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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • 5+ years of IT experience in software development life cycle including User Interaction, Business Analysis, Design, Application Development, Implementation, Documentation, Testing and Deployment of enterprise applications in the domain of Financial & Banking and telecomm.
  • Have 5+ years of experience in Object Oriented Programming, and OOAD on UML Concepts.
  • Sun Certified Java/ J2EE development Professional with over 5+years of experience in developing large - scale, Object-Oriented n-tier Scalable, high-performance distributed systems and web applications.
  • Strong Programming Skills in designing and implementation of multi-tier applications using Java, J2EE, Spring Modules (Boot, Cloud, MVC, IOC, ORM, Security, AOP), Hibernate, RESTful Web Services, AWS, Micro services.
  • Experinece on RESTful API's and webservices using SOAP, WSDL, XML, XSD and JSON to implement service oriented architecture.
  • Proficient experience with web technologies like Servlets, JSP, Struts 1.0/2.0, HTML, JSP Custom Tags, JavaScript and CSS3, AJAX.
  • Expertise in client side designing and validations use HTML, DOJO, GWT, CSS3, Rabbit MQ, JavaScript, JSP and Struts Tag Library.
  • Familiar with MongoDB Clusters, performance tuning, backup and recovery.
  • Experience with Java Middleware, Struts MVC, spring framework and IBM Jade MVC framework.
  • Hands-on experience with MuleSoft - ESB Enterprise Edition.
  • Consultant to other Enterprise groups and various Line of Business IT groups on the Portal, SOA, Web 2.0 Collaboration, Content Management and Mobile Strategies.
  • Extensive experience and understanding of java 8, JDBC, XML, XSL, XSLT, XSD, parsing methodology like SAX and DOM , RAD 7.2, Eclipse 3.x IDE, Web logic 7.X/8.X, Web Sphere 6.1, Jboss4.0 and Kafka, Apache Tomcat 4.x Servers.
  • Expertise in using JavaScript , jQuery 1.x, DOM , AJAX , JSON , HTML/DHTML and CSS for view layer.
  • Experience with running on a Tomcat 8 server, written in Java 8 using a wide range of technologies including Spring, Hibernate.
  • Experience in handling messaging services using Apache Kafka.
  • Well versed with core Java concepts like Collections, Multithreading, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Serialization, and Java Beans.
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly with new tools and technology.
  • Experienced in build tools like Ant and Maven , Log4j for Logging and jUnit for testing.
  • Expertise in Servlets, JSP, Struts, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), JNDI, XML, XML Parsers, JDBC 2.0 and worked on these technologies for 5 years.
  • Extensive JavaScript Experience, hands on development with Node, jQuery, EXT JS, Angular JS, and vanilla JavaScript.
  • Development experience includes working with cross functional team and global development teams in Onshore/Offshore Model.
  • Proficient in working across all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile methodologies.
  • Working experience with the operating systems like UNIX , Solaris and Windows.
  • MongoDB and CouchDB experience.
  • Good experience with Ecommerce domains using technologies on Oracle ATG Commerce
  • Used OOPS concepts for message passing and data binding.
  • Developed applications using frameworks and API like Struts , Spring MVC.
  • Worked on Angular JS, ExtJs 2.x and 3.x framework for 4+ years.
  • Hands on experience with Model View Controller (MVC) architecture using Struts Framework over 6 years having adaptability in learning and switching over heterogeneous components.
  • Have Experience in installation, configuration, and deployment in IBM WebSphere for 5 years.
  • Experience in HTML, DHTML, Java Script and AJAX for 7 years and experience working on XML based parsing technologies of SAX, DOM for 1 year.
  • Experienced in Web Services approach for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Good Knowledge of using IDE Tools like Eclipse, Net Beans, JBuilder, Rational Application Developer(RAD) for Java/J2EE application development.
  • Worked together with the client community and the IT professionals to deliver quality, efficient and cost-effective software that meets the needs of the corporation, at the time of implementation.
  • Experience of configuration tool CVS , Clear, and Tortoise SVN developing on Linux , Windows Operating Systems


Languages: Java2.0 (JDK 1.5/1.4/1.3), NOSQL Mongo DB, PL/SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, DHTML XML, XML, XML DTD, XML Schemas, XML Parsers (SAX, DOM, JDOM), Log stash.

