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Java Developer Resume


  • Information Technology professional with 5 Years of experience in Analysis, Design and Development of JAVA J2EE Applications
  • Proficient in Java, JSP, Aws, Angular Java Script, HTML, JDBC, XML and SQL.
  • Good Knowledge in developing MVC framework using Spring MVC, JSP, Hibernate and Spring boot.
  • Knowledge of Angular 6 and unit testing using Jasmine.
  • Experience working with Micro Services with Spring Boot.
  • Very good knowledge of Aws, SQL queries to insert, select, Join, tables and views.
  • Good knowledge of concepts in Java like OOPS and Exception Handling.
  • Have a friendly disposition and enthusiastic attitude and hence a quick learner.


Languages: Java/J2EE, SQL.

Java Skills: Servlets2 JDBC3.0/4.0, JSP2.0, JSTL, JMS Java Beans.

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS and Angular, AWS.

IDES/Tools: Eclipse, IntelliJ VNC. Visual Studio.

Web servers: Apache Tomcat.

Web Technologies: HTML, HTML5, XML, AJAX, CSS, JavaScript.

Web Services: SOAP, REST, Micro - services basics.

RDBMS: MySQL5.5, Oracle 10g/11g., IBMDB2.

Scripting languages: JQuery, Java Script, JSON.

Tools: Apache Maven, JUNIT, SOAPUI, LOG4J, Postman, Squirrel, SPLUNK.

Version Control tools: SVN and GIT.

Environments: Windows, UNIX& Linux



Java developer


  • Developed the code according to the story requirements and expectations assigned.
  • Testing the functionality against the environments accordingly.
  • Worked on RESTFUL web services like creating endpoint and Swagger UI.
  • Worked with JWT token using OAUTH 2.0 Authentication security feature.
  • Mainly developed the code in the backend Java 1.8 RESTAPI and SQL Developer.
  • Worked on writing the test cases for the stories using JSON 4.
  • Worked on client requests as production support issues complete them promptly.
  • Debugging the code and verifying the logs for testing functionality.
  • Deploying the code in all the environments like DEV, STAGING, UAT and PROD.
  • Working knowledge of cloud Foundry and Jenkins.
  • Migrating the jobs of the application by writing SQL queries in PROD and UAT.
  • Worked on Frontend code using Angular cli commands.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring, Restful Web-services, JSON, Cloud Foundry, Angular, Angular CLI commands, Linux, INTELLIJ, GitHub, Version One, POSTMAN, SQL developer, Jenkins, SonarQube.


Java developer


  • Developed the Spring Bean components for implementing the business logic.
  • Writing the test cases for modules in JUNIT for unit testing of the application.
  • Converted the Java objects to the JSON objects and verify the JSON responses
  • Worked on Restful web-services API and verifying whether JSON data is valid.
  • Knowledge of the micro services how to invoke other services calls using Feign clients connecting with spring cloud and Ribbon client call how it rescues the feign redundant hardcoding of urls.
  • Knowledge of Rabbit MQ the centralized logging system for all the micro services. API Zipkin Tracing request of the micro service calls and Eureka Naming server to register the micro services.
  • Using the SQL queries to retrieve the data required from the database.
  • Good knowledge of Angular Modules, Components, service calls and Directives and Angular CLI commands.
  • Fixing the bugs in the frontend code by debugging the application
  • Created Http service calls in angular and verifying the responses.
  • Understanding the business requirement and functional specification of the client module.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring, Restful Web-services, JSON, AWS, XML,HTML, CSS, java-script, Type-script, Angular 6, Angular CLI commands, Linux, Visual Studio, GitHub, JIRA, Oracle database, Jenkins.

Confidential, New York, NY

Java Developer


  • Worked on Implementation of SOAP web service API calls and retrieve the response from the client.
  • Checked the logs using SPLUNK queries.
  • Developed some Components in UI frontend side.
  • Worked on back end side code modules such as exposing the field values in the UI.
  • Understanding the Up-Stream and Down-Stream Systems flow involved in the project.
  • Worked on the documentation of the Project.
  • Involved in business requirements gathering and analysis and documenting.
  • Worked on making a build and Deploying the code to branches in git.
  • Understanding the code flow, testing and debugging the project.
  • Using database queries and verifying the values from JSON data.
  • Knowledge of Apache Camel Routing flow used in the Project for Routing and Processing Enrichment and Sending Messages to Destination.
  • Worked on FIX Messages and verification of field tag values from JSON data and also from SQL query used in the code.
  • Knowledge of Scala basics and other new tools such as SQUIRREL which are used in the project.
  • Working Knowledge of the Linux Shell and Git commands.

Environment: Java1.8, GIT 1.8.55, HTML, Aws, CSS, Java-Script, Angular JS 1.5,Web Services, XML, IntelliJ VNC Server, Camel, SPLUNK, MQ, Squirrel Tool for database DB2.

Confidential, NY

Java developer


  • Designed and coded application components in an agile environment utilizing a test driven development approach.
  • Designed the flow chart based on business logic of the application for documentation purpose.
  • Making the service calls to get full trade entity values required for processing.
  • Finding the bugs in the application when there are some Health checks systems are down by checking logs.
  • Verifying the output messages format before sending it MQ output bound.
  • Manipulating some code modules and configuration properties files and script files which are required for proper aggregation processing of the trades.

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