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Developer Ibm Datastage, Cognos Data Manager, Java And Ms Visio Resume


Seeking a full time job to utilize my work experience, leadership and management skills and as well as technical knowledge for the organizational development in the field of computer science.


  • A Technocrat having more than five years of professional experience and around four years of experience in designing and developing Data Warehouse models /ODS using IBM Websphere Datastage and Cognos Data Manager
  • Experienced in data modeling, data quality, designed and developed CDC, Pivot, Aggregator, Funnel, Merge, Look up, Pivot, Transformer, Copy, Java Integration, XML stage, XML Output, calling java API’s, calling RESTful services and passing data to RESTful services jobs using IBM DataStage
  • Developed database builds and job streams using Cognos Data Manager like real time data loading
  • Designed and published packages in Cognos framework manager and experienced in using Query Studio, Report Studio, Business Insight and Workspace.
  • Familiar with data profiling, data quality, data mapping and data masking techniques.
  • Lead a Data Warehouse project starting from gathering business requirements, analysis, identifying dimensions and facts, data modeling, data quality, data integration and data reporting
  • Experienced with fault tolerance mechanisms, performance optimizing design techniques, checking statuses of jobs using routines and enforce corresponding dependencies using sequencers, notification activities and scheduling jobs via Run Director
  • Experienced with all phases of Software Development Life Cycle with Water fall and Agile methodologies
  • Worked on several projects by using C, C++, SQL, Oracle, Unix, PHP and Java from past 5 years
  • Creative, Logical, Analytic thinker and Hardworking nature with smart brain and overall a quick learn
  • Gold Medalist for the Best Innovative project at Bachelors level
  • Stood at first place in the Confidential - Map Contest, Spring 2012
  • Served as the Vice-President of Indian Student Association, Triveni at UNC Charlotte
  • Served as the President of Electronics Association at Bachelor’s level


Operating Systems: Windows OS, M.S Dos, Ubuntu, Mac OSX

Languages: C, C++, Java, HTML, SQL, PHP, Java Script, XML, Python, UNIX shell scripting

Software Tools: IBM Websphere Datastage, Net Beans, Visual Basic, MS Office, Visual StudioMS Visio,ArcGIS, Integrated Data Viewer, Adobe Photoshop, Informatica

Databases: Oracle, Teradata, MS Access, SQL Server

Skills: Network Administration, Hardware & Software Trouble Shooting, Accounting



Developer IBM Datastage, Cognos Data Manager, Java and MS Visio


  • Designed data warehouse and ODS using dimensional modeling
  • Designed and administrated jobs using IBM DataStage designer client 9.1 and 8.7, Run Director client, Administrator client, IBM InfoSphere Quality stage, IBM InfoSphere Information Server Console, Metadata work bench and Information Analyzer and familiar with DataStage server and client tools installation
  • Experienced in data profiling and data quality of source and target data marts in an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • Worked with multiple teams to understand data sources and targets to design and integrate with ODS and converting business rules and logic to functional specifications and ETL logic
  • Designed CDC, calling Java API’s and RESTful service jobs to process and handle XML data
  • Designed and published Cognos packages and created reports using report studio and query studio
  • Converting relational model data marts in to dimensional model using star and snow flake schemas
  • Analyzed ETL job’s and data and tuned queries and jobs to get better performance
  • Designed and developed EDW 3.0 model according to the business needs
  • Developed database builds and job streams using Cognos Data Manager and IBM Infosphere Datastage like real time data loading and exception handling techniques and experienced in scheduling jobs and reports.
  • Developed and maintained access applications / forms as front end and oracle as back-end
  • Developed and supported projects in php, HTML5 and Java Script environments
  • Designed and maintained databases and sql scripts using Toad and experienced in testing and performance tuning
  • Created data warehouse schema diagrams by reverse engineering process using Microsoft Visio
  • Worked closely with the business team to get the business requirements
  • Created documentation for designed jobs and source to target mapping documents

Confidential, Charlotte

Student Assistant


  • Worked for Confidential in designing data marts and in data quality and data integration projects
  • Succeeded in Confidential National Program on a research project Mexico Water Management using Integrated Data Viewer, ARCGIS and C++
  • Developed a prototype software model for project and analyzed data, maps from GRACE satellite
  • Experienced in working with various different files like .TIF, .NC, .GIF and .NETCDF files by using IDV
  • Worked with researchers and scientists to get the requirements and project road map


Developer IBM Websphere Datastage, Cognos Data Manager


  • Succeeded in Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes using IBM Datastage and Cognos Data Manager
  • Designed a project Work Flow Solution using IBM Datastage Designer, Oracle, UNIX shell scripting and Teradata by gathering requirements from business process team
  • Developed Plan Manager Automation project using IBM Datastage and UNIX shell scripting and developed test cases also.
  • Experienced in working with various databases like Oracle, SQL Server 2000, Teradata, physical sequential files and flat files in to staging area using IBM Websphere Datastage
  • Succeeded in DS Automation Deployment project using IBM Datastage and UNIX shell scripting
  • Worked on ibot and Autosys automation tools by using Java and Unix shell scripting
  • Worked on source to target mappings of EDW 2.0


Developer Oracle, SQL Server and Java


  • Designed databases to store and manage students’ academic info and as well as financial information
  • Experienced in data integration and data reporting
  • Worked as a supervisor under Dean in maintaining academic integrity and data security

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