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Solutions Architect Resume

Philadelphia, PA


To manage and design high quality software using leading - edge technologies challenging my creative and intellectual skills.


  • Experience in designing complex systems that closely mirror business logic and processes. Good knowledge of financial systems.
  • Proficient with Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Ajax, SOA, Rest, BPMN, Camunda, EJB, XML, PHP, Symfony, Maven, Ant, Curl, Visual Basic, C++ (Visual C++), Crystal Reports, Tomcat, Netbeans, Eclipse, Websphere, COM and C.
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP sockets, shared memory and programming with threads.
  • Experience with database design, PL/SQL, ProC and development on various platforms including Oracle and SQL Server
  • Knowledge of object oriented programming, UML and design patterns.
  • Knowledge of J2ME and mobile architectures.


J2EE: Java (JDK1.4), Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, JMS, Applets, Java Beans, RMI, JNDI, Swing, JDOM, JavaMail


Operating Systems: NT 4.0, Windows 98/95/2000/XP, Solaris 2.5, Sun OS 4.1

Application Frameworks: Jakarta Struts 1.1, Tiles, Log4J, Java Servlets 1.2

XML and Internet technologies: J2ME, JSP, JSP Custom Tags, XML, Java Script, XHTML, XSLT, XSL-FO, CSS.

Web/App Servers and CMS: Weblogic 5.1and 6.1, WebSphere 4.0IPlanet, Tomcat 5.16 Apache, Documentum

Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, PERL, Unix Shell Scripting

Database: SQL, JDBC, PL/SQL, Oracle 8.0, Oracle 8i

Middleware/Distributed Computing: MQSeries, RMI, CORBA 2.0EJB1.1

OOAD: Design Patterns, Rational Rose, UML

IDE’s/Editors/Tools: Visual Café 4.5, WebSphere ApplicationDeveloper (WSAD), JBuilder, eclipse, XMLSpy 5.0, HomeSite 5.0, SQL Navigator, SQL Plus, Toad, VI, Emacs.

QA/Deployment Tools/Version Control: JUnit 3.7, Rational ClearCase, Ant 1.4.1, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, RCS

Software: , Visual C++, MFC, Visual Basic/VBA, Crystal Reports, COM/DCOM, ADOProC, ILOG, UIMX, Motif, Xt, Xlib


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Solutions Architect


  • Worked on developing several Business Modelling Prototypes for Camunda using Spring and Restful Web Services.
  • Managing several projects such as requirements gathering and scheduling development project for Confidential ’s new user account set up and account maintenance services.

Confidential, PA

Lead Architect, Software Development


  • Gather and analyzed user requirements and generated several UML diagrams using Rational Software Architect.
  • Built several real estate related applications using Java, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Symfony and AJAX which involved scraping public domain websites and storing public domain data in databases so that users can buy only information that they are interested in.
  • Designed and deployed several services that other applications can use.
  • Also integrated Paypal’s service API to accept payments via both paypal and credit cards.

Confidential, Horsham, PA

Chief Software Architect


  • Currently working on developing several rapid prototype applications using Symfony, PHP, Spring and Hibernate.
  • These applications are developed mainly to help internal users update data themselves.
  • Managed, designed and helped developed Recruitment Manager and Recruitment Manager for Sites.
  • Therefore, project managers can more readily adjust recruitment strategies or redirect funding to overachieving sites as appropriate.
  • Recruitment Manager is a 100% hosted solution that requires only a standard Web browser, Internet connection, and secure login.
  • Sponsors and CROs can manage multiple projects by assigning administrators, managers and users within and outside the enterprise.
  • It can scale from one user to hundreds of users to meet the needs of any size biopharmaceutical organization.
  • Managed a 10+ person team to develop our call center application Acuscreen.
  • Report directly to CTO
  • Hiring the entire software team and building the team and tools from ground up.
  • Involved in all decisions for purchase of key hardware and software, in both pricing and scalability aspects.
  • Involved in all aspects of software development such as writing technical specifications database design, software design, object oriented modeling, coding, Quality Assurance and feature enhancements.
  • Determining feasibility analyses of new features as well as determination of the time involved in development
  • Responsible for mentoring team members and developing guidelines for their personal and corporate improvement.
  • Worked with various clients and the business development team to help influence and streamlining the process involved in making this new offering extremely useful to the organization.
  • Totally responsible for maintenance of legacy software, as well as all new projects.
  • Interface with the systems administration and networking team to help configure and troubleshoot system integration and efficiency issues.
  • Help in determining budget requirements for new software and hardware
  • Manage and help in the analysis and design of external projects
  • Managed, designed and developed several other projects such as AcuPatient™, an Intranet based query generation and search application tool that searches for patients from a database of 40 million+ patients with varying sets of criteria. using UML, Java, JDBC, Struts 1.1, EJB, JMS, JavaScript, XML and JavaMail, SQL and PL/SQL Stored Procedures, and Tomcat 5.16.
  • Uses SOA to access various third party services.

