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Java/j2ee Developer Resume


  • Over 4+ years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Like Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Debugging and expert in working Agile, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Waterfall Model.
  • Extensive Experience in developing application using Java Technologies include Core Java, OOPs, Java Server Pages (JSP), Custom Tags Library, XML, JDBC, JMS, Java Beans, Model View Controller (MVC), Spring framework, Hibernate and Web services.
  • Extensive Experience in design and development of various web and enterprise - level applications using Java/J2EE Such as Spring MVC, Hibernate, EJB, Servlets, JSF and Google Web Toolkit.
  • Extensive Experience in developing Cloud Native Application with Spring Framework and Spring Boot.
  • Proficient in developing Restful Micro Services as Spring Boot Application.
  • Expert in developing web based distributed and Front-End Application using three tier architecture using HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, and Ajax.
  • Experience in using Angular.JS as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Strong experience in developing Hibernate based DAO layer, Transactional based service layer for business logic and integrated all these layers using Spring Dependency injection, ORM and Web modules.
  • Experienced in Development, testing and deployment of enterprise applications on Windows and UNIX platforms using IDE's such as Eclipse.
  • Experience in Java 8 features such as lambda expressions, Parallel operations on collections, multithreading and for effective sorting mechanisms and Streams to store and process the data.
  • Extensive Experience in configuring and deploying the Application on Tomcat, WebSphere, Weblogic, and JBoss.
  • Proficient in using build tool as ANT, Gradle, Maven to compile, package the components to the Application Servers. Developed MAVEN scripts for customizing WAR/ JAR file management for web applications.
  • Expert in Build Tools like CI/CD-ANT, Maven, Jenkins and logging tools like Log4J.
  • Hands on work experience in implementing SOA architecture with SOAP (JAX-WS) and REST (JAX-RS) web services.
  • Extensive Experience in working with multiple databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL and SQLite and NOSQL Databases like (Mongo DB, Cassandra, Dynamo DB, Infinity).
  • Experienced in an agile environment that involved daily stand-ups and scrum ceremonies
  • Strong experience in client interaction and und erstanding business application, business data flow and data relations from them.
  • Committed to excellence, self-motivator, fast-learner, team player, ability to deal with Confidential diplomatically and a prudent developer with strong problem-solving skills and communication skills.


Languages: Java 8, SQL

Java/J2EE Technologies: Core Java, JSP, Servlets/Applets, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JSTL, Java Beans, Java Multithreading, Generics and Collections, EJB, Tiles, IBM MQ Series

Web Technologies: JavaScript, XPath, XML, jQuery, Angular.JS, Bootstrap

Frameworks: Spring (IOC, AOP, Boot), Struts, Hibernate

Design & GUI Tools: Eclipse

App servers: IBM WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, BEA Web Logic, JBoss

Databases/Tools: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PL/SQL Developer

Design/Version Control: UML,, SVN, GitHub

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX



Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, documentation, UAT and Production phases of the application.
  • Used Spring Framework for developing and implementing the web-based application following the MVC.
  • Used Spring Framework in the application, which is based on MVC design pattern. Developed Action classes and Form beans and configured the spring-config.xml.
  • Designed and developed Micro-services business components using Spring Boot .
  • Developed Rest service for authentication using Spring Boot with embedded Tomcat server. Used spring boot for single sign on page application to access more quickly.
  • Used Java 8 features like lambda expressions and Java Stream API.
  • Implemented the REST API's and data transformers using the JAVA connector which involves use Java 8 features Lambda and Streams in particular.
  • Designed and developed Hibernate configuration and session-per-request design pattern for making database connectivity and accessing the session for database transactions respectively.
  • Used Dependency Injection feature of spring framework and O/R mapping tool Hibernate for rapid development and ease of maintenance.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for designing, coding and developing applications.
  • Developed single page web application using Angular.JS templates, controllers and directives.
  • Involved in client side validations, slide show, hide and show controls, dropdown menus and tab navigation using Angular.JS and JQuery.
  • Used JSF framework with AJAX in developing user interfaces using JSF UI Components, RIA components, Validator, Events and Listeners.
  • Designed and developed Web Services (SOAP, WSDL). Created and compiled XML Schema to generate Java Bean classes using Apache.
  • Developed Java classes for implementing Business logics using EJB (Stateless session, entity, message driven beans).
  • Created WAR/EAR files using MAVEN build and deployed them on JBOSS server.
  • Log4J is used for logging purposes and debug levels are defined for controlling what we log.
  • Designed and Developed Stored Procedures, Triggers in Oracle to cater the needs for the entire application. Developed complex SQL queries for extracting data from the database.
  • Implemented the project under Agile Project Management Environment and followed SCRUM iterative incremental model & configured various sprints to execute.
  • Actively participated and provided feedback in a constructive and insightful manner during weekly Iterative review meetings to track the progress for each iterative cycle and figure out the issues.