J2EE: Servlets, JSP, JSP (Custom Tags), EJB, JDBC, JavaBeans, JNDI, JMS, Java Mail, WSDL, Ajax.

Frame works: Struts (1.1, 2.0), Spring boot, Hibernate, open JPA, iBatis, AngularJS

Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere 6.1, JBOSS 4.x, WebSphere 6.1, Web logic 7.1/8.0/9.0.

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat 4.x/5.x.

IDEs and Tools: RAD 7.2, Eclipse 3.X, Intel IDEA 7.0.3, Editplus, Toad, SQL Developer, Ant, JUnit3.0/4.0.

Apache Java Tools: Ant, Maven, struts, Log4J.

O/R Mapping Tools: Hibernate 2.x, 3.x.

IDE: Eclipse (8.x, 9.x, 10.x), WSAD 5.1.

O/S Platforms: Windows (NT/2000/XP/7/10), UNIX.

Databases: Oracle 9.i/Oracle10g, MS SQL, DB2.

Version Control: CVS, SVN.

Design Tools: Rational Rose, MS Visio.

Others: SQL Developer, Dimensions, Version One, Ext JS, IBM Lotus Notes, Paros.


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in all phases of SDLC - Agile - Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, System.
  • Interacted with the business analysts and marketing team to discuss and understand the business requirements and business rules.
  • Experience in object-oriented programming, MuleSoft ESB Development with extensive full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience in Application Software Specifications, Design, Development, Testing and debugging, Maintenance and implementing CI/CD for database using Jenkins.
  • Used Spring Framework modules such as DI (Dependency Injection) , Container that applies IOC (Inversion of Control) and Bean container , AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) , ORM (Object relational model) including Hibernate and JPA , Web MVC (model view controller) and Spring Boot which accelerates the development of Spring framework.
  • Troubleshooting code defects and deploying timely fixes as per the project build schedule communicating with stake holders for further information and approvals.
  • Involved in spring security with OAUTH2.
  • Identified and suggested fixes for some common oversights in working with JPA.
  • Employed UML artifacts for object modeling. Designed Use Cases, System Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams and Class Diagrams.
  • Created DAO classes to implement CRUD operations by using JDBC transactions..
  • Worked on mongodb data model design based on application needs, and use Embedded data models and Normalized data models.
  • ATG integration analysis with several Legacy applications
  • Involved in Data Migration process using Azure by integrating with Github repository and Jenkins.
  • Design solution for various system components using Microsoft Azure.
  • Consumed Restful web services and developed UI with Angularjs.
  • Developed REST based Microservices using Spring Boot.
  • Real time streaming the data using Spark with Kafka.
  • Configured Kafka to handle real time data.
  • Architected the Blockchain solution for this PoC.
  • Development of UI/client-side web application in java-based Sprint environment with primary JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and various plugins. Styling used HTML and CSS3.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging using the ant debugger and Chrome debugger tools.
  • Configured and managed AWS Glacier, to move old data to archives based on retention policy of databases/ applications.
  • Java code for the implementation and support of MuleSoft APIs.
  • Worked on analyzing Hadoop cluster and different big data analytic tools including MapReduce, Hive and Spark.
  • Invovled in Sterling OMS installation, configuration and setup the product for lifecycle management of orders, inventory and other business data.
  • Implemented RESTful API using Express framework to secure digital assets through private blockchain environment.
  • Hands on experience in installing supporting and managing Hadoop Clusters using Cloudera and Hortonworks distribution of Hadoop.
  • Worked closely with other software developers and testers on multiple projects as needed. Involved in designing, developing and testing the web application by using the HTML5, CSS3 , Bootstrap , and React.JS Used JSP, Java Script, JQuery and CSS3 to develop the GUI.
  • Web Services approach for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Implemented spring boot micro services to process the messages into the Kafka cluster setup.
  • Testing API functionality via Swagger, Postman and cURL.
  • Used Spring Kafka API calls to process the messages on Kafka Cluster setup.
  • Involved in writing java API for Amazon Lambda to manage some of the AWS services
  • Installation, configuration, tuning, backup, recovery and upgrade of IBM WebSphere.
  • Installing plug-ins for WebSphere Application Servers with IBM HTTP Server, sun java webserver, Apache server on Linux and Windows Platforms.
  • Written UNIX Shell Scripts for building, packaging and installing the application in the server.
  • Implement RESTFUL WEB Services using Jersey.
  • Experience designing Mulesoft ESB templates. Experience of scripting, including shell.
  • Experience in Maven based project development and testing automation of mulesoft flows.
  • Technical experience in the areas of Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Object-Oriented Design (OOD) using UML and SDLC of distributed applications.
  • Involved in the UAT Build, Configuration, Deployment and Integration.
  • Developed JUnit tests and functional test cases for the services and documented the services developed.
  • Created and executed Unit and Integration test cases in JUnit4 concerning ArrayOperation test, StringEdit test.
  • Implemented continuous integration testing and release system.

