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Sr.j2ee/java Tech Lead Resume

Houston, TX


  • Over 17 years of J2EE/BPM/Software architecture, project management, software design development experience in client server, web based applications and systems integrations. Have strong exposure in designing & optimizing systems on multiple platforms for various firms.
  • Experience in full Life Cycle of Software Engineering JAVA /J2EE Multi Threaded applications using JDBC / JDK1.8/J ava 14 / Javascript frameworks like angular and extjs in linux and Windows using MVC architecture/Microservices/Spring Boot/Hibernate.
  • BPM, BPEL and BPMN implementation in several companies and various projects
  • Thorough knowledge of myriad of frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Boot/ SPring Data/Hibernate/JPA, Spring IOC Framework./ EMF/ GWT/XMI/Teneo
  • Oracle/ PL/SQL, DB2 and SQL Server Stored procedures, functions and packages. Experience in data warehouses like Teradata.
  • SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) implementation using MULE ESB/Apache ServiceMix/JBI/Spring/Active MQ JMS
  • Design Models like session facade and Model - View-Controller (MVC) incorporated in developing large-scale applications on several IDEs like Jbuilder, Eclipse, RSA and RAD. Implemented Web Services using SOAP, XML, WSDL and UDDI
  • Expertise in various enterprise servers like Weblogic, Jboss, Tomcat Apache and Websphere
  • Set up ILOG JRULES and created business object domains and inserted business rules. Knowledge of Lombardi Teamworks BPM
  • Used MDA to create generic templates and generate code as well adhering to Java/J2ee Design Patterns.
  • Thorough understanding of small scale and large-scale projects through various stages of a Software Development Life Cycle, including functional requirements, specifications, design, development and finally testing the product.
  • Developed Complex reporting queries/Views/PLSQL in RDBMS like Oracle, Mysql, MariaDB, PostGres, Sql Server, DB2, TerraData


Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr.J2EE/Java Tech lead

Technologies: EXTJS 6.2 Java 1.8/Java 14/Web services Apache Maven/Eclipse Helios/Hibernate/Spring Restful Web Servers/Centos Linux/Spring Boot 1.5.4/2.3.1/ Spring Framework 5/Microservices/Hibernate/JPA/Spring DataApache Tomcat Web server/API GATEWAY/Swagger/Apigee setup/Agile Devops using Azure Devops/TFS/AWS migration/Google OAuth/GSuite Script/AngularJS 9.0


  • Leading the effort on various legacy projects to be converted to HTML5/EXTJS using Spring restful Web services
  • Migrating current on-prem data center to AWS EC2 Windows/Linux AMI and SQL Server RDS from API Gateway/ AWS Lambda.
  • Agile Daily/Weekly activities to design and develop Spring Boot 2.3.1/Java 14/Microservices restful HTTP/S Web services.
  • Multi Tenancy Database Connections to RDBMS Oracle/Mysql/Sql Server/PostGres/Maria DB on Apache Tomcat Web server 9.0.7.
  • Setup swagger in rest services for api gateway like Apigee Edge
  • Proficient in Complex Mysql and Oracle Sql Queries to connect to Tableau and Power BI dashboards.
  • Optimizing and Predictive Analytics using Aveva Prism Machine Learning Concepts.
  • Develop EXTJS/AngularJS 9.0//Node JS using GSuite Script Google Oauth security based UI connect with the backend Rest Services.
  • Architected/Designed and Implemented (Node) - the mathematically model based optimization/ efficiency based solution to Hydrogen plant.
  • Scada Systems Data aggregation framework was implemented in Spring Boot 1.5.4/Spring 5.2.7/Tomcat 9.0.7 Technology for rest services and time series data for Several UIs for Process engineers and Controlled room operators.
  • Node (Network Optimization and Decision Engine) was the best project that Won the most creative excellence competitive award among the 100+ projects submitted to Paris, France.
  • Understanding business users requirements, Plant / Process operation and implementing those functionality in Java/J2ee/Spring based Stack in Linux

Confidential, Houston, TX

Sr.J2EE Tech lead (Consultant)

Technologies: Java 1.6/Web services Apache Maven/Eclipse Helios/ In-house Java Framework. Tomcat Web server. SOAP UI Client.


  • Implementing and Production support of the Timesheet Management system /Invoice and Procurement systems
  • Collaborating with various teams and Business SME to provide overview to migrate into Oracle systems.
  • Application was built using Apache Maven and Webs services testing harness was implemented using SOAP UI Client
  • Providing end to end support for any issues and fixing them in a timely manner.
  • Suggestion on enhancing the systems and feedback on user experience. Entire system running on Tomcat web servers.

