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Analytical Softwware Developer Java/perl Resume Profile

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  • Java Developer with experience with Remote Method Invocation frameworks and J2EE
  • Expecienced HTML Programming with Java/GWT and Model-View-Presenter Framework
  • Experienced Java/RDBMS integration with ORM with JPA 2.0 Eclipselink and Hibernate
  • Subject matter expert in Messaging Identity Management Perl development and SQA
  • Sun Directory Enterprise Edition and Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Expert
  • Virtual Directory Server Sun Oracle Symas expert designing deploying and testing application layer proxy to achieve load balancing over MMR environments and unfied namespaces over heterogenous mix of LDAP and non-LDAP data repositories
  • 18 years experience in System and Software Development Life Cycle
  • Experienced Identity Infrastructure LDAP architect/engineer with 13 years LDAP experience with various LDAPv3 implementations and operating environments
  • Experienced Designer of SMTP based solutions for monitoring and work flow management
  • Experienced SQL database experience with Oracle PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Thirteen years Perl development experience that includes the use of mod perl DBI CGI Net LDAP Net DNS and many other network related extensions
  • Extensive use of Socket programming
  • Extensive use or PCRE in developing custom text parsers
  • Eight years experience in custom persistent network daemons and system agents
  • Authored Java and PHP web applications including multi-tier applications w/AJAX
  • Three years experience developing portable web services with HTTP Daemon and SOAP Transport HTTP Server
  • Experience with Lightweight Web Services with SOAP Lite
  • Familiarity with WSDL 1.1 SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2
  • Linux System Administrator RHEL CentOS SuSE
  • Well-versed in SEI Software Quality Assurance KPAs and SWE Process Models

Technical Skills

Languages Java OO Perl Ada95 Erlang Python PHP SQL JavaScript jQuery HTML CSS DCL Actionscript

Operating systems Linux CentOS Ubuntu Open SUSE Solaris FreeBSD OpenVMS



Analytical Softwware Developer Java/Perl

  • Developed and maintained OO Perl scripts and libraries used in IP Analytics
  • Performed front end grahical user interface design and development using HTML 5 development tools for Java including Google Web Toolkit Sencha GWT Extensions and the Model-View-Presenter design framework.
  • Develop Interfaces for XML RPC and JSON-based Web Services
  • Perform Ant Builds to WAR for distribution to Tomcat



  • Design and Develop Distance and Collaborative learning platform built on Java EE JSP/Servlet
  • EJB JPA and Ajax/JQuery
  • Maintain Cloud-based enterprise services Email LDAP Identity Calendaring RDBMS CRM
  • Design and Maintain revision control and build environment based on Perforce
  • Design and Maintain customer facing web infrastructure
  • Develop JSON and XML intermediaries in OO Perl and PHP



  • Review Directory and Messaging Infrastructure supporting Customer Care Enterprise Solution and Provide recommendations for optimization.
  • Manage multi-site MMR Oracle DSEE Infrastructure containing 45 million leaf objects
  • Developed 3-tier production prototype that included Oracle Directory Server for added security reliability and intelligent request routing
  • Design and Implement Data Center Migration Strategy for western LDAP servers and 18 million mailboxes with zero-downtime
  • Build Solaris 10 lab environment to support Visual Voice Mail factory build outs including building self-extracting executable for OpenLDAP-based LDAP Simulator
  • Developed LDAP Health and Synthetic Transaction Monitor and alerts for all MultiMaster
  • Replicas in OO Perl
  • Developed ETL Migration Toolkit in OO Perl
  • Drafted Proposal for Data Virtualization using Sun DSEE 6.3.1 Proxy Instances and Oracle
  • Developed Distributed Denial of Service Detection Monitor for AAA alerts
  • Resolved database corruption performance and reliability issues
  • Resolved replication topology and divergence issues



  • Review LDAP Requirements for iPlanet 5.1 to Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3.1
  • Provide best practices recommendations for directory and MMR Replication Topology.
  • Provide best practices recommendations for monitoring for high-availability and fault detection Using Sun LDAPv3 Filtering Proxy Virtual Directory Server
  • Provide best practices recommendations for reporting of utilization statistics
  • Research vendor product road map and provide feedback on project life-cycle with respect to platform and virtualization
  • Develop Win32 system service for monitoring MultiMaster replicated directory and proxy service
  • Develop an automated report generation framework
  • Develop ETL Tools for data migration
  • Develop multithreaded load test tools using Net LDAP and OO Perl
  • Publish finalized design document and acceptance test plan
  • Prepare and deliver pre-deployment training for production support personnel
  • Designed and Developed LDAP-enabled



