when needed.

Skills used and gained: Core Java, REST web services, J2ee, JSP, JS, Spring framework, Data Structures &Algorithms, Mongo DB, Oracle - PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripts, Jenkins and Maven,Weblogic.

Software Engineer



  • I worked for the R&D division in Aerospace defense domain where I built generalizedproducts which geometric takes and customizes as per the client need.
  • Boeing uses the product for planningand managing various contracts, construction and delivery of their fighter jets.
  • I worked on designing and developing workflow pages for various contracts and their work break downstructure using Enovia Product’s proprietary development framework.
  • This involved building various kinds of forms, charts (Highcharts), internalization, UIframework enhancement and much more.
  • I worked very closely with the Product Manager working from Offshore office.
  • Being new to such a big enterprise product, I did lots of self-learning about Enovia product, Business logic, understood code, dependencies and version of the product for various clients.
  • I was also responsible for standardizing and customizingSBS (a company acquired by 3DPLM) product as per 3DPLM need.

Skills used and gained: Core Java, JSP, JS, AJAX, DS, Algorithms

Software Developer



  • As part of this freelance project, we a team of 8 people are working on building nextgeneration philanthropy management system replacing the decades old COBOL based system.
  • We developeddifferent modules like publications (with full-text search and categorization), accommodation, registration,finance (integrating with payment gateways) and other workflows for organizational internal operations andmanagement.
  • The application was built on Tomcat and Structs MVC.
  • Since we are a small agile team so I got involved during every aspect of product development, starting fromrequirement gathering to conception, design, development, testing and deployment.
  • Designed the Databaseschema, Java interfaces/classes.

Skills used and gained: Core Java, Lucene Full-text Indexing and Search, JS, JSP, AJAX, Struts MVC

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