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Software Engineer Resume


Languages: Java and Python

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, and Linux

Java Technologies: Core Java, Collections, I/O Streams, Multi - Threading, JavaBeans and JDBC

Web Technologies: JavaScript, CSS,3 HTML5, JSP, JSTL and Servlets

UI Frameworks: Ajax, jQuery, Node JS and Bootstrap

Distributed Technologies: Rest, SOAP and Web Services

XML Technologies: XML, DOM, SAX, DTD, Schemas and XSLT

Web/Application Server: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere

Databases: Oracle 9i,10G,11, SQL Server, DB2 and MongoDB

J2ee Frameworks: Struts, Spring and Hibernate

Testing Tools: JUnit Framework, Easy Mock, Mockito and HttpUnit

Version Controls: SVN, Bitbucket and Git

Cloud Technologies: Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Docker and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

IDE’s: Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Dream Viewer and EditPlus

Software Methodologies: Safe Agile and Scrum

Continues Integration Tools: Ant, Maven, CruiseControl, Jenkins, Artifactory and GitHub



Software Engineer

Environment: Java, Spring Boot, Open API Swagger Specification, JSON, Hystrix library, WebLogic Tuxedo platform, Jolt Connections, JUnit and Mockito framework, Maven, IntelliJ, Sonar Cube, Jenkins, Bit Bucket, Git Bash, Artifactory, Splunk, Amazon EC2, Oracle DB, JIRA, ALM tool


  • Worked on creating the Open API swagger specifications for the consolidated pricing requirements.
  • Built the Rest API endpoints using Java, Spring Boot controllers, Spring Data models and hosting them for Confidential Reservation systems.
  • Strictly followed 12 factor application development standards, guidelines defined by enterprise architecture team.
  • Implemented the domain layer of consolidated pricing platform by connecting with legacy back - end pricing engine via WebLogic Tuxedo connector and Jolt connection pool.
  • Implemented heavy Java 8 coding with different functional features like Lambda expressions, Time and Stream APIs.
  • Worked on enhancing the existing SOAP services with the latest JAX-WS and JAXB libraries to make it compatible with the latest WebLogic Application server platforms.
  • Worked on moving the existing CI/CDs from proprietary Bamboo platform to open-source Jenkins platforms.
  • Involved in migrating the EHI pricing application repositories from SVN to Bit Bucket servers and prepared new branching strategy around GIT standards.
  • Practiced day to day engineering activities like GIT pull, push, Pull Requests, working around feature branches, development branches etc.
  • Worked on different Spring 5 modules and features while rewriting the batchproc engine for the pricing platform.
  • Worked on creating the brand-new CI/CD pipelines in all environments using Jenkins, Docker, and Groovy script to build and deploy the APIs into Amazon EC2.
  • Set up the new org spaces in AWS for newly planned microservices and worked on implementing different CLOUD features like creating the custom managed services, setting up the auto scaling, fallback mechanism, self-healing settings around VMs, JVMs and containers.
  • Worked on creating the Splunk dashboards to monitor the newly built micro services in the pricing platform.
  • Built the Fallback mechanisms for new micro services using Netflix Hystrix library.
  • Involved in setting up the LOG4J configuration for all the environments.
  • Involved in complete test-driven development with JUnit, Mockito and H2 In-memory database.
  • Involved in migrating the Linux servers to RHEL7 for the pricing conversion application.
  • Contributed to different bug fix activities across the pricing platform range from legacy pricing engine to newly developed micro services.


Application Software Developer

Environment: Java, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Angular, Node, NPM, HTML5, Bootstrap, PEGA Rules Engine, SLF4J, JSON, Maven, Jenkins, IntelliJ, Bitbucket, SOAP UI, Swagger, Amazon Cloud Platform


  • Worked on creating the Rest APIs using Java 1.8 and Spring Boot Technologies.
  • Worked on building the persistence layer of the application using Spring Data JPA and Spring Data MongoDB.
  • Worked on implementing the unified authentication module using Java 8, JEE 6 and Spring 5 capabilities.
  • Worked on creating the workflows/ cases using PEGA designer studio.
  • Worked on building the UI components for the Claim Management workflow with Angular, HTML5, Node, NPM and Bootstrap frameworks.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines using CloudBees Jenkins to automate the build and deployment process for all environments like DEV, STAGE and PRODUCTION.
  • Automated the database related tasks like using Flyway database migration tool.
  • Wrote the Unit Test cases using the JUnit and Mockito frameworks.
  • Wrote Integration test cases using In-memory database tools like H2 and Fongo.
  • Worked on Cloud and Non-Cloud environments and resolved different infrastructure issues.


Java/J2ee Developer

Environment: Java, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring Cloud, Angular, Bootstrap, SLF4J, JSON, Model Mapper, Lombok, Maven, Jenkins, IntelliJ, Bitbucket, Swagger, H2, PostgreSQL, pgAdmin, Pivotal Clod Foundry.


  • Built the next generation reservation modules using Java 8, JEE 7 as core run time stack.
  • Created different back-end micro services using Spring Boot, Spring Data and Spring Cloud technologies for the Flight Reservation app like user sign-up/login, search flights, book flight and check-in.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines for Flight Reservation app using Bamboo tool to build and deploy into Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Worked on generating the SOAP connectors to consume the downstream SOAP services into the Reservation portal app.
  • Worked on building the single page UI components using Angular6 framework and node package manager (NPM) and used Bootstrap as CSS framework.
  • Integrated front end UI components with micro services endpoints by implementing the Angular Services and injecting the back-end java services.
  • Built the database model in postgress for reservation APIs and defined the data replication strategy.
  • Supported the on-boarding of the API’s for different customers.
  • Worked on Production support to troubleshoot old SOAP services that are already running for years for different customers.


Python/Java Developer

Environment: Java, J2ee, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Python, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Anaconda Platform, SQL Alchemy, MAMP Stack (Mac OS, Apache Server, My SQL, Python), Restful Web Services, Flask Web Framework, Jenkins Pipes for CI/CD, GitHub and GitBash.


  • Developed high performing, scaling and innovative end-to-end web applications
  • Worked on Anaconda Python Data Science Platform.
  • Processed large data-sets using different Python packages like NumPy, SciPy, jupyter and scikit-learn etc.
  • Worked on Data Visualization using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Flask Web Framework.
  • Developed the domain layer of the application using Java, J2ee, Spring Boot and Rest API's.
  • Built Data Access Layer using DJango ORM and SQL Alchemy.
  • Worked on deploying the application in MAMP Infrastructure.

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