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Business Rules Developer Resume

Boston, MA


  • Over 7+ years of extensive professional experience in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) core areas such as Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Deployment of Object Oriented, Client - Server, WebBased, Distributed and Enterprise Applications with JAVA/J2EE technologies & developing applications with agile methodology.
  • Expertise in GUI using Angular JS, Node JS, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, SQL, PL SQL, XML languages.
  • Hands on experience with advanced architecture, design, creation, and management, of rules engine
  • Cognitive about designing, deploying and operating highly available, scalable and fault tolerant systems using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Experience on AWS services like EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, EBS, VPC, Route53, auto scaling groups, Cloud watch, Cloud Front and IAM for instantiating, configuring and managing various Amazon Services.
  • Extensive working experience in Service Oriented Architecture and publishing Restful and Soap web services using WSDL, SOAP, REST, JAX-RS, XML, JSON, Axis2 and UDDI in distributed web application development.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins, Groovy Scripting along with Shell (UNIX) and Python Scripts to automate routine Jobs.
  • Extensive working experience in Service Oriented Architecture and publishing Restful and Soap web services using WSDL, SOAP, REST, JAX-RS, XML, JSON, Axis2 and UDDI in distributed web application development.
  • Strong experience in RDBMS database design using PL/SQL to write Stored Procedures, Functions & Triggers, DB normalization, ER modeling, cursors, prepared statements and extensively worked with MySQL, Oracle 9i 10g 11g, DB2, SQL Server 9.0 10.x 11.0, 12.0.
  • Experience with developing software using design patterns like Factory, Singleton, Business Delegate, Adaptor, and Iterator.
  • Experience in developing persistence layer using ORM tool Hibernate and using Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and mapped it to POJO models using Hibernate annotations and also established data integrity among all tables.
  • In-depth experience in programming, deploying, configuring of middle-tier popular J2EE Application Servers like Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and JBOSS.
  • Hands on experience in Design Patterns, Data Structures, XML Schema validations and Ant build scripts.
  • Involved in designing and implementing modular application based on micro services architecture in Java and Spring.
  • Experience in writing unit test cases and Automation test scripts using JUnit, Mockito.


Languages: Java (7, 8),J2EE, JavaScript, C, C++ and UNIX Shell Scripts.

Methodologies/Design Skills: Agile methodology, TDD, UML, OOP, OOAD and J2EE Design patterns.

Technologies: J2EE, JDBC, JMS, JSP, JavaBeans, RMI, EJB, Hibernate, HQL, JNDI, JAX-RS, Apache CXF, JMS,EMS,JSF, JavaScript, CSS, IBM MQ, AWT, JIRA.


Map: MVC, Struts 2.0, Spring 2.x/3.x/4.x, JSF, JPA, SOA and Hibernate 3.0/4.0.

J: Boss, WebLogic, Apache Web Server, Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat.

Web Technologies: HTML4.0,5.0/DHTML,CSS, Ajax, JS, JQuery, Angular JS, NodeJS, JSON, JSTL, XML, XSD, JAXB, SAX, DOM, XPath and JAXP.

RDBMS/DBMS: Oracle DB, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, SQL, PL SQL, Triggers, Views, HQL.

Version Control: CVS, Subversion,Clear Case, GIT and TFS.

Testing Tools: JUnit, UAT, Mockito.

Other Utilities: Log4j, ANT, Maven


Confidential, BOSTON, MA

Business Rules Developer


  • Maintain and configure policies, process flows, scoring and decisioning in a Decision Rules engine
  • Experience in creating rules, rulesets, flow diagrams, truth tables, forms and detailed requirements to ensure complete understanding of the rule(s) that need to be created.
  • Experience in the development of and adherence to rule writing and implementation standards.
  • Responsible for creating Unit Test cases to test all the possible outcome of the Rules
  • Involved in installation of Decisions Software and Flows that are composed of steps which can be used as API calls.
  • Involved in creating Batches and good practices of flow designs, setting variables and increase the flow readability.
  • Follow and execute against detailed rule and configuration documentation, controls, and governance.
  • Provide support and respond to production issues, perform troubleshooting, and initiate improvements.

Full Stack Developer



  • Design, develop and implement web application UI for both Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) and Credit Risk Data Mart (CRDM) Projects.
  • Working on J2EE components, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and protocols to develop web Application.
  • Responsible for application integration/enablement within the SSO environment to provide authentication services and single sign-on services.
  • Working on Multi-factor authentication which supports user-based password policies
  • Responsible creating User Interfaces using Industry standard technologies like JDP, HTML5, CSS3,jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS etc.
  • Working on the development of web application using JavaScript library for building user interfaces and fetch rapidly changing data needs to be recorded
  • Used Spring Hibernate Template to update and retrieve information from the database.
  • To transfer the data between Java (object) application and the database(relational) in the form of objects.
  • Control the communication between the front end and back end with various controllers Technologies.
  • Working on Restful Web services to interact with UI Interfaces using REST Easy API.
  • Creating Exception handlers to send Http codes with various Failure responses with Spring REST.
  • Responsible for React UI and building components library, including Tree, Slide -View and Table Grid.
  • Using React JS to implement rich functions in various pages: form validation, crud, grid list, search, sort and pagination.
  • Designing and implementing Ping Identity Solution for Web Access Authentication using Ping Access and Ping Federate.
  • Integrating SAML Federation for the application using different profiles.
  • Working on OAUTH to allow access to Protected API's for OAuth Clients by getting Access Token from Authorization Server using various Grant Types.
  • Working on Ping Access Integration with Ping Federate to protect the resources.
  • Integrating Ping Access with Ping Federate System to get authenticated by Ping Federate and Authorized by Ping Access Servers using the rules and policies.
  • Implementing Oauth 2.0 standards on PingFederate acting with different Grant Types like Authorization Code, Implicit, Client Credentials and Resource Owner Credentials.

