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Sr. Software Development Engineer Resume


To be part of an organization where learning is of highest goal and leverage technology to build a solution which touches the lives of people.


7 years of extensive experience in software development life cycle, developing web, enterprise, content management and product applications with N - tier architecture with Java, J2EE, CQ 5.6, AEM 6.0.


Programming Language: Java and C

J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JDBC, JSP, JSTL and Log4J

Scripting Languages: Java Script, Ajax, jQuery and Angular JS

Frameworks: Apache Sling, OSGi (Apache Felix), Struts 1.0, Spring 2.0Apache Jackrabbit and Tealium.

Marketing Cloud: CQ 5.6, AEM 6.0, Confidential test and target, Confidential analytics and Clay Tablet for content translation.

Application Server(s): Apache Tomcat, Jetty and JBoss

Web Server(s): Apache HTTP 2.0

IDE: Eclipse and Notepad ++

Tool: (s) Fiddler, SOAP UI, Putty and WinScp

Database: Oracle and MySQL.

CM Tool(s): CVS, GIT and Accurev.

Bug Tracking: Mantis bug tracker, JIRA and SFDC.



Environment: AEM 6.0, Confidential test & target, Confidential analytics using tealium.

Sr. Software Development Engineer


  • Migrating existing Confidential consumer website to CMS platform using AEM 6.0, Confidential test and target and capturing metrics in Confidential analytics by using tealium framework.
  • Built shopping cart for multiple cultures across the world using MSM and clay tablet for content translation.


Environment: AEM 6.0, Slightly, Sling and OSGi



  • Migrated their existing web site to AEM 6.0 platform which basically provides the authoring capabilities to the marketing team to update the latest events, offers and other content of site and publish them to the CQ publish systems.


Environment: AEM 6.0, JSP, Sling and OSGi



  • Provides the social media functionality to its users where they can post articles on their trips experience or suggestion to other customers, comment on articles and search stories based on tags.
  • Authors of the site can also publish articles and have the ability to approve comments, posts published by the users based on moderation workflows.


Environment: AEM 5.6 and Linux

Developer/Expert delivery services


  • Environment consists of 2 CQ author systems which are active/passive clustered and 3 publishers spread over two data centres serving 106 sites with multi domain configurations on the apache dispatchers.


Environment: Java, Servlets, JSP, spring, Java Mail, jQuery, JBoss, MySqlWeb Services (Apache Axis)



  • provides capabilities for the business and general aviation customers to do Flight Planning, Flight Following, Aircraft to ground (and ground to aircraft) communication, weather and other services that are required to fly between two locations.


Environment: Java/J2EE, Struts 1.x, Spring 2.0, Apache tomcat 6.0, Ant build, Log4jWeb Services (Apache axis), Oracle 9i, MSSql 2005, and Eclipse Helios.

Software Engineer


  • Confidential is in the process of moving all their content management portals to new platform called Confidential .
  • Confidential has developed an admin system to manage their subscribers and their products.
  • Confidential want to re-engineer their current admin named as Confidential Admin Tool with enhancement to current tool and ingrate with their exiting Order Management System.

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