Confidential, Plano

Sr.J2EE Tech lead/Architect (Consultant)

Environment: Java 1.6/ Web services/SOAP UI Client/Agile Methodology/JMS/Mainframe connectivity/BPM/BPEL/Blaze Rules project


  • Implementing the Home Loans application for customer facing web application and in-house for sales and services department application.
  • Collaborating with BSA, Scrum master to work on stories for the current and future sprints
  • System architecture was built using JMS, JAX-WS Web services. Testing Web services using SOAPUI Client
  • Agile methodology is strictly followed with 3 weeks deployment cycle
  • Build Process/Testing was controlled using Maven, SVN, JUnit/testNG for automation testing and resolving issues rapidly.
  • TestNG Eclipse plug-in for Test Driven development when possible and validating Request/Response data.
  • Web services is extensible used to connect to various systems and to gather data from legacy systems as well
  • Mentored, Trained consultants on board and provided the overview of the architecture/Technical and application/Data Model knowledge.
  • Initiative to work on Blaze Rules Engine to be setup for Home loans pricing policies
  • Coordinating with different departments and teams to understand the overall architecture of the systems.
  • Initiated BPM/BPEL with Blaze Rules project roadmap for home loans department

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

Sr. BPM/IBM/Lombardi Teamworks /J2EE Tech lead

Technologies: Eclipse/IBM Lombardi Teamworks BPM/BPEL/BPMN, Oracle Database, SQL, Spring/Hibernate,Google Web Toolkit, Guice, Java, BPM, and Agile Methodology/Persistence Framework/EMF/Teneo/Java Script/GWT/XMI/JBOSS, Findbugs, Fiddler


  • Successfully delivered 10 releases into production during the course 18 months as well as production support and fix packs.
  • Tech Lead/hands-on Development for the largest Team (App Mgmt) with most modules within core and discussing with architects on Performance enhancements code refactoring for scalability.
  • Designed and Implemented key modules Subject Property/Address validation/Asset/Mortgage origination processes, including sales and/or operations. Workflow process and Task management of Mortgage process orchestrated using Lombardi BPM
  • Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF/Hibernate/Tene) used for Persistence framework. Ecore and Gen modeling generated the Java Objects
  • Build Process/Testing was controlled using Maven, SVN, JUnit/testNG/Selenium for automation testing and resolving issues rapidly.
  • Hibernate/Teneo/EMF was used for Entity modeling/ORM Mapping/ Persistence framework.
  • Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and BPEL concepts were integrated in the Lombardi Teamworks.
  • TestNG Eclipse plugin for Test Driven development when possible and validating Request/Response data.
  • Conversion of Lombardi 6.2 version to newer version of Lombardi including BPM redesign and streamlining the BPD workflows.
  • Quickly adopted and thoroughly understanding the new GWT/XMI/Security framework for scalable and robust application
  • Design, development and delivery of Lombardi Teamworks application including, process modeling, process analysis, UI (Coaches, Variables) & Dashboard design, build, validation, migration of code and delivery of the solution on IBM Lombardi Teamworks 6.1/7.5
  • Extreme Programming /Agile Methodology was followed by enforcing regular business requirement meetings/ Business users Play back sessions/ coordinating with BA/ PMO / QA / Testers /Data Architects/DBA to ensure business requirements are being met.
  • Development and deployment of BPM solutions in a parallel development environment with multiple processes in various phases of implementation at any given time.

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

Sr. J2EE Developer

Technologies: Spring/Hibernate Java, Agile Methodology, Test Driven Development TDD/ATDD, Spring Roo, Intellij IDE, Tomcat, Jboss


  • Worked in ISG Confidential for new development under Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Implemented HTTP RESTful Web Services using Spring MVC framework and Java Annotation.
  • Designed new systems using Spring ROO/ Spring OAUTH hibernate and JPA technologies.
  • Extensively used JUNIT for Unit Testing and Power Mock, JMock frameworks.
  • Daily Standup as per Agile/Spring concepts. IntelliJ was used as development environment
  • Iterative development using Sprint tools and posts it for use cases and task breakdowns.
  • Brainstorming session and various training in Software development like Design patterns
  • Discussion with different teams to discuss and implement various software /J2EE design patterns to modularize the codebase
  • Test Driven Development and Acceptance test driven development was strictly enforced for robust and scalable software development

Confidential, NYC, NY

Sr. Developer (Consultant)

Technologies: Lombardi Teamworks 6.1/ BPM/Jboss/Apache Tomcat/Sql Server/Authoring Environment Eclipse/Active Directory/LDAP


  • Successfully delivered multiple BPM Projects like Resource Management and Change Management.
  • Significant improvement in ROI was achieved by delivering robust quality process modeling software.
  • Complete understanding of requirements into BPM solution design and develop key BPM solution components and services.
  • Design, development and delivery of Lombardi Teamworks application including, process modeling, process analysis, UI (Coaches, Variables) & Dashboard design, build, validation, migration of code and delivery of the solution on Lombardi Teamworks 6.1
  • Understanding the requirements, coordinating with other IT teams for overall project development was crucial for the delivery
  • Extremely fast paced environment and successfully completing project deliverables under very tight deadlines. Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and thorough understanding of requirements.

