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Java/j2ee Developer Resume Profile


Highly skilled professional with 9 years of IT experience for past 7 years as Java/JEE Developer in managing and participating in team designing developing and remaking innovative solutions continually recognized as Best Quality products in software development using object oriented programming Web and client Server applications Multi-Tier distributed Enterprise applications.


  • Expertise in object oriented programming design and development of Multi-Tier distributed Enterprise applications using JAVA JVM and J2EE technologies.
  • Experience in Core Java with strong understanding and working knowledge of Object Oriented Concepts Collections Multi-Threading Exception Handling and Polymorphism.
  • Experience in developing server side code with good knowledge of enterprise and persistence design patterns like Singleton Factory Session Facade Service Locator and AOP.
  • Extensive experience in developing unit testing frameworks using JUnit Mock Object and on test first or test driven methodology.
  • Expertise in Web-Development technologies like HTML DHTML Servlets JSP JAVASCRIPT CSS XML and XSL/XSLT.
  • Developed Web Services and inter process communication applications using SOAP and XML schema
  • Expertise in messaging systems including JMS ActiveMQ IBM Websphere MQ and Amazon MQ.
  • Experience in developing application components using frameworks like Spring Hibernate Struts and JSF.
  • Extensive experience in development deployment and troubleshooting Web based and enterprise based applications on different platforms and different application servers such as IBM Web Sphere Web Logic and Apache Tomcat.
  • Well experienced in database development Stored procedures/packages Functions Table creation Scripts database triggers
  • Experience in the use of various software development tools as database management SQL Server Oracle MySQL source code control VSS Git TFS and development tools Eclipse and RAD .
  • Experience in developing planning development testing documentation training and delivering enterprise applications with sound knowledge of software development life cycle SDLC .
  • Skilled in developing business plans requirements specifications user documentation and architectural systems research. Ability to work enthusiastically in both team based projects and individual projects.
  • Good knowledge on Object Oriented Analysis and Object Oriented Design Modeling Applications with Use case Class Diagrams Sequence Diagrams.
  • Experience in developing applications using waterfall RAD and Agile XP and Scrum
  • Comprehensive programming knowledge C C .Net Python PHP Ruby development in windows Linux Solaris and Web Environment.
  • Good knowledge in developing and designing reports through SSRS and Excel
  • Possess strong communication and Interpersonal skills. Can quickly master and work on new concepts and applications with minimal supervision. Attention to detail thoroughness tenacity and an investigative drive to discover the underlying causes of technical problems.


Java 1.4/ 1.5/1.6 Servlets JSP JVM JDBC JSTL EJB JAXB JAXP JMS JAX-RPC JAX- WS Spring Hibernate Struts 2 and JSF HTML HTML5 DHTML CSS AJAX JQUERY JSON JavaScript SAX DOM STAX DTD XSD XML XSLT XPath RMI EJB Web Services Oracle SQL Server MY SQL Apache TOMCAT BEA s Web logic and IBM s Web Sphere JBoss Visual SourceSafe JSF Windows Ant JUnit Cruise Control Maven Eclipse JBuilder RAD RSA Apache



Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed front-end application using JavaScript XHTML and DHTML CSS and XML XSLT.
  • Utilized Log4j logging API for debugging and monitoring purposes.
  • Wrote Ant Script to deploy software into the Websphere Server.
  • Developed special views to make data retrieval faster and efficient.
  • Developed MVC based architecture to get the calculated data into other programs.
  • Implemented JUnit test cases for all the developed code.
  • Worked on security project to implement prepared statement into the existing code in order to prevent SQL injection.
  • Worked SQL queries and stored procedures for MS SQL Server.
  • Used TFS to implement version control System.
  • Developed Web Services for data transfer from client to server and vice versa using Apache Axis SOAP WSDL and UDDI.
  • Worked on AJAX to develop an interactive Web Application and JavaScript for Data Validations.
  • Used JUnit Framework for the unit testing of all the java classes
  • Used Aspose J-integral library to create PDF Word and Excel reports.
  • Used JMS and Websphere MQ to communicate business information between different components.

