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Senior Software Engineer (full Stack Java- React/java/python) Resume


  • Senior Java Full Stack Developer with 7 years of software development with experience in different sectors. Experience working with sensitive personal (PI) data as part of healthcare projects.
  • Involved in complete life cycle of software development (SDLC) from inception, planning, design, coding and testing to project closure mainly in the intranet, Internet and standalone application design, development, maintenance and production support in n - tier architecture.
  • Expertise in implementing web and enterprise applications using Java 11, Spring Boot, Spring Rest and Spring Security, React, NodeJS, Python, MySQL, Angular, Mongo dB.
  • Expertise in front-end UI design implementations by writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React.
  • Experience in working with component libraries like Material-UI, Reactstrap for React applications.
  • Used various application servers like JBoss, Weblogic and web server like Tomcat to deploy applications on multiple environments (dev, test, Prod).
  • Experience working with Service level architecture by following DRY principle for front end in React.
  • Used new Java 11 features such as Lambdas, Streams, Observables and Completable Futures etc.
  • Experience working with agile environment and used JIRA for managing stories.
  • Experience working in Test Driven Development environment.
  • Can write end to end security with Authorization and Authentication using Spring Security.
  • Worked with Gradle and Maven to build and deploy the applications in various environments.
  • Used Gitlab and SVN for developing and version control of the applications.
  • Experience in utilizing CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, Kubernetes and Ansible to deploy micro services over the cloud.
  • Hystrix and Feign architecture for fault tolerance and for implementing REST architecture in out applications and using feign for creating encodable Clients.
  • Performed UI, Functional and Regression testing by automated using JUNIT, Maven, and Jenkins.
  • Experience in creating microservice architecture using Spring boot and Spring cloud.
  • Used Hibernate to perform CRUD operations in relational databases like Oracle, MySQL and non-SQL databases like Mongo dB using entities and repositories using Spring annotations.
  • Used Splunk and Kibana for querying logs on application looking for fixing errors.
  • Used Swagger for Rest Documentation and RestEasy for RestAPI testing.
  • Versatile team player with good communication, analytical, presentation and inter-personal skills.
  • Good experience in recognizing and reusing Design Patterns -GOF, J2EE design patterns, Architectural, SOA ..design Patterns, Enterprise integration patterns.


Languages: Java, Python, NodeJs, SQL, REACTJS, AngularJS

Frameworks: J2EE, Spring MVC, Spring boot, Log4j, Hibernate, Junit, Mockito, ANT, Maven, Hystrix and feign, Jackson, Single Sign On, Documentum, Sharepoint

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, Bootstrap, Angular

Database: JDBC, Mysql5, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Control-M

Tools: Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, SQL developer, SVN, GitHub, Jenkins, Putty

Server: Apache Tomcat 9.0, Hystrix and feign client.

Design Methodology: Agile, J2EE Design Patterns (Mainly Strategy, Factory patterns), MVC Pattern

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux Operating Systems



Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack Java- React/Java/Python)


  • Having technical discussions with the business on the requirements, based on discussions, creating the design and architecture approach based on requirements by generating the mocks and working with business to create roadmap.
  • Analyzing storyboards and similar artifacts of the scrum process, work in an Agile development environment with a quick turnaround time and iterative builds.
  • Develop various modules of an application using Java/J2EE, EJB, Spring BOOT, JS, JSP, and Restful Web Services, React with Redux API and RXJS.
  • Develop services, controllers, DAOs, and other utility classes.
  • Write complex HQL queries to retrieve and report the application data.
  • Develop complex functionalities using Java 11, HTML, and CSS.
  • Migrating application using React 16 in UI front end development with Redux and Rxjs API.
  • Developed business logic in a customizable and modular way, which meets the complex client requirements, as per the client specifications and coding standards.
  • Using Core Java, J2EE, XML, JavaScript, JSP, JNDIs in developing new functionalities and modules within the application. Implementing client-side application to invoke SOAP and Restful Web Services from Enterprise Service Layer application.
  • Using JACKSON for the conversion of JSON and Java objects for Rest Web services and JAXB for the conversion of XML and Java Objects.
  • Have worked on AWS for fetch the pictures files from AWS to UI.
  • Use Maven to build and deploy the application on the server.
  • Write JPQL, HQL queries and present the data to the customers through the application.
  • Work on the front end of the application to provide rich user experience using technologies like ReactJS, HTML, and CSS.
  • Work closely with business analysts, team leads, and other stakeholders of the project.
  • Building components around the analytic and audit to deal with the data from client and members so that it can be used for research and future development
  • Develop efficient code based on business requirements and specifications.
  • Use log4j and auditors to audit the issues in the application.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve complex bugs and MIs in the existing application in all the environments like production and non - production.
  • Checking test coverage and writing unit testcases after development using Junit to ensure the quality of the application.
  • Using Resteasy and Mockito to test rest services and normal class components.
  • Writing complex entities and join tables using Hibernate and JPA annotations.
  • Identify issues and defects in code using Kibana dashboard secure coding techniques.
  • Work closely with business analysts and other QA teams in the process of producing the best quality applications.
  • Identify and fix security defects in code using secure coding techniques.
  • Improve performance and develop new features in existing applications.


Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack Java- Java/react/python)


  • This ultimately is a paired programming environment, but this team only pairs around 20% of the time.
  • Tech Stack of the project is using are Java, Node and React.
  • Used GSON and Lombok libraries for parsing json data from webservices.
  • Used React and redux, Thunk and middleware in order to achieve the data integration like the angular framework.
  • Building an microservice application from scratch using Spark-Java and Spring boot.
  • Learned to implement Java 11 with hibernate in Intellij platform.
  • Using splunk to look Confidential the logs to find the root cause of production issues.
  • Using Hibernate to save data from objects to sql databases like OracleDB lying beneath.
  • Created Jenkins pipeline for a new application called tax exempt which we created from scratch.
  • Deployed applications in cloud environment like pivotal cloud foundry(PCF).
  • Getting data from legacy web services by creating a secure interceptor in the middle layer.
  • Created a swagger page for our services by leveraging spring annotations in the controller.
  • Used Github for version control and splunk for creating custom queries to look Confidential production logs.


Senior Full Stack Java Software Engineer (Java/Spring/React/JavaScript)


  • Responsible for design, architecture, develop multiple web applications for each study.
  • Developing and becoming proficient with new technologies like Java 11, React hooks, Spring 5.2.
  • Designing, writing proof of concept of new generic study to replace all individual study web applications.
  • Reimplementing entire REDUX architecture using React hooks and new react life cycle hooks.
  • All studies are up to date with new version of JAVA 11 using Lambdas, Streams, Observables and Completable futures.
  • Most applications are based on RESTful based architecture in backend and Redux architecture in frontend.
  • Experience creating multiple routes using BrowserRouter, NavLink, Link and using new React router hooks like useHistory, useLocation, useParams, useRouteMatch.
  • Creating public websites for every study based on requirements given by project managers.
  • Creating a User Lookup application for onboarding users into different studies.
  • Using React data grid to create a hierarchical folder structure consisting of documents using parent-child-design.
  • Developed application security using Spring Security 5 with ROLE/Permission based authorization.
  • Responsible for deploying the application using Jenkins pipeline.
  • Conducting meetings as part of AGILE process and developing dashboards etc in JIRA for the team.
  • Writing POC and application design documents and updating the documents regularly because of scope creep.
  • Using Oracle dB and SQL scripting for maintaining/changing the application data of different studies.
  • Writing Junit 5 testcases in backend and using Jest/enzyme and snapshot testing for frontend.
  • The team follows Agile methodology with 20 people consisting of Devops engineers, Networking engineers, Full stack and frontend engineers, Technical product manager, Scrum master and Project manager.
  • Responsible for architecting applications for all my stories and participate in code reviews of other developers.
  • Setting up ansible playbooks for deploying applications and scheduling jobs using Control-M in test and production environments.
  • Created a centralized mailing application used by multiple internal applications to send emails using python via RESTful architecture.
  • Designed and developed a new project called Proxy URL management application using Node, Express and Angular.
  • Managed the frontend application forms using Formik and took care of validation using Yup
  • Converted a legacy web application into multiple modules using micro services using Spring Boot and Spring REST.
  • Creating production and test batch jobs using parallel programming in python using control-m.
  • Maintaining the application source code using GITLAB and reviewing peer code reviews.
  • Merged frontend and backend application of a project into one build process using multiple plugins.
  • Mentoring and coordinating other developers and off-shore teams in India.


Software Engineer (Java, Spring, React)


  • Responsible for grooming, development and testing the stories as they come.
  • Created controller endpoints from scratch for adding downstream service to application using Spring.
  • Used Jackson and Lombok libraries for parsing json data from webservices.
  • Used React, Thunk and middleware to get data from back end for developing front end of application.
  • Design UI screens as mentioned in mockups and localizing them to different languages using moment and RTL.
  • All the data being communicated via rest endpoints as we don’ Confidential have our own database.
  • All the applications are microservice based applications which has same EPC template.
  • Used Swagger, Postman and chrome debugging tools for debugging Rest and front end.
  • Used custom UITK library and MomentJS to deal with dates and localization(RTL) to other languages.
  • Written test scripts using JEST and enjyme for the front end.
  • Used Hibernate to fetch data from the database.
  • Used jenkins for continuous integration and gradle as build tool.
  • Used Github for version control and splunk for creating custom queries to look Confidential production logs.
  • Worked as part of rotation in PagerDuty for all of our applications.
  • Migrated from SAW to Service Now which involved rerouting 21 Rest web services using Spring Rest.
  • Used AngularJS CLI for creating modules, components etc and running the application server.
  • Experience with features like Structural directives, Parent child interaction, template reference etc.
  • Used Angular Observables to make Rest calls to downstream services for fetching data.
  • Design UI screens using JSP, CSS, Spring Boot, Spring cloud, AJAX, Java Script and HTML.
  • Used Oauth to grant a user limited access to their resources on our website.
  • Created and consumed Restful webservices for exchange of data between AMS and ETA/PEOPLESOFT/Workforce.
  • Created microservices for payment module and created dbservice for communication with database.

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