Environment: J2EE, JAVA 8,JQuery, Angular JS, Websphere Application Server Webservices, Logstash,Oracle BPEL, BPM,OSB Dojo 1.7,Node.js Python,Mulesoft, JQuery, Django, AJAX, JSON, CSS, Web Services, WebSphere ESB 7.0, J MS, Micro Services, JDBC,WebSphere Application Server, RSA, DOJO, Web Content Management, Rabbit MQ, Kafka, SOA,JPA, Sterling,AWS,Spring,React, Security, XML,IBM Lotus Notes, XPATHSQL stores, MongoDB, n CouchDB, Neo4, JENKINS, CVSHibernate, Mute ESB, IBM WebLogic Application Server 8.0, Perl, XML, XSLT, SOAP, Hadoop, Azure, UNIX, ATG, Shell Script, Agile methodology, JSR 168,LifeRaj, Ajax.

Confidential, Columbus OH

Sr. Java Developer


  • Designed and implemented a web portal using Plone, Zope and Apache.
  • Followed the guidelines of Agile methodologies of SDLC for project management.
  • Designed dynamic and cross-browser compatible pages using web technologies such as AngularJS, Html5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, CSS bootstrap, JSP.
  • Integrated the application with Spring-MVC using Spring Boot , Spring Dependency Injection (DI) , and Spring Annotations .
  • Involved in developing the data validation within the forms for client side presentation using HTML,JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Worked with Jenkins under the CI/CD pipeline providing continuous improvement to Agile software development teams.
  • Developed the Spring Features such as Spring MVC, Spring DAO and implemented Spring AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) using Hibernate ORM (Object Relational Mapping) .
  • Experience in managing MongoDB environment from availability, performance and scalability perspectives.
  • Each domain uses SpringBoot for the container, running Java 8, utilizing Spring for component and transaction management.
  • The framework was built using UI technologies like HTML5, Handlebars, CSS3, Sass, Foundation.js, JavaScript.
  • Designed, created and implemented blockchain for a secure peer to peer network.
  • Used JProbe for the ATG Performance testing.
  • Patching/Upgrading Sterling Integrator with latest releases or fix pack.
  • Implemented OLAP multi-dimensional cube functionality using Azure SQL Data Warehouse.
  • Wrote Azure POWERSHELL scripts to copy or move data from local file system to HDFS Blob storage.
  • Using spring data rest with JPA and Mongodb repository to map data and object.
  • Experience in developing event driven applications using AJAX, JSON and XML.
  • Used JDBC or Hibernate to communicate with database.
  • Develop cutting edge cloud platform solutions using the latest tools and platforms like Azure, etc.
  • Implemented client side Interface using React.JS.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based microservices in Docker and Amazon EC2 container using AWS.
  • Created Buckets in AWS and stored files. Enabled Versioning and security for files stored.
