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Sr . Java Developer Resume


  • Full Stack Java Developer with around 6 years of experience in IT industry working with object oriented programming, design and development, deployment, support and maintenance of web applications using JAVA and J2EE technologies, AWS, with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) activities like requirements analysis, design, implementation, reviews, unit testing, integration testing and production deployments.
  • Experienced in analysis, design, development and documentation of software applications using web technologies, multi - tier service-oriented architecture by using Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Design Patterns, Java, J2EE,Angular JSand Adobe Flextechnologies.
  • Extensive experience in various UI widgets using JavaScript libraries like angular.js, backbone.js, Require.js, Ext.js, and Node.js and developing Rich Internet Applications RIA.
  • Expert in HTML5/CSS3 development and have experience in Backbone.js, Require.js, node.js, angular.js, Ext.js, Responsive design.
  • Expert in working with UI/UX Design technologies, front - end technologies/ framework and libraries like Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision, Balsamiq, Dreamweaver, Flex, Wireframes, Prototyping, jQuery, Prototype, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ES6, Clojure, JSON, CSS, XML/XSLT, AJAX.
  • Extensive experience in using HTML5, ReactJS, AngularJS, JSON, AJAX and DOM scripting for form validations.
  • Hands on experience in Web Application development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX and JSON.Experienced in developing user interfaces using AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Hands on experience in creating AWS lambda function handlers, that AWS Lambda can invoke when the service executes the Lambda function automatically and used Java 8 streams and lambda expressions to increase performance.
  • Experienced in WEB and GUI development using HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, DOJO, POJO, AJAX, JSON technologies.
  • Experience with Hibernate, JPA, Spring Security, Apache Axis, SOAP and RESTful web services, Grails and expertise with Grails framework.
  • Core development experience for Groovy Grails restful web services. Exposure in writing Groovy and Ruby scripts for automation of build and infrastructure automation.
  • Experienced with Java 8 features such as lambda expressions, Parallel operations on collections and for effective sorting mechanisms and new Date Time API and utilized Java 6 features like Lambda expressions and Stream API for Bulk data operations on Collections which would increase the performance of the Application.
  • Experienced in working on DevOps/Agile operations process and tools area (Code review, unit test automation, Build & Release automation, Environment, Service, Incident and Change Management).
  • Experienced in creating Node.js middleware application server to encapsulate modern JS widget framework Worked with JSON objects and JavaScript and JQuery intensively to create interactive web pages.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of Selenium IDE, Selenium Web driver, Selenium Grid using Core Java for developing automation scripts in Eclipse IDE.
  • Highly experienced in AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes Amazon AWS Cloud Administration which includes services like: EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, RDS, IAM, Glacier, SNS, SWF, SES, ELASTIC BEANSTALK, Route 53, Auto scaling, LAMBDA, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, OPS Work, Security Groups.
  • Expertise in developing reliable and scalable enterprise applications using JAVA (OOP Concepts), Spring MVC, Web Services (Restful), Servlets, JSPs, AJAX, XML, JavaScript, HTML and Good experience in SCRUM process of Agile (Iterative) development methodology.
  • Experience in all phases of usability testing including user profiles and personals, task analysis, contextual research, test moderation, and reporting using Karma and Jasmine.
  • Experienced in Oracle PL/SQL programming including development and tuning of packages, stored procedures, functions and Unix/Linux Shell scripting.
  • In depth knowledge in Installing, Configuring and Trouble-Shooting Application Servers like Oracle WebLogic, and IBM HTTP Server, Apache Webserver on Sun Solaris, Linux and AIX.
  • Strong experience in Security-System development for Web Applications. Involved and Developed all phases of security implementation using spring security system against All types of authentications: LDAP authentication, Database authentication and Pre-Authentication.
  • Experienced in writing and debugging shell scripts. And in writing many shell scripts in Unix to call routines. And also experienced in development of utilities using Shell and Python scripting to automate processes.
  • Diverse experience utilizing tools in N-tier and Microservices architecture applications using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud config, AWS, Rabbit MQ, Kafka, Zookeeper, Cassandra, My SQL, Restful Web Services and Involved in writing java API for Amazon Lambda to manage some of the AWS services.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience with J2EE JACC, JAAS, JSSE, JCA and JCE, Kerberos GSS-API, Spring Security, Oauth, OpenIDConnect, SAML.
  • Experienced in developing portlets using WebSphere Portlet Factory, and custom builders in WebSphere Portlet Factory. And also experienced in using WebSphere Dashboard Framework builders.
  • Comprehensive experience in the design and implementation of Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery and DevOps Operations for Agile projects, working with technologies and platforms including UNIX/Linux, Java, Subversion, Git, Ant, Maven, Jenkins, AWS, Open-stack, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Kubernetes, Docker, Tomcat, across the Health care, Finance, and Service Sector.
  • Extensive experience in various Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD) and Extensive experience in writing the Apache Camel routing in SOA platform and experience in SOA EIP using Apache Camel Spring Integration Service Mix Mule ESB and hands on experience with scripting languages like Unix, Linux.
  • Experience in working with testing tools like Karma, Jasmine, Chai, and protractor. Experience in writing unit tests on both client and JS server side using Jasmine, Mocha and Chai frameworks.
