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Java Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Have 16+ years of experience in design, development and deployment of multi - tier, Distributed, Scalable and Transactional Intranet/Internet applications using Java/J2EE
  • Strong hands on experience in Java, web/micro services, UI and SQL/PLSQL
  • Strong experience in working with agile work environment
  • Ability to work at a fast pace in a team and adapt style to ensure the project is successful
  • Ability to adapt to new technologies and tools quickly
  • Involved in full software development life cycle that includes requirements gathering, sprint planning design, development & maintenance.
  • Involved in architecture & technical design of consumer & corporate web applications
  • Design and development of web pages and integrate services using Sencha Ext JS, React Js, Ajax, Json, Angular JS, Html5, Css3, JSP, prime faces and bootstrap.
  • Developed single page web applications and components like viewport, form/tree/grid panels, data binding, toolbar, menu, windows and layouts like border, card, hbox, vbox, anchor, table etc.
  • Involved in implementing various grid features like pagination, sort, filter, check-box selection model, cell-editing, action column etc.
  • Design & develop micro services using Spring boot and Spring Cloud services/features like Eureka, Ribbon, Feign, Zipkin, Netflix Zuul API Gateway, Hystrix, RabbitMQ
  • Design and Develop REST/SOAP web services using Spring MVC, Ajax, JSON, XML, WSDL, JAXB, and JAXP for UI and other applications.
  • Implemented data access layer using Spring JDBC, RowMapper, StoredProcedure, JPA CRUD repositories, Hibernate HQL, Criteria API, Named Queries, query cache, locking
  • Securing web applications using Spring security, LDAP, SSL
  • Implement automated builds & deployment using Maven and Jenkins
  • Source code management using GitHub and SVN
  • Design develop and schedule data feeds using SQL/PLSQL, Spring JDBC and scheduler
  • Involved in implementing transaction management using spring JTA transaction manager.
  • Involved in developing pdf & csv downloads/uploads using spring, POI & IText APIs.
  • Involved in implementing internalization both server side & UI
  • Worked as a lead to coordinate development, offshore, QA, users & BA teams
  • Extensive experience in design & develop responsive single page UI web applications using front-end technologies like HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, React JS, ES5, ES6.
  • Creating Reusable react presentation and container components.
  • Good understanding and usage of states and props.
  • Strong hands on working with Redux.
  • Implemented EcmaScript6 (ES6) arrow functions, constants, block-scope variables, class inheritance.
  • Solid experience of react/redux install, build & development using Babel, Web pack, ES6, NPM.
  • Sound understanding of React Virtual Dom, unidirectional data flow.
  • Experience in designing various forms, tooltips, menus, tabs, widgets that support drag-and-drop, animated effects, data and time selector.
  • Experience on working with mobile applications React JS, bootstrap, css3 and media queries
  • Strong experience and ability to code handcrafted semantic HTML and CSS with emphasis on browser compatibility.
  • Strong hands on working data grids, pagination, sorting, filters using ad-Grid and React


Languages & API: Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, SQL, PL/SQL, POI, EJB, JMS, Jasper reports, UNIX shell script, Log4j, JUnit, SAX, DOM, JAXB, JSF

UI: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ext Js, Ajax, React Js, JQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap

RDBMS: Oracle, DB2, SQL server, Postgres, H2

Web/micro Services: Spring boot, REST, JSON, XML/XSD/XSLT, SOAP, WSDL

DevOps: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Jenkins, Maven, TOAD, DB2 command center, SQL server developer studio, Putty, SecureCRT, Filezilla, Zipkin, splunk, AIM, ACtuator, Sonar Cube, StarUML

Version Control: GitHub, CVS, SVN, VSS, TFS, StarTeam

Operating System: Windows, UNIX, SOLARIS, LINUX



Java Developer


  • Development and level1 production support for DMAT portal
  • Developed a website using React Js and spring boot to automate regular production support activities
  • Designed & developed PACE app from scratch which was in legacy lotus notes earlier
  • Introduced Java 8, Spring boot, micro services, spring cloud, jenkins, github and React Js, setup and developed from scratch.
  • Setup spring 4 datasource connection pool, SSL and spring security
  • 24X7 production support for Offer Manager system

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java Developer


  • Performance tuning for retrieving large datasets (10K records at a time) in to java layer,, apply multiple actions and validations, save the results back to database and progress update in UI.
  • Involved in design & development of project history tracking and allow the user to navigate to various screens from history using spring AOP and EXT JS routing.
  • Implemented Spring-Hibernate-JPA in data access layer to access and update data in the database using Hibernate HQL, Criteria API, Named Queries, query cache and transaction management.

Confidential, CHICAGO, IL

Java Developer


  • Implemented Spring data Crud Repository in data access layer for database CRUD operations.
  • Involved in the design & development of a back-end framework that provides data and filters for all the graphs and reports based on the customer.
  • Involved in development of Bar chart, Group bar, Stack bar, Heat map, Gauge and Pie chart using D3.js

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