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Sr. Software Engineer,resume Profile


Approximately 14 Years of experience in IT development architecture and maintenance teams. Key member in executing delivering end-to-end IT solutions suiting specific business requirements impacting overall revenue growth.

Core Competencies

C /Java

Enterprise Architecture/Software Architecture

Globalization E-Commerce

Custom Development

.Net Framework

Enterprise Search

Product Configuration

Web Services

Technical Leadership

Content Management


Proficiencies C Java Core Java Connection Pooling Threading .NET framework 1.1 3.5 Web Forms Microsoft MVC J2EE ASP.net JSP Javascript XSLT Selectica Tagging XML Xpath XQuery DOM T-SQL LINQ ADO .net SSIS Struts Spring Framework Endeca IAP Information Access Platform/BI Selectica Web Services Custom XML/SOAP Odata ODATA OAUTH Omniture Web Analytics Google Analytics telerik controls

Tomcat JBoss Entity Framework Hibernate Linq To SQL Linux Ubuntu/Redhat AIX Harvest VSS TFS SQL Server Oracle XHTML HTML Javascript JQuery SOA WCF components Custom Web services asmx Visual Studio 2010 Eclipse Netbeans Sharepoint 2007 SharePoint 2010 Sitecore Content Management System Software Architecture Principles Practices SEI Software Engineering Institute - CMU TOGAF 9.1 foundation Design patterns including IOC DI Agile with Scrum and waterfall.



Present Consultant/Sr. Developer

Various short-term engagements in .NET database and Sitecore. Projects Include

Avanade Delivery Management

o Intensive training indelivery models in preparation for West Coast consulting engagements.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

o Worked on final phases of big data like demonstration project for a major claims processing application in .NET framework using Entity framework Windows services and WCF.

o Responsibilities included architecture code review and bug fixes.

o Also developed custom reporting framework which pulled data from SQL Server and presented it in various formats using Telerik.


Sr. Application Engineer

Worked as an agile developer in the cable company s initiative to augment their CRM with Point Of Sale access. A data intensive application developed using Agile Methodologies interfacing with various systems including National Data Warehouse for product and customer history data.

Implemented repository pattern for invocation of the data layer.

Handled key interactions between quality consultants developers and architects for smooth functioning of the agile process.

Developed JSON based AJAX calls for the MVC based User Interface.

Developed a repository pattern implementation for the data layer for creating a modular interface to the product and customer data.

Developed a multi-threaded asynchronous caching algorithm for reducing wait times and for keeping the UI in sync with the database changes.

Developed MVC based custom validation for form controls.

Architected the System Architecture for Microsoft Based development environment which included TFS Visual Studio 2008 Oracle backend.

Architected the usage of SSIS for data transfer from NDW to Oracle database.

Application successfully deployed to production resulting in a key success metric for the Cable Company and TCS.

Hosted maintained a blogging site using wordpress for authoring Azure as the deployment platform and bluehost.com as the hosting partner.


Software Engineer

A Software Developer in the Medical Devices Alert application which is received daily from FDA.

This application is a Sharepoint based web application with data maintained in custom database and Sharepoint content database.

The application was developed using Visual Studio used MSBuild for build and deployment.

Modifying left navigation to adhere to changes required by business users.

Modifying search method to improve find-ability of certain types of customer data.

Web application deployed to production multiple times resulting in enhanced user experience.


Software Architect

Consulting for various clients / projects in Pharma Regulatory boards Vending industry and general IT.

Created a multipurpose web part to demonstrate field controls web parts and WSP packages for a life insurance customer.

Migrated content data from SharePoint 2003 to Sharepoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 documented the entire process for an Animal Health Corporation.

Instrumental in initiating Sitecore partnership and handled a maintenance account.