Environment Java Log4j MS SQL Server HTML T-SQL JDBC Stored Procedure WebSphere Application Server Ant WebSphere MQ WSDL XML SOAP JMS JSP Servlet Aspose J-integral TFS Eclipse XPath


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Responsible for gathering business and functional requirements from the users.
  • Worked closely with requirements to translate business rules into business component modules.
  • Working on Struts Framework for developing the front-end application and extensively. Spring as middle tier for entire application.
  • Developed the application using Hibernate and Spring Framework.
  • Created user-friendly GUI interface and Web pages using HTML CSS3 Java scripts JQuery AJAX and Xml
  • Designed and Developed Model Components - Action Form Bean Controller Components - Action Classes Action Mapping.
  • Wrote SQL Queries and Stored procedures in MySQL.
  • Used Hibernate to communicate with the Database mapping the entities to the tables and corresponding columns in the database by using Hibernate annotations.
  • Wrote SQL queries to implement the select insert update and delete operations to the database
  • Interacted with the users and prepared documentation.
  • Working as a part of team from business transfer development testing code review build implementation and support.
  • Involved in the development of Web Services creation of WSDL and schemas.
  • Working on an internal web-based client server application built with Struts Framework using MySQL backend Database working on establishing the relation for the different beans using the Hibernate 3.1.
  • Involved in writing various components using Spring AOP and IoC framework.
  • Deployed the application into the Amazon Web Service and worked on the configuration for EC2 S3 Route 53 RDS SES SNS and ElastiCache.
  • Developing an ability to move and consolidate critical information for the businesses and financial account data Using EJB and Hibernate for performing the Database Transactions.
  • Leaded a 10 people developing team and directly reported to the CEO.

Environment Java Struts 2 Spring MySQL HTML PL/SQL JDBC Stored Procedure Amazon Web Service WebLogic Application Server Hibernate Ant JAX WS Web Services WSDL EJB.


Java/J2ee Developer


Understanding functional specifications designing and creating custom solutions to match the requirements.

Designed and developed the front end using HTML CSS JavaScript with JSF Ajax and tag libraries.

Prepared technical design documents TDD for Use cases.

Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection.

Designed and developed Hibernate configuration and session-per-request design pattern for making database connectivity and accessing the session for database transactions respectively. Used HQL and SQL for fetching and storing data in databases.

Implemented MVC DAO J2EE design patterns as a part of application development.

Developed controllers and actions encapsulating the business logic.

Prepared documentation and participated in preparing user s manual for the application.

Designed and developed the Validators Controller Classes and Java bean components

Participated in the design and development of database schema and Entity-Relationship diagrams of the backend Oracle database tables for the application.

Designed and Developed Stored Procedures Triggers in Oracle to cater the needs of the entire application. Developed complex SQL queries for extracting data from the database.

Framework leverages JSF features like Event handling Validation mechanisms and state management.

Spring Framework at Business Tier and Uses spring s Bean Factory for initializing services.

Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection.

Developed complex SQL join queries for efficiently accessing the data.

Used Spring Framework with Hibernate to map to Oracle database.

Wrote HBM Files for mapping Java objects to tables in relational database and updated it as required.

Hibernate used as Persistence framework mapping the ORM objects to tables.

Developed HQL SQL queries.

Eclipse used for Development i.e. used as IDE.

Used Oracle 10g as database and Involved in the development of PL/SQL backend implementation and using SQL created Select Update and Delete statements.