  • Hands on experience on Kubernetes to manage containerized application using its nodes, ConfigMaps, selector, Services and deployed application containers as pods.
  • Proficient in using Amazon Web Services AWS and Extensive experience focusing on services like EC2, VPC, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, IAM, S3, Amazon RDS, Elastic ache, SNS, SQS.
  • Experience in Infrastructure Development and Operations involving AWS Cloud Platforms EC2, EBS, S3, VPC, RDS, SES, ELB, AWS Lambda, Route53, Auto-scaling, Code Pipeline, CloudFront, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, Elastic ache, IAM, Redshift, and SNS.
  • Experience in installing, creating Highly Available WebLogic server instances and configuring it with external webserver, database and messaging infrastructure (MQ).
  • Proficient in container-based technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Open shift and Integrated Docker container orchestration framework using Kubernetes by creating pods, config Maps, deployments.
  • Experienced in WebSphere Portal design and development using Portlets, Servlets, JSP, JDBC. WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Portlet Factor.
  • Experience in developing web applications and server-side using Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, GWT, Angular 8, Servlet, JSP, JMS, JMX, Apache Camel, Rest Web service, FUSE ESB, JAXB, OSGI, Struts, Java Beans, Maven, Oracle, JavaScript, XML, Json CSS, HTML.
  • Experienced in creating Single Page Application (SPA) using Angular 6 framework. Good Experience in creating Single Page Application using Angular 6 and Angular 4. Good Experience in Server-side Framework like Node.js and Java script libraries like React.js, Flux and Redux.
  • Expertise in using ANT, Maven, Jenkins and Gradle for building and deploying application on the servers. Experience with databases like Oracle and expertise in Hibernate, Docker, Jenkins, Azure, EMR, Apigee, Splunk, Dyna Trace Management tools and a web commerce like ATG. Experience with DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Maven, Artifactory.
  • Good experience with Development and QA teams to continuously integrate software development using GitHub, Maven and Jenkins
  • Experience Developing application using Groovy, Grails, GSP, GORM and Grails Plug-ins and Grails Rest Services.
  • Experienced in writing tools in Perl & shell scripting to gather user data from global network and database systems via parallel SSH connections for user management & made data available across the network via RESTful interface.
  • Proficient in developing Web based user interfaces using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, XML, JSON, jQuery UI, Bootstrap, Angular6, Node JS, Ext JS. Experience in front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, JSON.
  • Experienced in deploying enterprise applications in Apache-Tomcat, WebLogic, and WebSphere, JBoss. Apache Tomcat 8 and NodeJS servers to deploy and configure Java API’s and frontend modules.
  • Experience with Spring framework and its Modules like Spring Core, Spring DAO, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring RMI, Spring Web, Spring IOC, Spring JDBC, Spring ORM and Spring JMS, MicroServices, Dependency Injection.
  • Extensively worked upon DevOps technologies and great experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirements analysis, design specification, coding and testing of enterprise applications.
  • Good experience on working with Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3, Amazon Simple DB, Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon SQS, AWS Identity and access management, AWS Cloud Watch, Amazon EBS and Amazon Cloud Front. Experience with various programming languages like Java Script, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.
  • Experienced in working on MVC pattern using Angular 6, creating user interface and single page web application. Good Experience in Server-side Framework like Node.js and Java script libraries like React.js, Flux and Redux.
  • Experience with Data structures & Algorithms like Stack, Queue, Linked List, Linear - search, bubble-sort, and binary-search algorithms etc. used GitHub for the version control.
  • Good Experience on Junit, TestNG framework for Unit testing, Maven and Ant for Project building tool, Jenkins/Hudson for Continuous Integration.
  • Expertise in Selenium Automation using Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Java, JavaScript, Protractor, AnjularJS, Junit, ANT & TestNG.
  • Strong Application development experience in Java / JEE Technologies: Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Security OAuth2, Spring Security, Spring REST, Spring LDAP, Spring Data, JPA, Hibernate, Struts, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS, SOAP, WSO2 ESB, Kafka, Zuul, Hysterix, Kibana.
  • Experienced with container-based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker Hub and Docker-registries and Kubernetes.
  • Good experience in writing Spark applications using Python and Scala. Experienced in working with spark eco system using Spark SQL and Scala queries on different formats like Text file, CSV file.
  • Expertized in implementing Spark using Scala and Spark SQL for faster testing and processing of data responsible to manage data from different sources.
  • Hands on Experience in Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, Jetty, JBoss, IBM WebSphere Servers.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience with J2EE JACC, JAAS, JSSE, JCA and JCE, Kerberos GSS-API, Spring Security, Open ID Connect, SAML.
  • Well experienced in MVC architecture and Struts framework. Good knowledge of Spring's IOC, AOP, Spring MVC and spring's integration with Hibernate and Struts technologies. Extensively worked on front end, business, and persistence tiers using the struts frameworks.
  • Experienced in Developing User Interface (UI) Rich Web Applications, and Web Service Applications using Front End/User Interface (UI) Technologies like Object Oriented JavaScript, Type Script, Angular 4, Angular 6, Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, Media Queries, CSS Frameworks, Java.
  • Experienced in making Responsive Web Pages using Media Queries and Bootstrap, Material Design lite for styling mobile applications. Hands on experience in various java-programming tools like Eclipse/MyEclipse, NetBeans.
  • Experienced in configuring the custom user attributes in LDAP with WMM of WebSphere Portal, and VMM of WAS.And also Experienced in developing applications using WebSphere, Weblogic, Apache, and Tomcat.