Worked on two internal sites of ABIM-Foundation BOD Board of Directors and assisted the team members to understand Sitecore better while suggesting much needed changes to production process. Streamlined the Sitecore development process in liaison with the communications team. Client Medical regulatory board

Solved Sitecore related issues in coordination with ABIM technical staff and helped in improving coordination between them and the vendors for patch deployment. Client Medical regulatory board

Acted as Consultant for Sitecore team and played the role of a developer for www.pjm.com. Worked on Sitecore Jquery based calendar control to augment existing functionality. Worked on modifications to Templates Sublayouts. Client Regional Transmission Organization

Provided architectural advice on combining multiple utilitarian forms into a single application using common DB Access framework and to improve the DB design for the forms database. This single application would be packaged as a Module or can be accessed via custom user/web controls. Client Regional Transmission Organization

Cleaned up existing sitecore based forms to delete unwanted ones and to develop new ones using Sitecore API sub -layouts. Involved in deploying www.pjm.com to production and QA. Client Regional Transmission Organization

Managed the.net web application optimization project and applied innovative caching strategy for the Data Access Layer to improve performance by 40 . Client Vending Industry

Worked on custom Software for Turnberry by utilizing Sharepoint 2010 and Social Collaboration guidelines.

Created a more mature sharepoint migration process developed an innovative way to improve performance reducing reliability on database optimizations Initiated partnership with a Software Vendor Successfully delivered development and architectural project roles on time and budget.


Software Developer

Involved in Cleveland Clinic Cardio-Phase III project and handled book royalty processing application bug fixing in heavy vehicle manufacturing company web application .NET C projects


Lead System Analyst / Programmer

As Technical Team Lead from Swagelok Company evaluated software solutions frameworks and best practices managed vendor interaction for all eBusiness initiatives along with Swagelok Enterprise Architecture Software Development PMO Systems teams.

Acted as part of the technical advisory team to the management for software purchase application development and consulting.

Primarily worked in association with Marketing Communication teams which managed all the eBusiness activities along with IT for creation of electronic catalogs processing EDI transactions B2B initiatives.

Part of the IT team architecting the migration of proprietary web content management system Synapse WCM -iData Technologies to Sitecore. Part of the development team for Layouts Sub-layouts Renderings for the overall item structure field design.

Worked on an evaluation project comparing Sharepont 2003 Search with Endeca IAP Search Experience. Initiated a POC for integrating Sharepoint Object Model with Endeca IAP.

Worked on www.swagelok.com B2B initiatives for eCommerce portions of the external facing site including pricing availability and dynamic product catalogs using Endeca IAP Synapse CMS .net Web Services Serviced Components/COM based eCommerce/My-account functionality.

Designed developed a search solution for the company website in 8 different languages which facilitated implementation of guided navigation functionality and text based search using Endeca Information Access Platform.

Development of Software System Architecture for enterprise Search for all ebusiness activities was my responsibility including working on a .net Fa ade pattern for the Endeca API to parse the incoming response objects.

Created custom Java based preprocessing programs to create Endeca IAP XML in 8 languages in an automated fashion.

Implemented Omniture web analytics for the external website to capture site metrics using Javascript and for Sharepoint. Previously had implemented statcounter.com metrics and webtrends for capturing and analyzing site metrics.

Managed the entire codebase for Swagelok.com using Harvest/VSS and TFS including migration of code upto production.

Maintained all scripts for Endeca Index creation process using batch files perl scripts for pipeline customization.

Handled creation and evaluation of Software Architecture artifacts for evaluation maintenance purposes.

Architected developed a .net XML based integration with Selectica Product Suite which allowed the configuration solution to be invoked with AJAX calls.

Created a complex algorithmic solution using Endeca for a unique business problem of Two-Fitting Substitution .

Developed reports in the form downloadable PDF document of a product specification page using Active Reports SSRS.

Designed Developed and architected a custom application to maintain distributor pricing for Swagelok products using struts and Java SE 1.4. A Multi-threaded application with core java connection pooling hosted on Tomcat Server running on Linux.

Devised a generic Gen2 Selectica scripting language based framework for easier maintenance of Selectica code for all product series.

