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Software Development Engineer Resume


Programming Languages: Java, TypeScript, C++, C

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, DOS

Integrated Development Environments: Eclipse 2.1 - 4.15

Modeling: Eclipse EMF/XSD/UML, Papyrus, ArgoUML

Persistence: JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, RDB, SQL, XML, JSON, CSV, TEXT, HDFS

Database Tools: JBoss / Hibernate Tools, MySQL Workbench, SQLExplorer, Squirrel, Eclipse Database Tools

Reporting / BI: Eclipse BIRT, PDFBox

Frameworks: Spring Boot, SpringMVC

JEE: Containers Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss, Jetty, Geronimo, Jetty Embedded


OSGi: Equinox, Felix, Virgo

Web Development: Java, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, HTML5, CSS

Web Services: Spring, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, Axis2

JavaScript Frameworks: Angular, Dojo

Embedded Devices: Linux, Java / Android, C/C++

Imaging: GIMP

VOIP: Asterisk PBX, Sangoma hardware

Messaging: XMPP Openfire, Smack

Source Control: GIT, Rational Team Concert, Jazz, ClearCase, Subversion, MKS, SourceSafe

Build Systems, Maven, Ant, Make:

Packaging and Deployment: Eclipse P2

Software Provisioning: Eclipse P2, Custom Agent-Server, Symantec iCommand

Network Management Systems: OpenNMS, Zenoss

Virtualization: VMware, VirtualBox

Cloud: AWS, EC2, Docker, Spring Boot

SSO: Keycloak, OpenAM


Software Development Engineer



  • Angular JS Enhancements
  • Java / JEE REST Endpoints
  • Integrate a JEE application with SSO/OpenAM
  • Debug initial implementation and provide feedback regarding defects of the integration effort.
  • Establish SSL connectivity to the SSO service.
  • Execute a complete test plan for the QA team.

Software Development Engineer



  • Install, Configure Video Conferencing
  • Install, Configure SSO
  • Backends
  • Frontends

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