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Java Developer Resume

Alexandria, VA


Over 14 years of IT experience in designing, writing, modifying, and implementing new and existing mainframe applications. Record of succession in timely and accurate completion of complex team projects. Extensive training in Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013.


Computer languages: Java (J2EE, JRE), COBOL, JCL, CICS, IDMS, SQL

J2EE Technologies: JSPs, Servlets, Struts 1.x/2, Hibernate 3.0, WebServices, Spring 3, EJB1.x/2, ANT, JUnit, XML, HTML, DOM, SAX, Log4j.

Operating Systems: Unix (Linux), Windows 7, Legacy

Networks: TCP/IP

Tools: IDMS, DB II, MySQL, MS Project, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Ant, WebLogic, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Environment: Mainframe, Windows, UNIX


Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Java Developer


  • Utilization of project to create PDF document based on incoming XML file and XSLT stylesheet file using Apache FOP.
  • Project was accessible through an online web address.
  • The system was based on Model - View-Controller (MVC) architecture using J2EE technologies and easy maintainability.
  • Created POJOs that supports the system's business layer.
  • Used JSP's to create the front-tier as well as success page, using the Struts framework abiding by the Model-View-Controller design pattern. In main JSP, user would enter existing XML and XSLT files, and PDF file to be created.
  • Used Apache FOP jar files and Spring jar files for application processing.
  • Created separate XML files for Spring application context and web application deployment.
  • Used Spring IOC and AOP for configurations and for construction of the desired output format.
  • Used Servlets in web application deployment to delegate program flow from JSP's to main Java code.
  • Developed the entire project on Eclipse and WebLogic Workshop.
  • Deployed application EAR files on Rational Data Architect 7.5.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Software Developer


  • Utilization, Project Performance Evaluation, Timesheet & Leave Management and HR.
  • The various functionalities of the modules are available to the users based on the roles assigned to them.
  • The system was modeled on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture to facilitate modular development using J2EE technologies and easy maintainability.
  • Involved in formulating the requirements, design and implementation of the project, using UML and RUP concepts.
  • Created POJOs that supports the system's business layer.
  • Used the Struts framework to build the front-tier, abiding by the Model-View-Controller design pattern.
  • Derived parts of the business tier using EJB2.0.
  • Wrote Web Service methods that exposed a log in function to users of the system.
  • Coded Stateless Session Beans to function as the business delegate.
  • Extensively used Struts tag library definitions and Strut Tiles to develop the JSP pages.
  • Incorporated the Validation framework to enhance the security of the JSP forms.
  • Coded various DynaActionForms and DynaValidatorForms to in corporate dynamic functionality.
  • Used Log4J throughout the project for debugging and logging.
  • Tested components using JUnit. Developed the entire project on Eclipse and WebLogic Workshop.
  • Deployed application EAR files on WebLogic Server 10.3.
  • Integrated Spring with Struts and Hibernate, taking advantage of Dependency Injection to decouple components even further and also exposing the login web service to users.
  • Used a standalone Hibernate application for database access through Spring.
  • Coded *.hbm.xml and hibernate.cfg.xml files from scratch for various databases such as SQL Server 2005.

Confidential, Washington, DC



  • Responsible for the redesign, development, and implementation of a new pool type "P" into the existing MBS Pool environment.
  • Evaluated and updated a system wide acknowledgement of the range of existing MBS pools that were to be members of the new pool type.
  • Used IDMS and nightly processing job sequence to test applications per project requirements and customer requests when updates were needed to be made.
  • Assisted UAT testing and quality assurance teams with their testing on the applications.
  • This included running JCL to add data to the IDMS database and running the main package edit program to check for errors, making data updates where needed.
  • Responsible for the redesign, development, and implementation of new pool numbers and a new pool data format into the existing MBS Pool environment. Analyzed and designed a new data format for MBS pools.
  • This includes creation of new data copybooks, restructuring existing COBOL programs that only acknowledged the original data format, and working with other members of the MBS pool team to understand the new pool number data structure.
  • Modified CICS programs to accept both the existing pool data format and the new pool data format.
  • Modified CICS maps to increase the number of pools that could be displayed onscreen.
  • Restructured CICS maps to allow a maximum number of pools to appear in a single online screen.
  • Assisted quality assurance teams with their testing of the new data format on the mainframe, CICS, and IDMS systems.

Confidential, Dulles, VA



  • Designed, wrote, and implemented a series of successive applications to create a prorate pricing manual for customers.
  • These applications include COBOL batch programs for the international sector and local sector, COBOL online programs, JCL applications for the above batch programs, and CICS online menu maps for the new applications.
  • Also designed online macros to create data for specific customers.
  • Researched and designed technical design document outlining changes in existing applications necessary for this project.
  • These include changes to COBOL batch programs, COBOL online programs, batch copybooks, IDMS (Integrated database management system) database record layouts, JCL applications, CICS online maps, and DB2 database layouts.

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