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Sailpoint Consultant/sme Resume


  • Experience in design, development, testing, integration and implementation expertise in Identity and Access Management Using SailPoint IDM.
  • Experienced in Identity and Access Management tool - SailPoint IdentityIQ Access Governance, in Configuring Connectors, Role Management, Life Cycle Manager Provisioning and Access Certifications, Report generation, Integration with end/target systems and SailPoint IdentityIQ APIs, REST APIs, Custom Connector, Patch up gradation.
  • Worked on Connector like LDAP, AD, JDBC, Delimited File, RACF Custom Connector based on Web service APIs, Delimited parse rule, Service now Ticketing system.
  • Experienced Identity Access Management professional in the implementation of Access Review and Provisioning solution and Application Owner/Role Membership/Role Composition.
  • Managed projects for design, configuration and implementation of SailPoint IIQ, including coordinating with vendor leadership, technical services leadership, and end user customers.
  • Understanding of directories (AD/LDAP) and group structures, policies, Frame set up for enterprise level Role mining, Role Based Access Control (RBAC).
  • Conducts initial project definitions and performs appropriate business analysis, systems analysis and design.
  • Perform project planning, critical path analysis, tailor implementation approach and roll out strategies.
  • Trained in IdentityIQ Administration and Fundamentals of IdentityIQ Implementation from SailPoint which focused on content required by all implementations; that includes Compliance Manager and Lifecycle Manager details and basic provisioning functionality and to support day-to-day IdentityIQ operations.
  • Prepare, recommend and review the IAM solutions architecture road map.
  • Worked with vendor’s Product Support teams to resolve issues (defects, bugs, enhancements) with product.
  • Define policies for securing privileged identities using CyberArk PVWA console.
  • Administration experience of CyberArk vault with Safe creation, integration with LDAP and other authentication methods & Creation of policies and reports in PVWA.
  • Experience provisioning using direct connectors for integration of target applications.
  • Experience developing custom java classes in SailPoint IIQ.
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skill. A thorough professional with a proactive attitude, capable of thinking in & out of the box.


IAM tools: SailPoint 6.x, 7.x, OIM, Okta

Web Servers: Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic

Operating systems: Windows, Linux

Languages: Java, BeanShell, JSF, JavaScript

IDE Tools: Eclipse, NetBeans

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL



SailPoint Consultant/SME


  • Development of IIQ features like Request IT (legacy system) for deployments of all the new releases in DEV, QA and PROD environments for SailPoint IdentityIQ application on TOMCAT.
  • As part of this diverse and talented team I contribute my efforts in programming, testing and maintenance of the IAM Web Application based on SailPoint IdentityIQ which manages the Internal employees and external associates’ information.
  • Management of huge group of around 1.4 million identities, handling their Life Cycle Events like Joiner (Hired into the company), Mover (Transferred in the company), Leaver (Terminated from the company) including their access management.
  • Onboarding around 4700 applications comprising financial and non-financial significance, using IdentityIQ’s inbuilt Connectors like LDAP, JDBC, AD, ServiceNow, ACF2 and custom connectors when required.
  • Develop new Out-of-the-Box and Custom functionalities using SailPoint IdentityIQ’s API and Java, Bean Shell programming languages for the Identity Access Management (IAM) module.
  • Pushing out database configurations and making changes to the tables, functional procedures, SQL programs on MYSQL database client like Toad for SQL and Oracle Database client.
  • Troubleshoot issues during the deployments, coordinating with various other departments in the IT department like Database team, Directory Management team, ServiceNow Ticket Management team, LINUX/UNIX Server Management team who are involved in the project and then escalate unresolved issues to development.
  • Perform Unit Testing, Regression Testing and User Acceptance Testing of all the functionalities developed, rigorously, before moving to higher environments like IIQ DEV, QA, QAIAM, Customer QA and PROD environments.
  • Analyze, design and develop User Interface changes for the IAM SailPoint IdentityIQ web application as required by the Confidential ’s Business Liaison and other project stakeholders.
  • Implementing load balancing procedures on the web servers along with generating code standards to remove Memory leaks.
  • Responsible to manage Administration functionality of the SailPoint such as loading data, create roles, create policies, scheduling tasks and certifications and reports.
  • Improve overall application availability through build standardization and monitoring in both production and non-production environments.
  • Enhance application’s performance and customer satisfaction by reducing the system response time when the user operates the software which includes utilizing the best possible programming solutions for producing the best-case scenarios.
  • Also managing and building the system revision and team management applications GIT, Microsoft VSTS, Microsoft Teams, MS Office365 for our development team.
  • Generate monitoring reports of all the application’s features including Identity’s Life Cycle Events while developing and merging new components with the existing IIQ application.
  • Documenting processes and process changes when a new IIQ feature

Environment: Java SE, JSP, Tomcat 7, Eclipse, PowerShell Script XML, HTML, CSS, SailPoint identity IQ 7.3P2.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