Languages: C, C++, JAVA JDK, J2EE, HTML, SQL and PL/SQL

Java/J2EE Technologies: Java, J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JavaBeans, EJB, JMS, JNDI, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, SDK, HTML, DHTML, XML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, JSF, Prime Faces, Angular JS, REST, RESTful Web services.

Frameworks: Struts, Springs, Hibernate, Apache Tiles, JSF.

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Angular JS, Bootstrap, CSS, JSON and Web Services (SOAP, RESTful).

Database: MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MySQL, MS-SQL 20012, Oracle 12C/11g/10g/9i, MySQL, SQL Server 2016/2014/2012 , PL/SQL, DB2.

Development IDE/ Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse IDE, WSAD, RAD, NetBeans, TOAD and SQL Developer and DB Visualizer.

Methodologies & Concepts: Agile, Waterfall system analysis and design.

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle.

Version Control Tools: SVN, CVS, Visual Source Safe(VSS), GIT, TFS.

Project Management &Design Tools: Rational Project Management (RPM) and Visio, Rational Rose and Enterprise Architect, OOAD & UML.

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, CRM, Bugzilla, Remedy, Rational Clear Quest and QTrack.

Testing tools: HTML Unit, Jasmine, Mockito, Selenium.

Other Tools: PuTTY, Microsoft Visio, Fire Bug.

Cloud and Associated Technologies: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Redis, PAAS/IAAS, MicroServices, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), Google Cloud.