  • Written unit tests using JUnit5 for correctness of the compiler.
  • Developed React.JS forms to manipulate text within HTML5 views.
  • Involved in writing the Model Interfaces and their implementation classes.
  • Responsible for writing Request and Response Classes through Annotations.
  • Responsible for writing DAO classes using Hibernate criteria through annotations.
  • Responsible for writing Hibernate Configuration using Oracle database in DAO Layer.
  • Worked on setting up and configuring AWS EMR Clusters and Used Amazon IAM to grant permissions on AWS resources to users.
  • Responsible to develop Restful/SOAP web services in Mule ESB based on SOA architecture.
  • Work with the business team and enrollment specialists to build confidence about the IBM Sterling OMS Integrator's capabilities
  • Involved on configuration, development of Hadoop environment with AWS cloud.
  • Connected and indexed Endeca with Database and ATG.
  • Developed a custom File System plug in for Hadoop so it can access files on Data Platform.
  • Designed and implemented by configuring Topics in new Kafka cluster in all environment.
  • Involved in the integration of the Front End web interface with the controller using Spring MVC.
  • Experience in working with IBM RAD and eclipse with Websphere 8.0.
  • WebSphere Administration (creating and configuring new domains and managed servers, deploying and configuring applications (ear/war) on WebSphere).
  • Implemented the DAO and Business Delegate design patterns. Used hibernate DAO objects for retrieving data from database which were used in Hibernate mapping.
  • Cofigured Spark streaming to receive real time data from the Kafka and store the stream data to HDFS using Scala.
  • Configured Kafka to read and write messages from external programs.
  • Involved in creating RESTful web services, WSDL and web methods with Annotations using hibernate, Spring container to load Hibernate specific classes.
  • Maintain WebSphere Application Servers on Windows platforms and setup the development, testing, and production environments for application development.
  • Prepared documentation for the recurring defects and resolutions and business comments for those defects.
  • Used singleton and factory design patterns for common functionality of buttons.

Environment: J2EE, JAVA 8,JQuery, Node.JS, Websphere Commerce Server Webservices, Angular JS, Dojo 1.7,Node.js Python, JQuery, Django, AJAX, JSON, CSS3, Rabbit MQ, Web Services, WebSphere ESB 8.0, Oracle BPEL, BPM,OSB SQL stores, MongoDB, CouchDB,JPA, Neo4J MS, JBoss Application Server, WebSphere Application Server, IBM Lotus Notes, RSA, DOJO,JDBC, Web Content Management, SOA, Spring, Spring Security, XML, XPATH, Mulesoft, JENKINS, Kafka,AWS, CVSHibernate, Mute ESB, IBM WebLogic Application Server 8.0, Perl, XML, Hadoop, ATG,XSLT, Azure, SOAP, Shell Script,React, UNIX, Agile methodology, JSR 168,LifeRaj, Ajax.