SailPoint Consultant


  • Worked on Application Onboarding connectors like Active Directory, LDAP and other Out of the Box connectors like JDBC, Oracle Database Direct & Delimited File.
  • Developed custom certifications to cater client needs.
  • Performed data analytics to ensure data is accurate prior to staging and activating certifications.
  • Developed Delegation rules, customized certifications to send email notifications as per client needs.
  • Developed Build Map rules, Pre-iterate rules and Customization rules using Java.
  • Created custom form to create an identity manually and validated the form field values as per the requirement.
  • Interacted with application teams that manage major user repositories and need to automate user access request process, to gather requirements, design and deliver solution to integrate with the existing IDM implementation.
  • Worked on Web Services to integrate with target applications.
  • Extensively worked on Identity Governance including User Provisioning, Access Certifications, Access request, Workflow, Delegated Administration and Password Self-Service.
  • Participated in User Acceptance Testing and bug-related reengineering efforts
  • Performed the Effort estimation and helped in making the decision between out of the box configuration vs. customization
  • Designed and leveraged SailPoint API's and SOAP & REST web services framework for account aggregation and revocation

Environment: Java SE, JSP, Tomcat 8, Eclipse, PowerShell Script XML, HTML, CSS, SailPoint identity IQ 6.3P11.


Sail Point Consultant


  • Identifying different applications (AD, Oracle DB, Unix. Etc) to implement the suitable SailPoint application connectors.
  • Creating/Configuring SailPoint Connector applications in Sail Point using vendor provided GUI.
  • Configuring Aggregation scripts using Bean Shell and Java to load the data in to SailPoint.
  • Implementation of different direct/custom connectors to connect Mainframe (RACF), Teradata, Unix and Oracle. Etc.
  • Installed and configured Password Reset Administrator tool to reset the passwords from Care team.
  • Installed and configured RACF SailPoint connector to integrate with Mainframe systems.
  • Maintains IT General Controls and IT testing documentation, executes ongoing controls monitoring activities and assists in the coordination of Sarbanes-
  • Involved in approvals process workflow design and rule creations using bean shell and xml.
  • Configured SailPoint environment setup in Dev, test and QA servers.
  • Involved in SailPoint database table/index creation.
  • Written code to aggregate/provision Teradata data in to SailPoint application.
  • Coordinated with Client and different teams on identifying applications and gathering data.
  • Configured SSO in SailPoint IAM services.
  • Involved in rule and notification event creations.
  • Conduct Internal Security Assessments for PCI Compliance
  • Developed, integrated, deployed and tested a Middleware All Access Portal application to access SailPoint and SunIDM applications at one point using HTML5, JSP, CSS, Spring, Hibernate and Oracle DB.
  • Implemented RESTful webservices to connect the AC and SailPoint applications and fetch the data into portal application.
  • Designed and developed CSS pages for portal application.
  • Involved in integration testing and production support to resolve the issues.
  • Created branches in SVN subversion to maintain the separate builds to deploy in various environments.
  • Did the front validations using JavaScript and created JSON objects to present the data?

Environment: Java SE, JSP, Tomcat 8, JBOSS, Eclipse, PowerShell Script XML, HTML, CSS, SailPoint identity IQ 6.3P5, ServiceNow.

Confidential, Washington, D.C

IAM SailPoint Developer


  • Installation and configuration of SailPoint application across all environment’s development, stage and production.
  • Configuring the Applications (Authoritative and Non-Authoritative) using AD, Flat file, JDBC and LDAP connectors to load the Identity Cubes.
  • Supported operations & maintenance of SailPoint and LDAP connectivity.
  • Connector development for target Systems (Active Directory, LDAP, JDBC, CSV).
  • Developed custom workflows (With multi-level approval and time-based escalation for Approval process, profile update and self-service, changing the profile of User and modifications to Groups).
  • Developed custom Build Map Rules, Correlation Rules and Workflows as per the business needs.
  • Involved in role definition, role management and certification.
  • Developed custom tasks for various processes.
  • Conduct workshops with application and infrastructure teams about on-boarding privileged accounts in CyberArk.
  • Assisted application teams with CyberArk application Identity Manager integrations and linked accounts.
  • Integrated SailPoint IIQ with CyberArk to provide a centralized policy-based identity.
  • Defining Provisioning Policy for applications AD, LDAP.
  • Design and implement new custom workflows for provisioning.
  • Pre-populated the Routing Email Address, Email Alias, Display Name, and Organizational Unit of a user depending upon the Employee-Type.
  • Configuring required Entitlements from Applications (Financial and LDAP Apps etc...)
  • Configuration of Roles, Policies and Certifications for governance compliance
  • Configuring various certifications (Manager, Advanced and Account Group Permissions with Delegation Rules) in SailPoint.
  • Creating the Identity IQ objects like Quick links, Forms, Rules, and Custom Objects to design the workflows (with Form Models Concept).
  • Build and Configure SailPoint in-built tasks like aggregation, ID refresh, schedule tasks, correlation, etc.
  • Coding, Unit Testing, Bug Fixing and Peer reviews of the code.
  • Using IIQ Console for operations such as checkout, import, connector Debug and Test Connection etc.

Environment: Java, JSF, Hibernate, SailPoint, Sun Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Manager 10g/11g, JBOSS, RSA Cleartrust, OpenIDM.

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