Environment: Java 8, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Tomcat, HTML5, CSS3, Eclipse, JQuery, AJAX, SOAP, WSDL, XML, Java Beans, Apache, EJB, Maven, JBOSS, Log4J, SQL, Agile and Windows.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in (SDLC) Requirement Analysis, Design and Develop and Implement the application using J2EE technology.
  • Developed application using spring MVC, Spring Batch, JSP, JSTL and AJAX on the presentation layer, the business layer is built using spring.
  • Developed UI navigation using Spring MVC architecture. Created JSF components for presentation layer.
  • Extensively used Java 8 Streams, Lambda Functions, Predicates, Functional Interfaces, Method References, Filters, Collections and default methods.
  • Utilizing Java 8 features like Lambda expressions and Stream API for Bulk data operations on Collections which would increase the performance of the Application.
  • Used Spring Boot to create stand-alone spring applications.
  • Implemented Micro-services using Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform build upon Spring Boot Services.
  • Used Spring Boot to create stand-alone spring applications.
  • Developed DAO objects and implemented data access layer using JPA-Hibernate to perform CRUD operations
  • Used J2EE design patterns like MVC, Singleton, Factory, DAO, DTO and Service Locator etc.
  • Created and maintained mapping files, persisting classes and transaction control in Hibernate to access the database.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using AJAX, JSON, XML, and Angular.JS.
  • Used JMS for the asynchronous exchange of critical business data and events among J2EE components and legacy system.
  • Utilized Hibernate for Object/Relational Mapping purposes for transparent persistence onto the SQL Server.
  • Compiled and built the application using Maven scripts and deployed the application.
  • Used log4j to log all error messages of application along with debugging purposes.
  • Involved in Unit testing of application using JUnit and built the package using Maven and deployed the application on to WebLogic App Server.
  • Involved in creating, modifying SQL queries, prepared statements and stored procedures used by the application.
  • Followed AGILE (SCRUM) methodologies, had sprint planning every two weeks and setup daily meetings to monitor the status.
  • Participated in the status meetings and status updating to the management team.

Environment: Java 8, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Micro-services, JSP, JSF, JMS, Angular.JS, AJAX, JSON, XML, DAO, SOAP, Java Beans, Maven, EJB, Log4j, JUnit, SQL, Agile and Windows.


Java Developer


  • Involved in gathering requirements and built technical specifications from the requirements.
  • Designing the application using Spring Framework.
  • Used Eclipse as IDE to develop the application.
  • Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several design patterns such as MVC, Business Delegate, Data Access Object, Singleton and Factory.
  • Developed Custom Tags to simplify the JSP code. Designed UI screens using JSP, CSS, XML and HTML.
  • Used JavaScript for client side validation.
  • Extensively used JSTL tags and spring tag libraries. Used spring tiles as well in the presentation tier.
  • Actively involved in designing and implementing the application using various design patterns such as Singleton, DAO, Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, Façade and Data Access Object.
  • Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Developed complete Business tier using Stateless and Stateful Session beans with EJB standards using Web Sphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD).
  • Used CVS for version control of the application and Log4J to capture the log the events and exceptions.
  • Implemented the library dependency management and application build process using Maven.
  • Written complex SQL queries, stored procedures, functions and triggers in PL/SQL.
  • Monitored team members to follow standards, guide lines and use new tools.

Environment: Java/J2EE, spring, Hibernate, Eclipse, JMS, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, XML, EJB, Log4J, CVS, Maven, SQL, Agile and Windows.

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