Environment: JAVA JDK 1.7,1.8, SOAP and RestFul WebServices,Spring Framework 4.x, Hibernate 4.x, Spring Boot, HTML4.0/5.0, Angular JS,JavaScript, JUnit,PL/SQL, XML, Log4jWeb logic Application Server, JDP, HTML5, CSS3,jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Ping Federate, SSO,JUnit, Eclipse, Maven, Agile scrum.

Sr Software Developer



  • Involved in all the phases of SDLC including Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of the Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the Application.
  • Involved in implementing the Spring MVC Architecture for the site, also worked on spring security features
  • Developed RESTful web services using spring to interact with front end application.
  • Used Amazon Cloud Watch to monitor AWS services and Amazon Cloud Watch logs to monitor application.
  • Developed Java API to interact with the Amazon SQS used in sending bulk emails.
  • Designed and configured the AWS Secure Notification Service (SNS) and Secure Email Service (SES) to work with the clients.
  • Used AWS SDK for connection to Amazon S3 buckets as it is utilized as the object storage accommodation to store and retrieve the files cognate to the application
  • Developed API for using AWS Lambda to manage the servers and run the code in the AWS Used GIT as a version controlling for the source code check in and check outs
  • Wrote SQL, PL/SQL and stored procedures as part of database interaction.
  • Involved in JUnit testing, bug fixing in multiple environments and reproduce bugs for fixing and code review of individual modules in the application.
  • Implemented log4j API for exception handling, logging of the errors, warnings, messages, stack traces, debuggers throughout the code
  • Wrote test cases which adhere to a Test-Driven Development (TDD) pattern.
  • Used Web services for transmission of large blocks of XML data over HTTP.
  • Involved in the team providing Production support
  • Involved in coding Object Oriented JavaScript and responsible for client-side validations using Angular Directives and jQuery functions.
  • Developed UI using HTML, JavaScript, and JSP for interactive cross browser functionality and complex user interface.
  • Worked on Encrypting AWS S3 storage Objects, Created Buckets and stored files. Enabled Versioning and security for files stored.
  • Inventory groups are added for Amazon Ec2 for instances and monitoring AWS hosts.
  • Good knowledge in AWS Content Data Network (CDN) like cloud front.
  • Used Bootstrap and media queries to make data post and data retrieval components responsive.
  • Used SQL developer for accessing the database
  • Used JSON for data interchanging and building the objects.
  • Experienced in in setting up of AWS RDS and Dynamo DB instances.
  • Experience in monitoring and auditing tools like AWS cloud Watch and Cloud Trial.
  • Created Buckets in AWS and stored files. Enabled Versioning and security for files stored.
  • Installed SONAR on Jenkins server and configure with the build process for the code analysis process for better code quality and code metrics, and rapid feedback for development teams and managers.
  • Hands on experience using multi-threading in back end JAVA beans
  • Developed Backing beans to handle UI components state and stores that state in a scope.
  • Wrote EJB Stateless session to communicate with Controller and Service layer i.e. make the EJB calls from Backing Beans.
  • Implemented Design Patterns like Spring MVC, Singleton.
  • Provided on-call support during the pre-production testing and also the project release.

Environment: JAVA JDK 1.7,1.8, SOAP and RestFul WebServices, Spring Framework 4.x, Hibernate 4.x, Spring Boot, HTML4.0/5.0, Angular JS,JavaScript, JUnit,PL/SQL, XML, Log4jWeb logic Application Server, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, Amazon IAM, Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch, JUnit, Eclipse, Maven, Agile scrum