  • Designed high availability multisite center directory service for Linux host authentication
  • and access control with pam ldap nss ldap. based on Fedora Directory Server
  • Built data and name space virtualization framework using Symas Labs
  • directory proxy server
  • Developed provisioning data migration and monitoring tools based on LDAPv3 persistent change log search in Perl
  • Stabilized postfix cyrus imap based messaging infrastructure developed queue monitoring garbage collection and auto-blacklisting tools to improve deliverability.
  • Performed root cause analysis on LAMP stack failures and performed routine System administration tasks user group auto-mounter DNS URL redirects and mentored Jr. System administrators.
  • Bind 9 DNS Administration. Provisioning of A PTR MX TXT SPF and CNAME HTTP redirect records and Bind 9 Zones. Sustaining Engineering of DNS provisioning scripts. root cause analysis/problem mitigation of Primary and slave failures


SENIOR ENGINEER Messaging Portal and Security

  • Comcast is a leading provider of residential and business Cable television Internet and VOIP
  • Developed Production CA ETrust LDAP Directory Synthetic Transaction monitor to measure LDAP directory connect bind and transactional latency at the sub-operation level against established production baselines.
  • Designed and Developed a Service Component Architecture Feedback Loop Message Transfer agent for conditional encapsulation and transmission of User generated SPAM False Positive/False Negative reports to third-party email reputation service providers. MTA included multithreaded SMTP Service Agent Queue Manager Administrative Service Agent and DBI/DBD Oracle transaction buffer queue manager implemented with Perl threads and Thread Queue implementations.
  • confidentialSR. SYSTEMS Developer Messaging and Identity Infrastructure
  • Reynolds and Reynolds develops and sells dealership management systems to automotive retailers. Reynolds s products and training offerings include Web and customer relationship management solutions e-learning and consulting services documents data management and integration networking and support and leasing services. Reynolds serves automotive retailers and manufacturers globally through Kalamazoo-Reynolds and Reynolds Europe
  • Principal developer of Reynolds Email and Identity Management System a Perl/CGI-based web portal for help desk administration and customer self-administration.
  • Developed log parsers and web and messaging utilization reports
  • Developed work flow automation based on SMTP transport MIME Encapsulation
  • and IMAP queue. Eliminated the need for manual system administration intervention.
  • Implemented Backup Recovery Archiving and Fail over strategy for more than 50 000 user mailboxes.
  • Responsible for optimizing performance for directory servers through the use of multimaster replication attribute indexing database/index cache tuning connection and operation time limits.
  • Developed Reduced Sign-On architecture involving selective data synchronization between Core LDAP Directory and customers corporate Active Directory user base.
  • Developed a reusable SLAPI Pass-through Authentication Plugin that made it possible for core LDAP Directory Server to re-route bind requests to a down stream Active Directory based on the User Principal Name or authoritative email identity contained in the bind credential. Principal sustaining engineer of the web-based User Domain Administrator and Customer Self- and Delegated Administration and Provisioning Application.
  • Planned Sun DSEE 6.1 migration and built proof-of-concept platform with Changelog Notification based replication from the live production directory.
  • Bind 9 zone administration of 30 000 R R managed DNS domains using Lucent QiP. Responsible for sustaining engineering and new development of web based zone/IP administration feature set of web-based admin console
  • Managed iPlanet Messaging Server 5.1 and Sun One Messaging Server 5.2 inbound/outbound message routers and Message Stores. Developed custom scripts for message aging and expiration. Developed reconciliation scripts for auto-deprovisioning of mailboxes using persistent changelog search. Developed custom scripts for dynamic tcp queue management. Developed custom remote management tcp protocol interface for messaging instances.
  • Managed Veritas Volume Manager volumes for high-availability message stores
  • Managed PIX Firewall rule sets for remote access customers and performed firewall troubleshooting and mitigation
  • Developed administration abstraction layer for Websense HTTP filtering software to provide directory enabled sub-domain and subnet level delegated administration

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