Confidential, NYC, NY

J2EE Integrations Lead/Project Coordinator

Technologies:Lombardi Teamworks 6.2/ BPM/J2EE(Java Servlets, JSP, JAXP, JAXB,JMS), Spring/Hibernate,SOA,XMLspy, JUnit, SOAP,,Web Services, Eclipse 3.2, ILog JRules, Novell Access gateway/Xstream/restful services/Servicemix/Mule/Spring AOP/IOC,jDK1.5


  • Lead multiple projects and Architect on Client Integrations to design/develop new products for next generation platform and business
  • The J2EE stack contained Jboss AS, Hibernate, Spring IOC, spring security, spring annotations, ILOG JRules, XML, XSLT transformation, Build process using Apache Maven2.. JUNIT testing. JMS using Active MQ
  • Various Design patterns were incorporated for scalability of the application. DAO/DAC,Façade, MVC.
  • Front-End programming using Spring MVC/DHTMLX/Jquery/AJAX/JSP/Servlets/XStream for XML to Java Objects marshalling/Annotated Controllers/Restful Web services, RIA using Open Laszlo.
  • Architected and Implemented SOA based solution for Integrating multiple client products with the in-house tracker system for servicing applicants order.
  • Design & development of business processes in Lombardi Teamworks 6.2 including the use of web api to integrate the Lombardi tasks within the confines of the Argentum RIA environment * IFN Data Acquisition Workflows * IFN Manual Review and Approval Workflows
  • Designed and Implemented the Enterprise security model using spring acegi security and AOP to intercept all method calls for authorization. Spring Interceptors were used to load privileges and ACL based on the user credentials and Role
  • SOA implementation using Apache Service mix, Mule, JBI components Spring, JBOSS, Active MQ using EAI patterns
  • Coordinated the infrastructure setup for SSO for security of the Enterprise application.
  • Collaborating with Client IT teams and understanding the technology to integrate Systems to streamline the background order processing.
  • Apache Servicemix ESB, Spring integration, various Messaging protocol and transformation using XML/XSLT for HR XML

Confidential, New York, NY

J2EE Project Lead

Technologies:J2EE(Java Servlets, JSP, Stateless/Stateful EJB, JAXP, JAXB, JMS), SOA,RAD 7.0, Websphere 6.1, XMLspy, DB2, JUnit, SOAP, Web Services, RAD 7.0/RSA 7.0/Eclipse 3.2.


  • Managed a large team in India involving Cap Gemini Consultants and Morgan captive employees in India.
  • Lead offshore team, responsible for assigning the team tasks and deadline, focusing on code reviews, technical design System Architecture
  • Analyzing the Enterprise wide application stack from main frames to Java based technology and stream line the strategies with IBM professional services for migration of technology from Main frame to java based/ Teradata Enterprise warehouse distributed systems.
  • Worked on the New Account opening project for Retail Clients. Clearly defining the scope and carving a road map for the smooth transition into the new technology paradigm without any business interruptions was extremely vital. Introduced Model Driven Architecture(MDA) and Model Driven Development(MDD) to generate code for large scale applications.
  • Developed the 6 tier Application Architecture framework in effect de-coupling all modules for scalable robust application
  • Presented Technical design documentation to the Architecture /Infrastructure/Security group for detail review
  • SOA Implementation of Client and Accounts Management Application using J2EE/Webservices in Websphere 6.1
  • Coordinated with different groups to work on critical components and providing solutions in security architecture/enterprise service bus in effort to build secured SOA infrastructure.
  • Core member of java working group to promote coding standards/Design Patterns and Principles.
  • Designed and Developed systems in J2EE. Software Modeling in Rational Software Architecture(RSA) and Rational Application Development(RAD 7.0) Eclipse 3.2 Technology
  • Implemented the Rules System in ILOG JRules 6.6.3 for Data Certification Application which streamlined the business process for operations and IT groups.
  • ILog JRules Administration * ILog JRules Rule App deployment * Defining BOM and XOM ensuring optimal execution of rules * Defined reusable Rule Sets and Business Rule Flows * Designed Decision Tables
  • Architected the Brokerage Account Opening project which also included gathering Business requirements/ Functional Spec, review BRD and providing System Requirement Solution(SRS).
  • Designed and Developed the Statements Services application Spring MVC/J2EE Websphere 6.1/Linux/TeraData/DB2 on Mainframe.
  • Presented to Senior Management the Application development Engagement Model between Morgan and Technical Partners while focusing on key aspects of Business knowledge/Design and Architecture being in-house and leveraging the partners for core implementation.

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