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Full Stack Infrastructure Resume


  • 13+ years of experience as full stack infrastructure and automation expert in Financial, Telecom OSS, Enterprise and IT Infrastructure services domains with respect to requirements gathering, Analysis, Application development, implementation, end user support and team management.
  • Develop and own best practices/methodologies for monitoring, provisioning, configuration management, capacity planning, automation, etc. to improve organization - wide visibility.
  • Providing inputs to long-range platform requirements and operational guidelines, with a focus on automation and continuous improvement of Platform reliability and serviceability.
  • Adopt cloud monitoring practices and provide enterprise visibility in DevOps modeled apps.
  • Experienced in Conceptualization, turning concepts to architecture and architecture to product solution.
  • Experience in system integration and migration projects.
  • Conducted assessments, document findings, identify gaps, analyze, measure maturity, Implementation and improvement in service management processes.
  • Experience in working scrum teams and followed eSAF process.
  • Building in house adapters, plugins, probes using Java, RestAPI, JSON by giving cost benefits.
  • Setup Ansible tower, git and Jenkins for continuous deployment for cloud infra and log analytics products.
  • Writing Ansible and terraform playbooks for system provisioning and software deployments.
  • Experience as Splunk administration, event analysis, monitoring and alerting, splunk storage configuration, installing splunk enterprise for search heads and indexers, in clustered environments, and standalone environments, and distributed environment.
  • Configured splunk input including forwarding, scripted input, tcp/udp streaming inputs, syslog inputs and other file/log inputs, and input filtering with splunk transforms and props configuration with REGEX., integration with common information model (CIM) integration.
  • Experience include architecting, design, deployment, configurations, splunk volume analysis, monitoring splunk performance on indexers and search heads, summary indexing, data modeling, acceleration, dashboards, prebuilt panels, design optimization including data models, table datasets, knowledge objects such as dashboards and lookups, near real time dashboards, tags, event types, Splunk Processing Language (SPL).
  • Experienced in dashboard optimization such as scheduled searches, post process searches, accelerated searches, dashboards to determine root cause in networks, creating search time field extractions to use in searches. Etc.
  • Strong knowledge in ELK stack include Elastic Search, Kibana, Logstash and Filebeat.
  • Strong knowledge in Azure cloud and Ansible Solution.
  • Automating system monitoring, building quality workflows and run-books.
  • Experienced in Scripting NodeJS, Powershell, PERL, Unix, Java script.
  • Strong exposure in Infra and Application monitoring solutions development through CA UIM, SOI, SCOM, Netuitive, Tivoli Netcool, ITM and HP BSM product suit.
  • Cost effective system integration with ITSM.
  • Good experience in Real user experience tools like Aternity, IBM ITCAM and App Dynamics.
  • Knowledge on Kafka and zookeeper messaging process.
  • Good exposure in configuration management tools like BMC CMDB, HP uCMDB.
  • Working knowledge with various middle ware servers like Websphere, Tomcat.
  • Experience delivering automated diagnostics & self-healing using HP OO tool.
  • Working knowledge with various IDE's like Net Beans, Eclipse.
  • Experience package deployment tools Jenkins, Maven and Ansible play books.
  • Having knowledge in proficient in technologies like Java, JSP, UNIX, Perl Scripting.
  • Hands on SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle.
  • Knowledge in Spectrum and eHealth.
  • Creating vugen, js synthetics to improve cdx using BSM and NewRelic.
  • Component specific Service Improvement Plans and driving improvements into the development work.


  • Java/j2ee, Webservices, Rest API
  • Azure, AWS, UCP Cloud Solutions
  • Splunk SIEM and ELK log analytics
  • Ansible, Terraform
  • Docker, Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, GitLab, Nexus
  • Apache Kafka Streaming
  • CA UIM, APM(Wily), Spectrum, Dynatrace, SOI, eHealth
  • Tivoli Netcool, Impact, WebGUI, ITM, ITCAM, ISM
  • HP OO Automation
  • Netuitive Predictive Analytics
  • Dynatrace, NewRelic, App Dynamics, BSM synthetics
  • Riverbed Aternity End User Monitoring
  • Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus
  • Tomcat Apache
  • PowerShell, Groovy, Perl, Python
  • Golang, Ruby, NodeJS, Lue, Unix Scripting
  • Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2
  • Unix, SunOS, Windows & HP UX
  • SAFe4.0



Full stack infrastructure


  • Responsible for collecting and driving the application, security team business requirements, translate into technical specifications and create architecture and detailed design.
  • Architecture the Splunk environment for application and security log ingestion.
  • Administering Splunk and Splunk App for Enterprise Security (ES) log management.
  • Deploy and configure indexer, forwarder, search head, deployment server Heavy and Universal forwarder.
  • Explore Parsing, Indexing, Search and Replication Factors, Searching Concepts, Hot, Warm, Cold, Frozen bucketing, License model.
  • Implement the distributed splunk add-ons using Python, Java and Restapi.
  • Migration on-premise Splunk platform to Azure and AWS.
  • Build logs ingestion and forking process through different technologies
  • Drive and implement enterprise security and application log analysis use cases, machine learning capabilities.
  • Define strategy and design around data collection, aggregation and summarization process.
  • Working on setting up the on splunk cluster and data ingestion through different technology modules.
Full stack infrastructure