Effectively managed the functioning of Selectica as the primary configuration tool for creating bill for materials pricing and for maintaining those prices in a web based application by creating configuration documents design documents as necessary.

Worked on Telerik controls for Tabs and dropdownlist using AJAX without.


08/03 Sr. Software Engineer

Primarily worked on Java based technologies and the key tasks accomplished in association with the implementation Team for various clients projects.

As part of the Selectica Configuration Team that handles the overall order and quote-processing systems

As Lead Architect for the Selectica Configuration Solution which includes a web based distributor application and a BOM pricing provider for the Quote/Order messaging system managed the overall functioning of the System Software Architecture including verifying installing and documenting the best practices for the overall Advanced Configuration Engine presence in the Swagelok Enterprise. Generated and maintained code artifacts relating to System UML diagrams Software diagrams using Harvest Windows file System.

Designed developed a custom Java adapter for Swagelok order and quote processing message queue. TIBCO

Designed Developed and architected a custom application to maintain distributor pricing for Swagelok products using struts and Java SE 1.4. A Multi-threaded application with core java connection pooling hosted on Tomcat Server running on Linux.

Devised a generic Gen2 Selectica scripting language based framework for easier maintenance of Selectica code for all product series.

Effectively managed the functioning of Selectica as the primary configuration tool for creating bill for materials pricing and for maintaining those prices in a web based application.

Architected configuration solution and design documents for the booking system application in close coordination with Cap-Gemini consultants for Phase-I. Led a team of associates from Selectica and Cap-Gemini to produce UML based design documents for Phase-II of the project. Client Fortune 500 Entertainment Company

Selectica has been implemented in two levels one with a web based UI and another was for background processing.

When a new quote or order gets submitted it moves through the TIBCO messaging queue to various business services and Selectica was going to get invoked as a service. Worked with Swagelok associates to create XML based messaging protocol between Selectica and external systems via TIBCO for background processing I2 I TWO demand fulfillment calls and other legacy systems.

Selectica Architecture team representative for the team to create server side scripting for Selectica pages and for Selectica knowledge base development needs Client Fluid System Component Manufacturer

Invacare had a very unique COBOL based configurator whose proprietary database was ported to SQL.

The SQL database did not have concept of products and as such all the complex rules across the product lines had to be modeled using Selectica KBS. Selectica rules engine could not handle the complexity of the rules and as such wrote a custom plug-in which plugged the gaps related to Conflict-Resolution and made everything work smoothly.

Worked as Selectica ACE Architect for this project. Client Home medical equipment manufacturer

Re-worked some design elements of the project in-accordance with the latest release of Selectica. Developed a Quote Conversion Application to convert Selectica Quotes from one version to the other.

Reviewed the application code and affected changes to improve performance system stability.

Effectively fixed conversion related issues and handled client interactions along with the onsite Project Manager.

This conversion of production quotes and orders was completed with 90 success Client Online Medical Insurance Company

Kick-started the discussions around generating Selectica Knowledge Bases KBS s on the fly using databases with Selectica Engineering resulting in easier maintenance and quicker turnaround for Selectica projects. Part of the team as a member of the Selectica Architecture team. Client Fortune 500 health Insurance Company

Guided a team of 2 Developers in developing the business service for accessing Selectica KBS using Java API and Boldtech s proprietary Java based framework. Wrote a document object model based XML parser to receive responses from Selectica rules engine Client Electronics Telecommunications Company

Led managed a team of 4 Associates and delivered a unique and innovative solution to various challenges faced by the onsite team.

Worked as Technical Lead/Project Lead for the project. Liaised with Selectica Technical support team to develop a card map solution a Visual card map in Visio 2000.

Supported the internationalization of product configurator application for the Korean language.

Installed the Selectica Product on AIX based system for the first time and co-ordinated with Selectica Engineering to overcome technical issues Client Electronics Telecommunication Company

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