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Java Developer Resume


  • Highly skilled in J2EE distributed component Architecture, OOAD Programming skills using java.
  • Developed and deployed technologies like Java, Web services and Web based Applications using Java, JSP and Servlets with expertise in HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX.
  • Strong experience in using React JS along with Redux and Flux for creating reusable UI components.
  • Used Webpack for client - side and server-side development with NodeJS.
  • Extensive experience in developing User Interface.
  • Good Understanding of Agile methodologies.
  • Knowledge with development frameworks like JSF, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Knowledge of J2EE Design patterns and methodologies.
  • Extensive experience in developing Internet and Intranet related applications using J2EE, JNDI, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, WebSphere, WebLogic, EJB, Tomcat and Struts Framework.
  • Extensive experience with database MySQL, Oracle (Database Design, Oracle Stored Procedures, Triggers and SQL Queries).
  • Good exposure with Java Script, jQuery, AJAX.
  • Have Good experience in implementing web services like SOAP, REST, WSDL and UDDI
  • Good exposure on JUnit for testing the application.
  • Used Maven, Gradle and ANT scripts for building and deploying the application in web/App servers.
  • Experience in Version Control systems like Git .
  • Worked on POSTMAN tool for testing Web Service.
  • Experience with message systems like Apache Kafka.
  • Implemented security and authentication concepts such as OAuth2.0.
  • Good Knowledge of using IDE tools like NetBeans, and Eclipse and IntelliJ Java/J2EE application development.
  • Experienced in process, validate, parse, and extract data from .xml file.
  • Motivated and focused team player with strong problem solving and analytical skills. Generate new ideas and quickly learn new technologies to get the job done.


Java Platform: Java, J2EE, Servlet, Struts, Hibernate, JPA, Spring, Spring Boot, JSP, JSF, Java Beans, JDBC, Junit, REST/SOAP-Web services, Swagger, ActiveMQ

Web Technologies: JSP, Servlets, JDBC, J2EE/Java EE, XML, JSON, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SOAP, REST, JMS, JAX-WS/JAX-RS, JSTL, NodeJS, React Js.

Frameworks: Hibernate, Spring, Struts, JPA, Microservices

Web/Application Servers: J Boss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Glassfish, Apache Tomcat

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, DB2, No SQL

Development Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Spring Tool Suite, SOAP UI, Postman

Building Tools: Gradle, Maven, Ant

Development Methodologies: Agile/Scrum

Version Control: Git

Design Patterns: DAO, Singleton, Factory Pattern

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux

Testing Tools: Junit, Mockito



Java Developer


  • Interaction with client team to understand business requirements and develop the System design and involved in technical discussions.
  • Designed and developed the web application using Spring Boot.
  • Used Hibernate framework for Data Persistence, involved in creating the Hibernate POJO Objects and mapped using Hibernate Annotations for data persistence.
  • Created interface to use third party services using RESTFUL webservice call by a sending JSON Object.
  • Designed and developed API with all CRUD capabilities using RESTful
  • Performed unit testing and Integration test.
  • Wrote the Business Logic using service class.
  • Also helped extracting and preparing test data during the IST (Integrated System Testing).
  • Swagger annotations were utilized for documentation of REST services.
  • Involved in Core Java concepts like Collections, Multi-Threading and Serialization.
  • Created Use cases and Test cases for respective modules.
  • Used Collection classes to handle the data.
  • Extensively used Factory design pattern to separate dependencies from business logic.
  • Design, develop and test HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Typescript, jQuery and React.JS that meets accessibility and web browser standards for website.
  • Developed user interface by using the React JS, Flux for SPA development.
  • Designed CSS templates for use in all pages on the website working with CSS Background, positioning, text, border, margin, padding, and table.
  • Used React-Router to turn application into Single Page Application
  • Worked with NPM commands and using package. JSON for managing dependencies and dev-dependencies of Node.js applications.
  • Implemented Micro Services using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Micro Services and enabled discovery using Netflix Eureka Server.
  • Developed server-side software modules and client-side user interface components deployed entirely in compute Cloud of AWS.
  • Extensively performed User Interface validations on client-side.
  • Developed Test cases for Unit testing.
  • Derived use cases and developed class and sequence diagrams of the project flow.
  • Wrote and executed SQL queries to validate data.

Environments: Java1.8, J2EE, IntelliJ, MySQL, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Restful web services, JSON, Micro services, Swagger, Postman, Log4j, Node JS, NPM, Tomcat, Git, WebStorm IDE.


Java Developer


  • Involved in Client Business Requirement meetings.
  • Involved in System Requirement Specifications Documents.
  • Prepared the High Level and low-level Documentation of Functional and Technical Design specifications.
  • Strong core Java skills with a good knowledge of multi-threading and performance tuning.
  • Integrating the view module with Oracle database using Hibernate.
  • Developing JSP pages and the view and controller related files using spring web MVC framework.
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing.
  • Involved in Hibernate mapping, both data and code.
  • Involved in preparing views using Jsp.
  • Used Spring Framework for MVC Architecture.
  • Client-side validations using JavaScript.

Environments: Java, Eclipse, Oracle, Spring MVC, Servlet, JavaScript, Html, XML, CSS, Maven, WebLogic, JSP, Spring Dependency Injection, Hibernate.


Java Developer


  • Developed the front-end by doing hands-on coding using semantic markup, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and other front-end technologies as required by the program with a focus on usability.
  • Designed Web pages by HTML and the query processing’s done with the help of Servlets and JDBC.
  • Performed Client-side validations using JavaScript like user validations etc.
  • Producing, modifying and maintaining websites and web applications.
  • Implemented Multithreading for handling multiple requests and for high performance.
  • Used ANT built tool for compiling and generating a war file.
  • Developed Custom XML Parser for parsing large XML files and update the data to the database using SAX based Parser.
  • Handled exceptions that arise during the execution of a program using Exception handling.
  • Followed agile software development practice paired programming, test driven development, and scrum status meetings.

Environments: HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java Script, JDK, J2EE, Servlet, XM, Oracle, Web Sphere Application Server.

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