Infra Architect Consultant


  • Guiding application teams to interactive visualizations across a variety of data sources.
  • Build Ansible playbooks and setup Jenkins, gitlab ci/cd pipelines for applications deployment for continues deployment.
  • Design Splunk reports and dashboards using complex data elements.
  • Explore log and data integration methodologies and identify the solutions for data ingestion.
  • Building docker containers for splunk HEC and ELK logstash.
  • Create EC2-instances with compliance to all security requirements.
  • Install splunk add-ons for AWS for ELB, Cloudfront, SQS SNS, S3, Trello, VPC, SwiftSecurity Sysmon logs ingestion to meet NYDFS requirements.
  • Install Azure add-on in splunk for O365, Account activity logs through Storage accounts.
  • Working on setting up the on splunk HEC cluster and data ingestion through different Restapi modules.
  • Install and configure syslog server for pan and zscalar logs.
  • Install and configure network data forking apps including paloalto, cisco apps
  • Implement data ingestion strategies for security logs to Splunk
  • Working on splunk configuration files such as inputs.conf, outputs.conf, props.conf and transform.conf for data parsing solution.
  • Explore database integrations for splunk(DBConnect).
  • Driving the endpoint deployment for collecting sysmon, powershell logs.
  • Host lunch and Learn sessions to Application, IRM teams for self-service, dashboards, event escalation in log analytics tools.
  • Create slack bot frameworks using RTM for log ingestion to splunk and elk.
  • Interactive bot creation for service request management.
  • Automated merge requests and deployment using CI/CD and slack.

Principal Infra Developer

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI


  • Architecture the ELK environment for application and security log ingestion.
  • Develop community beats using golang, ruby and python.
  • Configure beats including File beat, Metric beat, packet beat for data forking into kafka.
  • Implement data ingestion strategies for application and security logs using logstash forking to Elastic.
  • Install and configure ELK stack, Kafka in Nutanix Environments.
  • Install cross cluster platform for ELK in AWS, Azure.
  • Setup logstash in dockers and configure pipelines.
  • Configure metrics beat for system, docker, kafka, apache, elastic and mongodb.
  • Setup Kafka, zookeeper messaging services for ELK data ingestion from beats to ensure no data loss.
  • Explore the logstash plugins including filter, csv, groking, jdbc streaming, http input/output etc.,
  • Development of UIM kafka forwarder probe to ingest data from log forwarder to ELK.
  • Building logrotate capabilities and backup logs using rsync.
  • Configure master, data and ingest nodes in elastic.
  • Setup load balancer and nginx proxies for kibana.
  • Enable xpack, opendistro authentication modules for active directory.
  • Enable data retention methods through curator.
  • Prepare application team dash boarding through visual builder.
  • Explore database integrations for ELK(JDBC) and enable ingestion module for DB2, Sybase and Oracle.
  • Enable machine learning capabilities in kibana for was, db2 and system metrics.
  • Build Alerting RestAPI modules for Splunk and ElsAlert for event escalation to UIM.
  • Building deployment playbooks through Ansible and create CI/CD pipelines for active deployments.
  • Expose GitLab/GitHub repository integrations with Jenkins, nexus.
  • Solutioning and driving Vigil automation framework for self healing, system health checks, log monitoring, synthetics.
  • Integrate the oms solution with on-premise MoM for alerting escalation and notifications.
  • Explore the metrics, log data to identify performance issues, run time

Senior Infra Developer

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI


  • Be part of agile team in different phases of the project including infrastructure and network solution.
  • Assess the on-premise system gaps, product capabilities and provide solutions for smooth infra and application migration to Azure public cloud.
  • Build the system infrastructure and drive the migration process.
  • Developed and maintained the continuous integration and deployment systems using Jenkins, Maven, Nexus, Ansible, GitLab.
  • Automate Azure ARM templates through Ansible for provision of IaaS, PaaS Environments.
  • Implemented rapid-provisioning and life-cycle management for Linux using Amazon EC2, Dockers using terraform and packers.
  • Installing, Configure and management in Ansible Centralized Server and creating the playbooks to support various application servers.
  • Configuring the Ansible tower as a configuration management tool to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Integrate the Azure insight with performance and logs data and using query explore to troubleshoot real-time issues.
  • Explore data storage techniques, setup Event HUB, blob and table storage for applications depending on Solutioning.
  • Helping application team for on-premises Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
  • Automating monitoring solution, log analytics, windows and linux diagnostic agent and service map dependency extension across the platform.
  • Setup Azure relay for peer-to-peer communication, expand caching with Service bus.
  • Implement Hybrid worker, App services, NSG, Hybrid connections etc.,

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