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas

Full Stack Developer


  • Design the complex BPDs (Business Process Definition) of the application.
  • Developed the coaches for UI and NoSQL services for storing data in DB.
  • Implemented the message events to provide dynamic interaction between end user and run-time process.
  • Worked with Jenkins under the CI/CD pipeline providing continuous improvement to Agile software development teams. Configured Jenkins and integrated it with Chef to schedule jobs on all the bootstrapped nodes.
  • Performed the unit testing for each module in the application.
  • Design the various modules of the application.
  • Develop the web pages in XHTML using JSF tags.
  • As a Sr. Software Developer in Java, expertise in working with technologies like Spring 3.x, Hibernate 3.x, Oracle database and Restful Web Services to design and develop the application.
  • Developed Application User Interface by using AngularJS, HTML5, bootstrap, AJAX, Node.jS to build Responsive Single Page Application.
  • Experience in deploying platform in the AWS environment for feasible server accessing.
  • Involved in using Oracle SQL to query the database.
  • Experience in implementing and developing the application user interface using JSF, RichFaces, JSF tags and Ajax at UI.
  • Used Hibernate as ORM tool to integrate with the database and application developed using Spring 3.x.
  • Involved in maintenance of API s used to calculate, fetch or set inventory and order management details for sterling applications.
  • Experience in implementing Kerberos authentication protocol in Hadoop for data security.
  • Implement and unit test new features/requirements using ATG/Java.
  • Involved in implementing JMS to publish message on to the Queue after process.
  • Used TCP/FTP (SFTP) to transfer files at a Landing Zone for outbound and inbound.
  • Worked on replacing Hibernate by Native Queries (JDBC) in places to handle huge data.
  • Experience in using log4j and logback to log the details in the application.
  • Implemented the presentation layer for front-end of the application with the help of Angular JS, Node JS and boot strap programming and XHTML pages.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based Microservices in Docker and Amazon EC2 container using AWS.
  • Worked on GIT Hub as a code repository for fetching and deploying the code.
  • Worked on Spring IOC and dependency injection for managing dependencies throughout the application.
  • Worked on writing SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures for the application database and backend tasks.
  • Involved in writing JUnit test cases for unit testing with data mocking by using Mockito application classes.
  • Implemented JMS services to achieve Messaging Patterns by using RabbitMQ Queues for Bulk and batch processing.
  • Developed API for using AWS Lambda to manage the server less architecture and run the code in AWS.
  • Developed Java classes for implementing Business logics using Spring (IoC), Spring (AOP), Spring JDBC Tamplet and JPA.
  • Used validators and converters for the application instead of using JavaScript for validation.
  • Developed UI modules using HTML, JSP, JavaScript, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, CSS3 and AngularJS framework. Using Hibernate JPA to handle data persistence.
  • Implemented the managed beans and the service implementation for the application.
  • Used JDBC for database connectivity and manipulation.
  • Developed the custom components like Check box as per the requirement of the KYC application.
  • Performed the unit testing for each module in the application.

Environment: J2EE, JQuery, Git, Jira, JENKINS CI TCP/IP, UDP5, Webservice, Websphere Commerce Server, Node.js, EXT-JS, Webservices, Dojo 1.7, Python, JQuery, NoSQL stores, ns on the Oracle SOA MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4Django, AJAX, JSON, CSS,JPA, Web Services, Micro Services, WebSphere ESB 7.0, JMS, JBoss Application Server,Kafka, Azure, ATG, WebSphere Application Server, RSA, DOJO, JDBC, Web Content Management, SOA, Sterling, Shell Script, Middleware, Spring, XML,XPATH,,JENKINS, CVSHibernate, Lotus Notes, IBM WebLogic Application Server 6.1, Mulesoft, AWS, Perl, XML, XSLT,React, SOAP, UNIX, Agile methodology, JSR 168,LifeRaj, Ajax.