Environment Java JSF Spring IOC Hibernate EJB JNDI AJAX Web services Apache Axis Eclipse Websphere Application Server Java Beans UML XML XHTML DHTML JavaScript CSS XSL Oracle 10g SQL PL/SQL Log4j.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Actively involved in defining and designing the tiers of the applications and implementation with J2EE best design practices.
  • Develop and maintain elaborate services based architecture utilizing open source technologies like Hibernate ORM and Spring MVC Framework.
  • Followed Agile Methodology in analyze define and document the application which will support functional and business requirements. Coordinate these efforts with Functional Architects.
  • Designed and developed front-end using Servlet JSP DHTML Java Script and AJAX.
  • Implemented JMS for asynchronous auditing purposes.
  • Involved in integration of claimant information with IBM MQ Resource Adapter for message queuing.
  • Involved in developing Message Driven and Session beans for claimant information integration with MQ based JMS queues.
  • Developed the code using Spring Framework JSP AJAX JavaBeans Hibernate WebServices Java Script JMS JNDI XML XSLT and HTML.
  • Developed presentation layer using JSP CSS AJAX JavaScript.
  • Involved in implementation of application using conventional design practices SOA-Service Oriented Architecture MVC-Model View Controller .
  • Integrated spring framework with Hibernate that is used for Database operations.
  • Configured Spring web based application faces-config.xml application context.xml and web.xml
  • Designed and developed the database for the application in Oracle 10g.
  • Created SQL queries triggers views to interact with Database.
  • Developed ORM scripts for Hibernate to synchronize Domain Model and Relational Model.
  • Involved in writing the Java utility classes to convert MQ based control claimant information.
  • Developed a Web Service Mapping Document that is shared between front end and medical bill review system.
  • Implemented Spring MVC Architecture Servlet targeting request module and flow of control generating JSP in Presentation layer.
  • Used Oracle as resource tier and developed PL/SQL Stored procedures Function and Event Triggering in add update and retrieval modules.
  • Developed DAO Data Access Object classes in order to access data from database.
  • Experienced in working with IDE tools WebSphere.

Environment Hibernate Spring MVC Framework UML Servlet JSP AJAX DHTML Java Script Oracle EJB Session and Message Driven Beans Web services JDK PL/SQL Web Sphere.


Role Java/J2ee Developer


  • User requirements study analysis and review of the specifications.
  • Contributed to the entire Software Development Life Cycle SDLC involving creation of business requirements document technical requirements document code development and testing.
  • User Interface was developed using HTML JSP CSS and JavaScript
  • Used Hibernate ORM for persistence layer.
  • Developed different components of application such as JSPs POJOs using ECLIPSE and used Clearcase for version control
  • Extensively used OOD concepts in overall design and development of the system.
  • Designed and Implemented the J2EE Based Struts with JDBC in Eclipse IDE.
  • Used Apache Axis as the WebServices framework for creating and deploying WebServices clients using SOAP and WSDL.
  • Involved in producing necessary WSDL to deploy as a Web Service.
  • Developed the XML schema and Web Services for the data maintenance and structures.
  • Designed and developed JSP pages using Spring MVC framework.
  • Used Spring Core for dependency injection/Inversion of control IOC .
  • Extensively worked on Java server side programming using Servlets and JSP. CSS is used to style Web pages XHTML and XML markup.
  • Participated in overall design and derived detail design using UML class diagrams.
  • Extensively used the JDBC API for database connectivity.
  • Extensively used the File API for reading and writing files.

Environment Hibernate JPA Struts CSS JSTL JSP HTML JNDI Apache Tomcat Eclipse Oracle 10g JUNIT Ant.


Role C/C Developer


  • Leaded a 20 people developing team and mentored the new employer.
  • Developed the application using C C STL QT following MVC architecture.
  • C Multi-Threading Programming.
  • Responsible for detail design development testing production support and monthly releases for the application.
  • Compiled and deployed the program in various platforms such as Windows Linux and Solaris using make file Bash script.

Environment QT C C Linux Solaris VSS VS 6.0 Rational Rose and Rational Requisite Pro

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