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Software Developer Resume


  • 7+ years of total experience in Software Development, Sustenance, and Testing of Wireline Access products and support environment.
  • Experience with C language development, writing unit test code using CUNIT and knowledge of JUNIT test framework.
  • Strong knowledge of Core Java, servlets, open source frameworks like Apache Struts framework, Spring framework with modules like IOC, MVC, ORM tools like Hibernate.
  • Exposure to building web applications using build tool Maven, application server Apache Tomcat, Eclipse IDE.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, JSP, HTML.
  • Experience working in test environments for a client - server or distributed system involving relational databases.
  • Experience with enterprise level client server installation, Deployment technologies with focus on Microsoft SCCM (2007).
  • Experience in Mediaroom Conformance testing for real time headend equipments (Encoders/Transcoders/Ad-Splicers).
  • Experience in video compression standards (MPEG2, MPEG4).
  • Experience in managing digital video headend for Mediaroom Live services.
  • Experience in writing test cases and involved in unit testing, system integration testing, system testing and regression testing.
  • Experience in development and product sustenance of Confidential Residential Gateways (triple play).
  • Experience in developing scripts for interface testing (DVT).
  • Experience in SNMP MIB development.
  • Experience in Confidential using Network Processor.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent analytical, problem solving, and time management skills.
  • Ability to prioritize between multiple tasks at hand.


OPERATING SYSTEM: Sun Solaris/UNIX, Windows(XP,Win7,Win8.1), Linux, Integrity

LANGUAGES: Java, HTML, C, C++, micro C

Application Frameworks: Spring, Struts

ORM Tool: Hibernate

Databases: MySQL

Web/Application Server: Apache Tomcat

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, JQuery

Build Tools: Maven

Test frameworks: CUNIT, JUNIT

Transmission: DSL, T1.


Video Technologies: IPTV, VOD, CAS.

Protocols: SCTE30, SCTE35, SCTE104, IGMP, UDP, TCP/IP, PPPoE, PPPoA, SNMP.

Standards: Confidential -2 (ISO/IEC 13818), Confidential -4 (ISO/IEC 1 ), TR, ATSC, DVB, EIA 608, EIA 708, DVB Teletext, DOCSIS 2.0.

RTOS: Vxworks, Integrity OS.

Platforms: Intel Network Processor, Conexant Processors (ARM, MIPS), and PPC.

CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT: Clearcase, SCCM 2007 (Microsoft)

EQUIPMENTS/TOOLS USED: Video Encoders Harmonic Prostream Transcoder and Electra series Encoder, Envivio 4Caster series Encoder/Transcoder, Ericsson VPC Encoder/Trancoder and SPR Transcoder, Imagine Communications Transcoder, Cisco DCM series Transcoders, Evertz Encoder, Ericsson and Cisco MPEG2 Encoders, SkyStream MediaPlex 20, Tut Systems CP1216, Tektronix Video Encoder, OptiBase HD Encoder.

IPTV Middleware: Microsoft Mediaroom, Minerva iTV.

Ad-splicers: Bigband Ad-splicer, Terayon Cherry Picker 7000.

VOD system: Kasenna VOD system.

CAS: Widevine.

Video Analyzers/Tools: Tektronix 430 Confidential TS Test system, Tektronix MTS4S TSCA Analyzer, Sencore CMA1820 PES Analyzer, Tektronix MTS4S 4EA ES Analyzer, Dektec Stream Expert, VideoClarity Clearview player, Doremi pattern generator, Tektronix RTX130A Video Signal Generator.

Software tools: Wireshark, VLC, Winsend, TS Reader.

Switches/Routers: Cisco 3450G, Netgear.

Traffic generators: Adtec (AX4000), Smartbits (6000B/C).

Debugger: Green Hills MULTI.

SOFTWARE PACKAGES: MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project, Clear Quest(IBM), Eclipse IDE (Java EE)



Software Developer


  • Design of test lab for Encoder for Mediaroom.
  • Testing the SD and HD encoders for Mediaroom .
  • Setting up the lab which includes Mediaroom 1.1 and Mediaroom 2.0 deployment.
  • Carried out testing for various vendors (Encoders/transcoders/AdSplicers).

Environment: Encoders/Transcoders, Sencore Spooler, Video Players, Pattern generators, SDI routers, Switch/Router, Tektronix TS and ES analyzer, Sencore Media Analyzer, TS Reader, and StreamXpert.


Software Developer


  • Study and understand the new feature requirements specification, High level and Low level design specification.
  • Involved in integration test case design and execution during RX48 card development for Confidential BSR64000.
  • Involved in Unit testing by writing CUNIT test code during RX48 card development for Confidential BSR64000 (Release 6.0, 6.1, 6.2) using MULTI debugger.
  • Involved in Bug Fix/Bug Fix verification of the bugs filed during integration testing and unit testing.
  • Feature development support for DOCSIS 3.0 MIB project for Cable Labs bronze for Release 5.2 and 5.3.
  • Fixing critical customer defects.
  • Ramping up new engineers joining the team by them about the product.

Environment: Vxworks, C, Integrity OS.


Software Developer


  • Writing test utilities for testing the various interfaces to the Confidential.
  • Involved in setting up the Green Hills debugger for the target board.
  • Resolution of critical issues encountered during System Integration Testing (SIT).

Environment: Green Hills Debugger, C


Software Developer


  • Product Sustenance and new feature development for Confidential ’ s range of Residential Gateways (CPE) supporting both SD and HD video on Confidential -2.
  • Integration of Video drivers from the Confidential decoder vendor, porting and testing for various Video Artifacts, resolution of issues on Scaling, Color Density, Skip/Repeats, Lip Sync issues.
  • Resolution of Residential Gateway critical field issues.
  • Setup/functional testing of Residential Gateway on Video services like Multicast video (Subjective/Objective), VOD, Pay-Per-View, EPG, CAS (Widevine) services, Channel zapping, EAS, Closed Captioning etc.
  • Analyzing the problems reported from field/system testing group, problem reproduction, root cause analysis, bug fixing and unit testing.
  • Support TAC by providing solutions for various queries related to issues faced in field during upgrade and other real time scenarios.
  • Participated in various customer demos to throw light on the kind of video testing performed using the available equipments.

Environment: Vxworks, Conexant processors (MIPS, ARM), C


Software Developer


  • Developed expertise in Network Processors and L2/L3 domains in Ethernet/IP/ATM.
  • Understanding the architecture of IXP2350 Network Processor. Main focus was on the microengine part of the network processor (data plane).
  • Bringing up the ADI Roadrunner network processor board with customized kernel image and testing the image on the target.
  • Developing the data plane building blocks (microblocks) of a simple forwarder application (RX, Classification, TX) using IXP 2350.
  • Worked with IXA SDK4.2 simulator.

Environment : Micro C, Montavista kernel.

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