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in all the stages of the SDLC of this project which include Design, Development, Testing and Production Support.
  • As a Java Developer, Experience in Implementing Struts 1.x and Spring 3.x for Controlling and Ibatis DB for backend operations.
  • Worked on Spring Core, MVC, AOP, IOC, Node JS, Angular JS and backbone JS to manage the application.
  • Used Spring WS security to insert security tokens for web services.
  • Worked on Exposing and consuming SOAP based webservices to integrate application modules.
  • Experience in using JMeter to perform load tests and optimizing queries for improving the response times.
  • Involved in migrating from Ant to Maven using Ivy for the dependency resolution and optimization from clear case to GIT.
  • Expertise in debugging and enhancing the code using Java programming.
  • Worked on implementation of Spring 3.x framework for IOC and dependency injection.
  • Worked on iBatis database as persistence API in the backend.
  • Involved in writing Stored procedures, created views and in tier users for database reliability.
  • Involved in implementing XML Http Request while making Ajax calls to servers to simulate Single Sign on (SSO) functionality.
  • Used Spring MVC to develop application architecture and JDBC to interact with Database. Also used Ajax to communicate with DB for certain functionalities.
  • Experience in using IBatis database to write stored procedures in the application.
  • Experience in working with IBM RAD and eclipse with Websphere 6.x and tomcat 7.x servers.
  • Exposure in acquiring functional and the POC level knowledge on OBIEE for reports.
  • Involved in using Rational Team Concert to manage Agile user stories tasks and JUNIT 4.x, Mockito for Unit Testing.
  • Hand-code primarily in XHTML, XML, XSD, XSL and CSS3. Developed and prepared test cases for unit testing with Junit.
  • Experience in using castor and jaxb plugins in Maven.
  • Participated in daily and weekly team meetings.

Environment: Java, J2ee, Web Services, Websphere Commerce Server Frame Work, LDAP, Node.JS, Single Sign On, EXT-JS,JQUERY, SR 168,LifeRaj, Ajax, RESTFul services, MVC, Struts, Tiles, Middleware, Spring, Ajax Hibernate, HTML/HAML, CSS/SASS, JPA,Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone.js,JDBC, Jboss Application Server, WebSphere XML,XPATH, JENKINS, CVSHibernate, WebLogic Application Server 6.1, Perl, XML, XSLT, SOAP, UNIX, Agile methodology, JSR 168,LifeRaj, Ajax.

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Worked on multiple client project using Drupal, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Prototype/Scriptaculous, Javascript, and MySQL.
  • Experience in using Data structures and algorithms to improve the performance of the application
  • Experience in working with Singleton, DAO and DTO Design patterns.
  • Responsible for creating class diagrams, OM and Data Model using Rational Rose and MS-Visio tools for designing and development of the application.
  • Involved in working with JSF Framework to develop the application, used Singleton, DAO and DTO Design patterns.
  • Involved in implementing frameworks like Spring 3.x, Hibernate 3.x and DB2 database for generating downstream application.
  • Responsible for Database programming using DB2 to implement generic DAO functionality for the persistence layer.
  • Exposure in working with the protocols HTTPS, HTTP, FTP and SFTP by using socket programming.
  • Responsible for developing Spring batch and boot application for performance improvement and used Multi -Threading concepts.
  • Developed Application UI by using AJAX, Angular JS, Node JS, HTML, CSS, JSP and XML for effective UI functionality.
  • Implemented functions, Stored Procedures and triggers by using database functions and PL/SQL.
  • Responsible for developing and building the files for configuring the build process by using ANT scripts.
  • Used CVS for version controlling and JUnit for unit testing. Deployed the application on WebSphere Application server
  • Responsible for requirements gathering, preparing and worked on Design Documents.
  • Worked with Struts 2.x MVC framework with tiles concept and validators concepts in front end implementation.

Environment: Java,J2ee,Web Services, Node.JS,, Restful services JPA Frame SR 168,LifeRaj, Ajax JQuery, EXT-JSFaces, JSF, MVC, Struts, Tiles, Spring, Ajax Hibernate, HTML/HAML, CSS/SASS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone.js, Jboss Application Server, WebSphere Message Broker 6.0, XML, XPATH, JENKINS, CVSHibernate, Spring Security, IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.1, Perl, XML, XSLT, SOAP, UNIX, Agile methodology, JSR 168,LifeRaj, Ajax.

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