Sr . Java Developer



  • Rich UI development experience and well versed in client side technologies like AngularJS, jQuery, BackBone.js, Google Widget Toolkit, Sencha UI
  • Worked on Java 8 features such as Lambda Expressions for making anonymous inline function calls by using Functional Interfaces which makes code readable and concise.
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework like Backbone.js, Require.js and Node.js.
  • Development of the Web front end user interfaces with HTML/HTML5, DHTML, CSS/CSS3, SASS, and jasmine, JQuery, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node.JS, Express.JS, Backbone.JS, Bootstrap, DOM, XHTML, XML and JSON.
  • Maintained Interface compatibility and concurrency in the project using Java 8 new features like default, static methods and Concurrency API and used Java 8 Method References feature to point to methods by their names and used functional Interfaces.
  • To limit page-loading delay and visible browser-server interaction used MVC framework with Ajax, JavaScript, Angular.js, Backbone.js and Node.js, D3.js.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based Microservices, Docker container using Amazon EC2 container services and using AWS admin console.
  • Conducted unit testing using the open source Karma and Jasmine tools and used Protractor for end to end testing. For easy debugging used testing frameworks Karma and Jasmine and followed the TDD to develop the entire application.
  • Implemented pre authentication and data base security using spring security.
  • Working on creating batch jobs using Autosys as the job scheduler and technologies like SQL Invoker, UNIX shell scripting and core java. Modified existing Shell scripts in Unix to call daily sub routines.
  • Developed Jenkins pipeline which creates the images of all the successful build and pushed then in the AWS ECR that is later consumed by the Kubernetes cluster to do the rolling deployments by consuming the images. Created and maintained Jenkins jobs that execute shell script.
  • Followed Test driven development (TDD) methodology and developed unit tests in Grails to test all the artifacts of the application. Followed Agile/Scrum Methodology.
  • Created NodeJS function by using AWS Lambda and an execution role that grant the function permission to upload logs and Developed API for using AWS Lambda to manage the servers and run the code in the AWS.
  • Focused on containerization and immutable infrastructure. Docker has been cored to this experience, along with Mesos, Marathon and Kubernetes.
  • Installed and configured Sun Java WebServer, Apache, IIS and IBM HTTP WebServers and Integrated with Weblogic Application Server. Applied patches to the Apache webserver servers.
  • Created clusters using Kubernetes and worked on creating many pods, replication controllers, services, deployment, labels, health checks and ingress by writing YAML file.
  • Developed java/jsp code on IBM Rational Application Developer IDE. Used Eclipse IDE with Maven plugin.
  • Responsible for writing the Design Specifications for the generic and application specific web services in Groovy n Grails. Developed web application using Groovy Grails JQuery AJAX and D3.js.
  • Developed AWS Lambda Functions in a stateless style and ensure there is no affinity between and compute infrastructure to manage the servers and run the code in the AWS.
  • Worked in latest open source Framework such as SpringBoot, Spring MVC, Java, Hibernate. Migrated existing legacy applications to SpringBoot Rest APIs.
  • Implemented pre authentication and data base security using spring security.
  • Used karma as a test runner to execute the test scripts and experience in setting up the karma.config.js file with configurations Involved in TDD for developing and performing test cases using Jasmine and Karma.
  • Implement cluster services using Docker and Kubernetes and Developed Dev/Test/Prod environments of different applications on AWS by provisioning Kubernetes clusters on EC2 instances using Docker, Bash, Chef, and Terraform along with that Administer, secure, and maintain multiple Kubernetes clusters to support a global service.
  • Created End to End Automation Framework for RESTful Web services testing using POSTMAN and REST-assured and Developed Angular 6 Single Page Application consuming JSON data from Restful services.
  • Used Angular 6 framework for building web-apps and is highly efficient in integrating with Restful service and Set up the build and deployment automation for Java base project by using JENKINS and Maven and created End to End Automation Framework for RESTful Web services testing using POSTMAN and REST-assured.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based micro services Docker container using Amazon EC2 container services and using AWS admin console and used Apache Camel for creating routes using Web service.
  • Involved in writing grails domain classes for application. Used grails quartz plugin for jobs and used many more grails plugins like spring security
  • Used agile practices and Test-Driven Development techniques to provide reliable, working software early and Worked on business and data base layer using the Spring, and Apache Camel frameworks
  • Introduced the concept of rich web-based user interface design with the implementation of an AJAX based JavaScript framework. Developed project in Angular and Node JS.
  • Converted existing SOAP-based services to SpringBoot Rest services. Wrote unit tests in Junit/Mockito. Developed SpringBoot Microservices in a distributed architecture and prepared Application Design Document to in corporate technical designs.
  • Co-developed a new tool on the Express nodeJS/backBone.js MVC platform that allows marketers to insert dynamic content in email sends based on location and temporal factors
  • Involved in the design of portlets for WebSphere Portal. Developed the themes and skins in new WebSphere Portal. Developed JSR portlets for migration from WebSphere Portal V6.1 to WebSphere Portal .
  • Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, Jenkins and GitHub and AWS AMI’s, whenever a new GitHub branch gets started. Jenkins, our Continuous Integration server, automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it, The Docker container leverages Linux containers and has the AMI baked in.
  • Used GitHub version controlling tools to maintain project versions supported the applications through debugging, fixing and maintenance releases and Used Docker for making packages into images by using Build, run and test and Developed User Interface using the HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, and angular 6 .
  • Performed UI Automation using the browser automation tool GEB within selenium and groovy scripting language and TestNG framework and validated the REST response with UI