Confidential, Harrisburg, PA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in SDLC requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application using AGILE and SCRUM methodology.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology with daily Scrum calls and Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Designed and developed the UI using JSP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS.
  • Developed various AngularJS directives to help build the functionality and UI behavior using JavaScript, also developed filters and angular services and responsive UI with AngularJS, Bootstrap.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component-based architecture provided by Angular 2
  • Developed JAX-RS RESTful web services that consumes and produces both XML and JSON content using jersey and Spring MVC and for securing the REST API used Spring Boot and Spring Security.
  • Involved in creating DAO's and used Hibernate for ORM mapping in Integration with Spring.
  • Designed and implemented application using JSP, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Annotations, Spring AOP, Spring Transactions, Hibernate, Oracle.
  • Developed micro services using Spring Boot.
  • Implemented events to post the message on the queue using JMS and IBM MQ.
  • Analysis and Design of various modules using SOA and J2EE stack.
  • Involved in creating DAO's and used Hibernate for ORM mapping in Integration with Spring.
  • Designed validation services on Hibernate framework for integration with Oracle Database.
  • Used Core JavaDesign Patterns like Singleton, Factory, MVC, Intercepting Filter, Front Controller, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Session Facade and DAO.
  • Wrote annotated POJO classes, which contain business logic to map database tables with java objects.
  • Helping the testers to parallel test scenarios using Facets.
  • Wrote complex business rules as SQL and PL/SQL queries for the end user to use in reporting.
  • Persistence layer developed using Hibernate 4.0 framework and implemented DAO to handle the data base interaction.
  • Used GIT for version control and deployed application to Tomcat.
  • Assisted Oracle DB development team in developing stored procedures and designing the database.
  • Wrote Unit test cases using Mockito.
  • Used Maven for project builds.
  • Worked closely with the Testing Team for identifying and fixing bugs.

Environment: JAVA JDK 1.7,1.8, SOAP and RestFul WebServices, Spring Framework 4.x, Hibernate 4.x, Spring Boot, HTML4.0/5.0, Angular JS, JUnit, STS, JDBC, PL/SQL, XML, Web logic Application Server, Tomcat 7.0, Oracle 12g, Maven, JPA 2.1, Agile scrum.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Java Developer


  • Participated in Application Design and Architectural sessions with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed IT solution.
  • Used SpringMVC and Hibernate Framework for data handling.
  • Used Hibernate ORM framework as persistence engine, configured O/R mapping and wrote hibernate queries.
  • Implemented application using JSP, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Annotations, Spring AOP, Spring Transactions, Hibernate, MySQL.
  • Developed Hibernate mapping configuration files to provide the relation between java objects and database tables
  • Coded JSP pages and used JavaScript for client side validations and to achieve other client-side event handling.
  • Using JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, and jQuery for web page development and Frontend validation.
  • Used Maven scripts to build and deploy war files to QA environment.
  • Involved in writing Junit test caressed Sonar tool for the reviewing the code.
  • Total project was built with Maven. Involved in writing the POM.xml and build properties.
  • Experience in creating webpages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSP, Bootstrap, JSF (Rich faces and ICE faces) and Node JS.
  • Used Spring validation framework for performing data validations.
  • Generated the Responses based on the Requests sent by the UI using the JSON Objects.
  • Developed services which involved both producing and consuming web services (WSDL, SOAP and JAX-WS). Also published the WSDL to UDDI registry using the SOA architecture.
  • Also implemented Micro Services using Spring boot, Spring MVC, Rest Templates based on RESTful API.
  • Implemented various Design patterns for the application including Singleton, DAO, BeanFactory, and SessionFacade.
  • Used Jenkins and ANT scripts for automating the process of building, testing and deploying the system.
  • Wrote test cases using Junit and Mockito.
  • Involved in using Log4J to create log files to debug
  • Used Maven for project builds and used the GIT Repository for versioning. Participate in deployment support for the releases.

Environment: JAVA JDK 1.6,1.7, J2SE, J2EE, Node JS, Hibernate 3.0/4.0, SOAP and Restful Web Services, Spring 3.2, ANT, JUnit, Mockito, JavaScript, JDBC, Micro Services, PL/SQL, XML, UML, Linux, MySQl, Tomcat, Jetty, Log4j, Maven, JPA 2.1.


JAVA/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Requirements gathering, Design, Code, Integrating, and Deployment and production phases.
  • Used Struts MVC objects like Controllers, Validators, Web Application Context, Action Servlet, Handler Mapping, and Form Controller.
  • Developed logic and code using Java and worked with the Struts tags and used struts as the front controller to the web application.
  • Developed Stateless Session Beans to transfer calls from presentation tier to data services tier.
  • Designed xml and web service to communicate with different applications.
  • JAXB parser for marshaling and un-marshaling.
  • Involved in transforming XML data in to Java Objects using a JAXB binding tool.
  • Working with WSDL and SOAP messages.
  • Designed EJB2.1 like Stateless Session Bean for the Session Facade design pattern. Developed DAOs (Data Access Object) using Hibernate 3.1 as ORM to interact with RDBMS Used Web Sphere MQ for enterprise level messaging system.
  • JMS was used to send/receive asynchronous data from various message brokers.
  • Created build scripts for compiling and creating war, jar files using ANT tool kit.
  • Involved in using Log4J to create log files to debug.
  • Used Rational Clear case for version control.
  • Used JUnit/Eclipse for the unit testing of various modules.
  • Deployed the application on Web Sphere Application Server6.0 (WAS).

Environment: Java 1.7, Struts MVC, XML, XML Schema, DOM, HTML, Ajax, SQL, MySql, Maven, Relational Clear Case, Log4J, JAXB, Web Sphere MQ, Agile, WebSphere Application Server.

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