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Java Developer Resume Profile


  • Worked with J2EE frameworks and enterprise applications for over 4 years.
  • Followed the Agile methodology for application and web development.
  • Deployed multiple design patterns including factory singleton MVC DAO Front-controller Service Locator and Business Delegate.
  • Front end technologies regularly Implemented include HTML JSP Spring MVC and Struts 1.3.
  • Improved application design by integrating struts validation and tiles.
  • Used CSS JavaScript JQuery and AJAX to create more dynamic and user friendly webpages.
  • Developed EJBs including stateless session and message driven beans
  • Consumed and Exposed WebServices SOAP and REST using both WSDL first and last methods
  • Experienced with Hibernate 3.6 using xml configuration and annotations JSR 330 .
  • Broad use of the Spring 3.0 Framework Including Spring MVC dependency injection IoC and AOP.
  • Coded spring with Hibernate 3.6 and Struts using Contextual Sessions and the ContextLoaderPlugin respectively.
  • Deployed applications on Oracle Weblogic 12c and Tomcat 7 through the eclipse environment and directly through the admin console.
  • Constructed PL/SQL for stored procedures and SQL for prepared statements.
  • Experienced with SVN and Git for version control
  • Good understanding of basic UNIX commands
  • Great experience with team projects and mentoring others.


Master Java 7


Operating Systems

Windows XP/Vista/7/8 UNIX LINUX


Java Enterprise Edition 1.7 PL/SQL XML C HTML 5 JavaScript JSON AJAX JQUERY CSS PHP




Apache Struts 1.3 Hibernate 3.6 Spring Framework 3.1

Deployment Platforms

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c/11g/10g Tomcat 7 Apache httpd 2.4


Oracle 10g MySQL 5.x

Design Tools

UML static and dynamic Visio MS-Project

Source Control





Junit 4.0/3.0



Java Developer

Store Branch manager

This project integrated new functionality into the company s existing resource management system. It added features for managing and setting up stores using three modules. The Store Development module tracked information regarding setting up new stores. The Store Maintenance module kept track of the maintenance requirements of the stores. Finally the Lease Management module monitored all lease and real estate property tax information.


  • Add new functionality to an existing Application deployed on WebLogic server.
  • Use CSS and JavaScript to create a richer user interface.
  • Implement themes and form validation with JQuery.
  • Implement an MVC design pattern using Struts 1.3.
  • Use tiles for a more consistent design throughout the application.
  • Use the Struts validator framework for server side validation.
  • Integrate Spring with Hibernate 3.6 and Struts 1.3 for logging and transaction management.
  • Use session EJBs 3.0 to support Interaction between separate modules.
  • Check code in and out of an SVN repository.
  • Write tests with Junit for debugging.
  • Use ANT with eclipse to compile and package code
  • Design Oracle Database tables and queries needed to implement the new features.

Environment Java 7 Hibernate 3.6 Spring 3.1 Struts 1.3 EJB 3.0 WebLogic Server 12c Oracle Database 10g SVN Junit ANT JSP XML CSS JavaScript JQuery



Java Developer

Project Resource Management System

This system aids management in tracking and monitoring information on all of the company s projects. It lists all current and past project in one central location. The tracked information for each project could include its category a detailed description estimated cost and its objective and how it relates to the company s goals. The program further aids companies in monitoring individual project statuses including details of tasks resource allocation and timelines. Reporting features available in the system generate an overview of all current projects. The report shows project objectives and other information relating to a project s value. This should allow management to identify conflicts of interest and prioritize project appropriately.


  • Design the application s class structure using UML Diagrams
  • Dynamically generate webpages using JSPs.
  • Use Maven to handle dependencies
  • Implement an MVC design pattern using Spring.
  • Map project POJOs to database with Hibernate
  • Design stored procedures for the Oracle database.
  • Generate reports with JasperReports

Environment Java Oracle10g WebLogic 11g Hibernate Spring JSP HTML XML jQuery Maven


Java Developer

Article Library System

This application keeps track of technical articles written by a large organization s employees using a database. It also stores the publication data and any online references for the articles. The basic user can search for and read articles. Librarians have the additional privilege to add and remove articles and the administrator manages the librarians.


  • Use JSON to simplify XMLHttpRequests
  • Update webpages asynchronously with AJAX
  • Use JQuery for DOM manipulation.
  • Dynamically generate webpages using JSPs.
  • Map article POJOs to database with Hibernate
  • Use SpringMVC for the front controller.
  • Use web services SOAP for remote access to articles.

Environment Java Spring 2.5 Hibernate 3.0 Jersey JSON Oracle 10g JSP XML JQuery AJAX Eclipse Indigo

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