  • Designed & developed the UI Screens using Angular 6 with node.js, HTML pages, CSS, spring boot framework with Apache-Maven and JAVA-J2EE technologies. Developed Codes on angular 6 and node Js.
  • Responsible for Web UI development in JavaScript using jQuery, Angular 6 and AJAX for dynamic loading of Web pages. Maintain and track inventory using Jenkins and set alerts when the servers are full and need attention.
  • Used NOSQL database Amazon dynamo DB to store data of reporting Application. Used Amazon Cloud Watch to monitor AWS services and Amazon Cloud Watch logs to monitor application.
  • Used Tomcat server for application development with Eclipse.
  • Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on compute, data, or security requirements and Integration of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with other applications infrastructure. Experience working with Docker to improve our (CD) Continuous Delivery framework to streamline releases
  • Used JIRA for defect management and to keep track of bugs and issues. Built application using MAVEN and used Log4J to generate log files for the application.
  • Implementing Selenium testing platform and using test scripts with Eclipse IDE, writing Selenium Webdriver scripts, using JUnit and Selenium for automated testing.
  • Working for DevOps Platform team responsible for specialization areas related to Chef for Cloud Automation and actively involved in architecture of DevOps platform and cloud solutions and Worked closely with software developers and DevOps to debug software and system problems.
  • Good Understanding of technical as well as functional J2EE/ DevOps/ Prod Support and experience with DevOps methodologies and cloud infrastructure automation tools like Ansible, puppet
  • Extensively Implemented Spring Boot, dependency Injection (DI) and aspect-oriented programming (AOP)features along with hibernate. Developed JSP pages and client-side validation by java script tags.
  • JUnit/Mockito Frameworks were used for performing unit & integration testing by writing test cases and Ported the application's native application and database servers from WebSphere/Oracle to JBoss/PostgreSQL.
  • Wrote test automation scripts in Selenium Web Driver using Java, JUnit and TestNG.
  • Implemented Page Objects model (pom), Apache POI in WebDriver Scripts, Data Driven, Keyword Driven and Hybrid Frameworks using Selenium WebDriver, Junit, and Java .
  • Involved in working on a project where we implemented BDD (behavior Driven development), TDD (Test Driven development) using Cucumber framework with Java, JUnit and Page Object Model.
  • Automated functional test cases using tools like Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, and Selenium Web Driver (JUNIT and Java TESTNG). And extensively worked upon Java Unit Testing frameworks Junit and Testing.
  • Proficient with container systems like Docker and container orchestration like EC2 Container Service, Kubernetes, worked with Terraform.
  • Researched and Selection of the best grails plugins suited for the requirements. Responsible for the Grails Artifacts development for the application.
  • Managed Docker orchestration and Docker containerization using Kubernetes. Used Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers.
  • Used Jenkins pipelines to drive all micro services builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker, on GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • Involved in development of test environment on Docker containers and configuring the Docker containers using Kubernetes.
  • Designed and developed the application using Angular framework along with HTML5, CSS3, Type Script, Java Script, Bootstrap, Node.js, NPM, Mongo DB.
  • Developed microservice on boarding tools leveraging Jenkins allowing for easy creation and maintenance of build jobs and Kubernetes deploy and services.
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes Linux, Docker and Worked with OpenShift platform in managing Docker containers and Kubernetes Clusters. And also Utilized Kubernetes for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • Written groovy scripts to use multi branch pipeline projectsin Jenkins to configure it as per client’s requirements. Wrote groovy scripts to validate REST Response based on created test data using ReadyAPI (SoapUI).
  • Developed Regression suit for various module using Selenium Web driver with core Java in Eclipse IDE. Used various available features of Selenium to develop efficient and error free Automated Test Scripts using Java in Eclipse IDE.
  • Automating ALM processes, which included branching, build, release, and deployment strategies with Jenkins. Compilation of application releases via Jenkins tool. Creation and sustainment for Java based web services, build definitions, and deployments via Jenkins.
  • Maintained Jenkins servers to deploy into production and non-production environments. Involved in Setting up the backup server for Jenkins and prepared disaster recovery plans for Jenkins.
  • Implemented CI/CD for all the microservices of the OEM application using Jenkins, Maven and Ansible. Configured GIT with Jenkins and schedule jobs using Poll SCM option.
  • Used Scala sbt to develop Scala coded spark projects and executed using spark-submit. Involved in developing a linear regression model to predict a continuous measurement for improving the observation on wind turbine data developed using spark with Scala API.
  • Set up development environment with Rational Application Developer and WebSphere Portal server. Designed & developed the Portlets using WebSphere Portlet Factory. And also responsible for inter-portlet Communication between multiple portlets with portlet wiring feature of IBM WebSphere Portal.
  • Implemented Spark using Scala and Spark SQL for faster testing and processing of data. Implemented Spark using Scala and utilizing Data frames and Spark SQL API for faster processing of data.
  • Used Maven to build and Apache Tomcat to deploy the application. And have worked upon application servers like Tomcat locally and Web logic to host it on the Linux server using WinSCP and Putty.
  • Provided technical support on Clustering, caching, messaging and transactions to support J2EE application deployments in JBOSS EAP.
  • Developed responsive interface using Bootstrap and used SASS for CSS. Created Responsive Designs (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop) using HTML & CSS, Bootstrap.
  • Imported and managed multiple corporate applications into GitHub code management repo. Setup and Implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI & CD) Process stack using AWS, GITHUB/GIT, Jenkins and Chef.
  • Automating Angular JS applications by using Protractor, Jasmine and Karma using Java script. Developed specifications and configuration of files for various scenarios in Protractor/Jasmine using “describe, it and expect.”