Confidential, Conshohocken, PA

Senior Project Manager/ Lead Architect


  • Designed and developed an order execution system for a Confidential .
  • This system would execute orders for options and stocks using XML messaging and Java Enterprise Beans talking to various Oracle databases and the TIBCO quote server.
  • Orders were executed on the front end using servlet, JavaScript and JSP pages with custom tags and validation.
  • Gathered requirements for the Brazilian markets and coded various classes to deal with order entries and execution.
  • Managed a team of ten and delivered the project on time and within budget


Solutions Architect


  • Develop reports to aid in decision making (project management).
  • The end result will be a website for the management of Confidential to view both timesheet and project information to aid in forecasting both resource planning and allocation.
  • I am in the process of formulating requirements and getting other members aboard.
  • Designed and developed an e-commerce system for customer care representatives.
  • This web based system was a 3 tier system consisting of an Oracle 8 database, Weblogic and java beans.
  • These beans interfaced directly with the database.
  • Information was displayed to the user using JSP pages. XML and XSL technology was also used, as all the documents in the system (Purchase Orders, Invoices, Purchase Order Acknowledgements) were XML documents.
  • Created an auction applet to run realtime reverse auctions. The applet communicates with a COM object that in turn communicates directly with a MS SQL database.
  • All communications take place using the HTTP port 8080.

Confidential, King Of Prussia, PA

Senior Consultant


  • Worked with a client on a project, which involved the discovery of various software, databases, and machines on a heterogeneous network.
  • Written mainly in C.
  • Worked with a client on developing middleware for a 911 location pinpointing system using pthreads, shared memory and sockets.
  • Written in C and Oracle ProC. Also used Oracle’s thread safe routines.
  • Worked with a client on extracting data from large databases for examination of faulty billing records.
  • Written mainly in Perl.
  • Developed and managed a Laboratory Information Systems project.
  • The front end is written in Java using JBuilder 3.0 and the backend uses stored procedures written in PL/SQL which operates on an Oracle 7.0 database.
  • Developed another Laboratory Information Systems project using C++, COM objects and ADO.
  • Managed a design task with a third party vendor for a large scale information management system.

Confidential, Dresher, PA

Software Developer


  • Designed a graphical user interface using ILOG (a C++ collection of libraries) for an ISDN Accounting Application.
  • Designed and developed the call database which used sockets, shared memory and SNMP MIBs to store data. Did extensive testing and responsible for the maintenance of this system.
  • Involved in performance testing of various ISDN routers and bridges
  • Installed and maintained a web server on NT for our intranet
  • Developed commercial and internal web pages using Java, JavaScript, CGI Programming, HTML and VRML.

Confidential, PA

Systems Analyst


  • Designed, coded, tested and delivered a system to track and store live share and dividend information into a database. Tools used include UIMX XRT widgets, Interbases’ DDL, Embedded Dynamic SQL and Perl.
  • Designed an MS-SQL database and MS Access front-end on Windows NT using ODBC to print profit and loss reports for the back office. This database also communicated with a UNIX workstation using Sybase Open GL to store live currency data.
  • Delivered, managed and maintained databases in Tokyo, London, Chicago and Sydney. Responsible for new candidates to maintain code. Also helped in porting various products to run on new option pricing models.

Confidential, West Chester, PA



  • Wrote a GUI to demonstrate the various features of their Inserter product -which was a way to insert advertisements into a live cable telecast.
  • The GUI was used at a show and was written in Motif for PC’s.

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