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Cto, Mean Stack, And Java/j2ee Developer Resume


Programming Language Skills: Core Java (1.6, 1.7, 1.8), C/C++, C#, Objective - C, JavaScript, NodeJS, JSP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, XML, Shell, and PL/SQL/HQL.

Framework Skills: Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Spring boot, Struts, AngularJ, Express, passport, Cordova IONIC, and EXTJS.

Service Skills: jBoss, Tomcat, Apache, Apache httpd, Google Platform, AWS (EC2, Elastic beanstalk and S3), Nodejs, Linux and Unix.

CI/CD: Maven, Pod, Gradle, and Jenkin.

Database: MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, realm, MongoDB and Google Database.

Software Engineering skills: Scalable, OOP, Waterfall, Agile, TDD and Scrum.

API Skills: Restful and SOAP.

Code control tool: GitLab, GitHub, SVN, CVN.

Bank API Skills: Stripe and Braintree.

IDE: Eclipse, Git, Putty, MyEclipse, Xcode, Android studio, Webstore, NetBeans, Postman, Navicat, Robomongo, MS studio 2006 and 2008.



CTO, MEAN stack, and Java/J2EE Developer


  • In charge of writing project PRD (project requirement document), development process plan, and task report.
  • In charge of setup meeting between marketing and development department for analyzing end-user requirement.
  • In charge of releasing products to two AWS services (Dev and Pro.)
  • In charge of processing development process by using Agile.
  • In charge of reviewing code to ensure code quality.
  • In charge of using GitHub and Gitlab to control project code version.
  • In charge of assigning task to other developers.
  • Designed web app, mobile app, API and CRM project architecture.
  • Actively Involved in making project tech. decision with marketing and company owner.
  • Used mantis as bug tracking and generated bug report
  • Used Microsoft project management tool making project process plan and assign task to developers.
  • Used OOP aspect to design and implement all project components and features.
  • Used maven, gradle, and express to implement CI/CD.
  • Implemented web services (REST) for API, webapp, and CRM.
  • Implemented API, CRM, and web app backend.
  • Implemented CRM and web app frontend.


Senior Java/J2EE, Android, and IOS Developer


  • Actively Involved in the analysis, design, development and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Actively Involved in developing java backend code and servlet.
  • Actively Involved in deploying compiled project package to the Google cloud platform.
  • Actively Involved in developing the google map and map tracking data result.
  • Actively Involved in developing project frontend with angular and javascript.
  • Actively involved in different project requirements and planning meetings. Direct interaction with the end users for requirement analysis.
  • Actively involved in reviewing code and supported other developers’ work.
  • Involved in design project restful API for loading web app and mobile app content dynamically.
  • Actively Involved in implementing Web Services (REST and SOAP) for old tracking web app and communicating with in the integration layer services for mobile app in JSON style.
  • Involved in using Gitlab to control project code version.
  • In charge of design and implement mobile apps.
  • In charge of publishing mobile apps to apple store and google play.
  • Used OOP aspect to design and implement the entire web app and mobile apps’ components.
  • Used Android Fabric to monitor Android mobile app for error receiving.
  • Used Google Objectify for Java entities.
  • Worked on new project features by using Java Maven and Aspect Oriented Programming for CI/CD.
  • Maintained and redesigned port of project data model.
  • Used Maven to Build war and ear files to deploy on Google App engine.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Actively involved in the analysis, design, development and testing phases which belongs to software development life cycle.
  • Actively involved in different project requirements and planning meetings. Direct interaction with the end users for requirement analysis.
  • Involved in designing reusable project components.
  • Involved in coding java web app DAO, service, and controller.
  • Involved in writing SQL, HQL queries and hibernate criteria queries.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures and complicated query for MySQL database.
  • Involved in writing the JUnit test cases and integration testing for the system.
  • Worked on Spring MVC framework with Aspect Oriented Programming and Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Designed UI screens by using HTML, jQuery, JavaScript for client-side validation, and CSS.
  • Designed, developed and maintained project data model with MySQL.
  • Used Web Services (SOAP) in the integration layer services for extension system.
  • Used Hibernate for O/R mapping to map Java POJO objects with the DB Objects.
  • Used jQuery to display and control page elements and data.
  • Reviewed codes and supported work for released versions.
  • Used Maven to Build war and ear files and deploy it on Tomcat web Server.


Senior Java/J2EE Developer and Project Lead


  • In charge of designing system architecture for both backend and frontend with spring MVC, Hibernate ORM, JDBC Template and EXTJS.
  • In charge of leading at least one team to gather users non-functional and functional requirement.
  • In charge of planning meetings with client and developers. Direct interaction with the end users for requirement analysis.
  • Deigned JDBC Template data mapping by using Java reflection.
  • Analysis, design, and development and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Agile and TDD.
  • Designed student and driver management panel.
  • Wrote specification and function design document for vehicle management panel.
  • Designed background schedule task with Java thread and spring timer.
  • Designed authorizing function for department managers to allow their low-level officers and let them act as their department managers during a picked time period when the department managers are on business.
  • Designing and analyzing the system complicated SQL queries.
  • In charge of transferring data from MSSQL to MySQL.
  • In charge of reviewing code and giving solution for new feature and changed requirement.
  • In charge of leading support team for fixing bugs and implement new features.
  • Used Mantis as bug tracking tool.
  • Used Microsoft project planner draw project deadline and milestone.
  • In charge of implementing SOAP for third party interface.
  • Used Spring IOC and AOP to implement business process and logic.
  • Involved in design and implement DAO layer for the entire project.
  • Used JavaScript to handle bowser side process and used Ajax and jQuery to implement asynchronize data loading and data posting with EXTJS.
  • Used thread to handle background service checking such as license renew date.
  • Used SVN to control code version.
  • Involved in releasing project report for Fridays and deploying the compiled project source code to service.

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