Java Developer



  • Created images through Docker and deploying them in Kubernetes (Minikube) environment and involved in writing Java API for Amazon Lambda to manage some of the AWS services and participated in creation of Spring Configurations using Java 8 features, Lambda expressions, Streams, filters.
  • Used the Node.js, Angular.js, backbone.js and Require.js MVC Frameworks in the development of the web applications. Used Node.JS, React.JS, and Backbone.JS MVC framework for developing the Single Page Application (SPA).
  • Created a Rich Single Page Application using HTML, CSS, JSON, Angularjs, and REST Services. Involved in developing the UI panels using XHTML, CSS, JSON, DOJO, AngularJs .
  • Developed certain features of the application functionality i.e. CRUD (Create, read, update, delete) features using Backbone.JS, Require.JS and Responsive Design.
  • Developed story/task by following TDD/BDD and Pair programming concepts. Providing daily status in scrum meetings with the client. Mentored new team members on effective usage of blend of Spring Boot /JPA and Java
  • Created client website running on a Node.js, using the Express framework, Jade, AngularJS and Backbone.js for front end MVC/templating.
  • Managed SVN repositories for branching, merging and tagging and developing Shell/Groovy Scripts for automation purpose. Creating scripts in DSL Groovy which integrate with Jenkins for Automation to create seed jobs.
  • Designed Frontend with object oriented JavaScript Framework like angular.js, Node.js, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, React.js/Redux, Spine.js, Ember.js, Require.js, Express.js, Pdf.js and Experience with client side templating like Handlebars.js.
  • Developed and debugged Java server side code using Eclipse IDE/IntelliJ Idea and Tomcat. Used Eclipse IDE for developing automation scripts.
  • Cloned the Grails Project from Git Version Control System. Installed the Spring Security Core Plugin.
  • Software is built as a web app on Node.js with Backbone.js., AngularJs CSS is compiled with LESS and HTML.
  • Designed & developed using HTML5, CSS3, EXT JS, JavaScript, XML, AngularJS, NodeJS, JSP, JSON, Vue.js, JSF, J2EE and Ajax.
  • Provided a responsive, AJAX-driven design using JavaScript libraries such as, backbone.js, Node.js AngularJS and Bootstrap.js
  • Worked on Presentation layer using heavy JavaScript technologies like AngularJS (version 1), JQuery, Grails, for REST Web Services, Spring MVC, Spring Security (Certificate based authentication), Google Visualization API, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Created and configured the continuous delivery pipelines for deploying Micro Services and Lambda functions using Jenkins CI server and experience on various AWS services like S3, EC2, ECS, Cloud trail, VPC, RDS, Route 53, SNS, and Lambda.
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using JQuery plugins for Drag and Drop, Auto Complete, JSON, Angular JS, JavaScript, Bootstrap. Used Web services (SOAP and RESTful) for transmission of large blocks of XML/JSON.
  • Converted a monolithic app to microservices architecture using Spring Boot using 12 factor app methodology. Deployed, Scaled, Configured, wrote manifest file for various Microservices in PCF.
  • Used Web Services to interact with Websphere Process Server. Used ANT scripts to build the application and deployed on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Designed Content Management System (CMS) the frontend and developed UI screens as per the wireframes provided by business using Java Script, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular and backend layer using spring framework, Hibernate and XML. IDE used is Eclipse.
  • Used Gradle build tool to automate the process of generating Docker files, building Docker Images and pushing them to Docker Private Registry.
  • Developed and executed software systems utilizing React.JS and Groovy. Performed data driven testing by using JDBC and Groovy script as a data source in SOAP UI and configured SQL queries to fetch data from the Oracle database.
  • Involved in Jenkins administration to user access credentials, deployment email notification, configuration for new users and using matrix plug-ins to manage Jenkins. Created and build Jenkins Pipelines for CI/CD Process.
  • Used the spring framework features like Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring Batch. Created POJO classes, spring configuration files to use dependency injection and Created Docker images.
  • Source code management is performed using GIT from master repository and knowledge on container management using Docker in creating images and Experience with Docker Containers, leveraging Linux Containers and AMI’s to create Docker Images/containers and Kubernetes.
  • Developed the entire application implementing MVC Architecture integrating JSF with Hibernate and spring frameworks. Used Docker, spring Boot, JBOSS, Azure, Cassandra.
  • Developed web pages using Angular 4, JavaScript and HTML5, CSS3, Boot Strap. Involved in SPA (Single Page Web Applications) using web services, Ajax and Angular 4. Designed and Developed UI using Angular 4.0, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery. Involved in developing web pages using Angular 4 Framework and familiar with various Angular 4 directives and services.
  • Developed UI using HTML, JavaScript, and JSP, and developed Business Logic and Interfacing components using Business Objects, XML, and JDBC. Designed front end checking validations using JavaScript.
  • Developed integration modules for disparate clients using Apache Camel and developed a core routing framework for Verizon National Preorder using Apache Camel.
  • My Responsibilities included Searching, Learning, Training and Documenting on new DevOps tools which would fit in our current Eco-System.
  • Developed interactive web application using Node Js a pure java script application framework. Designed and developed the framework to consume the web services hosted in Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Worked with open source tools such as Selenium (Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Web Driver, and Selenium Grid), Jenkins, Maven, SoapUI, JUnit, JIRA and Eclipse .
  • Selected the Test Cases to be automated and performed functional testing of the front end using Selenium (IDE and Web Driver) & created Data Driven framework using JUnit. Designed, executed and maintained Selenium Web Driver (TestNg, JUnit) automated test cases for regression test cases.
  • Used Jenkins pipelines to drive all microservices builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes, Created Pods and managed using Kubernetes
  • Developed client side drop down menus, search bars and drop down toggles using Twitter-Bootstrap. Created Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap.
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker, on AWS . Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI / CD system to build, test deploy.
  • Working with DevOps practices using AWS, Elastic Bean stalk and Docker with kubernetes. Changing the AWS infrastructure Elastic Beanstalk to Docker with kubernetes.
  • Automated CI/CD process using Jenkins, build-pipeline- plugin, maven, GIT. Set up Jenkins master/slave to distribute builds on salve nodes.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments. Installed/Configured/Managed Jenkins CI Automation.
  • Used Spark and Spark-SQL to read the parquet data and create the tables in hive using the Scala API.
  • Designed and developed Service layer using Struts framework. Involved in designing and implementation of MVC design pattern using Struts framework for Web-tier.
  • Developed presentation layer using struts tag libraries like logic, html, bean in JSP pages. Implemented web page lay out using struts tiles libraries, and performed struts validations using Struts validation framework.
  • Responsible in setting up Infrastructure Design and Automation of JBOSS EAP4.3. Worked on Migrating lighter applications from WebSphere to JBOSS.
  • Created and deployed new features to sustain and amend existing applications under MVC pattern using Node.JS, Bootstrap and Express.
  • Wrote test cases using Jasmine to test the functionality and stability of the application under all circumstances and used Karma as the runner tool.
  • Developed client side drop down menus, toggles and search bars using Twitter-Bootstrap and JQuery. Used JSON for data exchange between application modules along with XML.
  • Developed user interface using HTML, XHTML, CSS, JSON and JavaScript to simplify the complexities of the application.
  • Worked with ILog Jrule engine, to trigger the business rules in the rules execution engine configured in Websphere application server. Used WebSphere server for deploying various components of application.
  • Updated skills with Mobile Web Automation Framework Angular JS in Jasmine, Protractor using this testing the AJAX components. Automated angularJs application module using protractor and Jasmine and created specs for various functional scenarios.

software engineer



  • Used Backbone.JS and React.JS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Providing a responsive, AJAX-driven design using JavaScript libraries such as Angular.Js, Node.js, D3.js, Backbone.js, Bootstrap.js and Bootstrap.js
  • Designed and implemented UI layer using JSP, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, JSON, XML, XHTML, XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO and business logic using Servlets, JSP, EJBs and J2EE framework.
  • Designed, developed and maintained the data layer using the ORM framework called Hibernate.
  • Involved in the design and decision making for Hibernate OR Mapping.
  • Developed the backend server with Spring Boot, involving different layers of the application including entity/model, DAO/repository, Controller, Service, Business, and Persistence.
  • Developed web applications running on NodeJS using the Express framework, Vue.js and Backbone.js with Mustache.js for front end MVC/templating.
  • Deployed the application on WebSphere Application Server. Designed and developed SOA based enterprise system using Oracle SOA Suite and WebSphere Developed HQL queries for CRUD. Used WebSphere for design, development, and deployment of applications.
  • Extensive experience with Frameworks in Struts, ORM (Hibernate) and Spring, (Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Context Dependency Injection, Spring JDBC, Spring DAO, Spring ORM, Spring Security and Spring Boot).
  • Involved in validating caller input behavior. Involved in development of front-end components using Spring MVC, JSP, JavaScript, JAVA, and JSON.
  • Created a Grails Service as a DAO for database access. Configured the export plugin for PDF and Excel file generation. Created the Grails controller that exports the PDF and Excel file with Commitment Listings
  • Developed server side application to interact with database using Spring Boot and Hibernate. Used Spring Boot at back-end which helps to develop application with ease.
  • Developed bug management system for internal usage, using MySQL, Bootstrap, Backbone.js
  • Developed Hibernate mapping file and the HQL queries for retrieving data from the Oracle database. Used IBM WebSphere Application Server and RAD to develop the application.
  • Used JSON for data exchange between browser and server. Used JSR353 for processing and manipulating JSON objects. Modeled JSON data from database and coded request handlers for parsing and sending relevant data to client (browser) side.
  • Worked on Selenium IDE, the integrated development environment for Selenium scripts using Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • Addressed the Customer queries on time as a Primary support for the applications and Participated in the full test life cycle of the application on permanent fixes.
  • Created and maintained PL/SQL programs and Shell Scripts. Writing ad-hoc queries and change requests queries CR's based on schema knowledge for various reporting requirements.
  • Updated database scripts to accommodate changes due to UI overhaul (for both Oracle and PostgreSQL). Involved in writing SQL stored procedures on Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • Used Groovy/Grails Tool Suite (GGTS) to develop the test cases and performed manual testing. Service automation in Spock testing Framework and groovy language and JUnit.
  • Worked with Spring Core, Spring MVC Framework for Dependency Injection (DI), and Spring Context to provide message sources. Building reusable components and front-end libraries by using React.JS.
  • Worked with Hibernate for developing Persistence classes to interact with the database and Implemented Web services for communicating one application to another application by using SOAP, WSDL and EJB Technology.
  • Coordinating closely and productively with the engineering and other teams. Used Hibernate to persist the Data into the Database. Continuous Integration was done using Jenkins to continuously integrate code and to do the builds.
  • Used Hibernate for object Relational Mapping and used JPA for annotations and Exported SQL data into Elastic search to allow much faster and scalable user searches from the database.
  • Prepared documents for every maintenance and enhancement requests as per quality norms and uploading in Change request path and Developed Java Codes and user interface front end screens as per user request.
  • Fix production support issues, data issues and ensure data integrity and Studied of Functional Design Documents, Test Scripting and Test Execution.
  • Maintained the documents related to quality audits and clearing the Noncompliance and Worked mainly on the areas which value add to the projects like COST savings.
  • Created unit testing cases using Karma-Jasmine where each test case is written in a user friendly Jasmine language using simple describe, it, Expect, before each and after each block's and performed continuous integration and continuous deployments using TeamCity .
  • Used MVC-Struts framework in the front-end to develop the User Interface. Involved in the implementation of business logic in struts Framework and Hibernate in the back-end.
  • Implemented MVC design pattern using Struts Framework. Form classes of Struts Framework to write the routing logic and to call different services. Form classes of Struts Framework to write the routing logic and to call different services.
  • Created tile definitions, Struts-config files, validation files and resource bundles for all modules using Struts framework.
  • Involved in testing of services using SOAP/REST services using SOAP UI, Groovy Script. Coding groovy, domain class to handle the business logic.
  • Developed web application using JSP custom tag libraries, Struts Action classes and Action. Designed Java Servlets and Objects using J2EE standards.
  • Performed JBOSS tuning to optimize performance, stabilize amp improve JVM performance by tuning the heap size and resetting the connection pools.
  • Installed, configured, performed tuning of Jboss application server. Deployed and managed J2EE JBoss applications.
  • Built Rich Prototypes and Applications usingHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, Backbone.js and Bootstrap with MySQL database. Integrated the frontend JQuery UI with backend REST API using Backbone.js.
  • Updated the changes to QA environment to reflect the new releases. Helped in Developing Shell Scripts for Automatic Testing of Functions and monitor of bug fixes. Written Shell scripts to check if all the servers have dual SAN paths that are live paths. Coded various Perl/Shell scripts to automate backup and recovery.
  • Deployed the developed portlets to WebSphere Portal Server. Used Netbeans for development and Websphere Application Server for deploying the web application.
  • Secured Java based systems using Spring Security (OAuth ) and Spring-managed servlet filters. Integrated with Spring Security (RSA) to secure endpoints with OAuth (legacy) and OAuth (JWT).
  • Developed Web server (Tomcat) and Application Server WebSphere configurations and coordinated in the deployment and maintenance of middleware operations. Used Ant for developing build scripts and deploying the application onto WebSphere. Involved in packaging, deployment and upgrade of different modules of SAS on WebSphere App server.
  • Worked very closely with UI angular developers while automating the tests using protractor and Jasmine Automated AngularJS application module using protractor by writing java scripts and Used Jasmine as unit testing framework.

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