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Software Developer Resume


  • 6+ Years of IT experience in Sterling Order Management Systems.
  • Adequate hands on in dealing with entire SDLC life cycle. i.e. requirement analysis, development, technical design, preparing the High - level specification, Low level specification, coding, Unit testing, System testing, analyzing tests results, JOB scheduling and implementation.
  • Expertise in Pipeline, Transaction, Conditions and Services Configuration
  • Experience with Performance Testing of Sterling OMS solutions
  • Experience in designing various OMS modules - Order Capture, Order Promising and fulfillment, Inventory management, payment processing.
  • Experience in solution design of Sterling OMS implementation.
  • Experience with JBoss Servers.
  • Good mentoring experience.
  • Involved in debugging the issues after deployed in QA and test environments.
  • Demonstrated proficiency for learning new tools and business environment.
  • Experienced in preparing the Test Plans, Test Requirements, Test Cases, Test Reports, and detect tracking as required by the project.
  • Facilitated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with the stakeholders and business users, fixed the discovered errors and verified it through regression testing.
  • Extensive hands on with GIT software configuration tool.
  • Good knowledge on Jenkins and its application, implementation with plugin and customization.
  • Good knowledge on various code management tools like SVN, GIT.
  • Knowledge on bug tracking tools such as JIRA.


Programming Languages: C, Java.

Java/J2EE Technologies: JDBC, JSP.

Web Development: HTML, CSS, Java Script.


Application/Web Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBOSS

Databases: Oracle 10G, 11 XE.

IDEs: Eclipse (Kepler and Indigo).

Tools: TOAD, SOAPUI for Web service testing, JIRA board, Note Pad ++, Brackets, Post Man, XYMON, Control-M

Special Software: IBM Sterling Selling Fulfillment Foundation V 9.5, IBM Sterling CPQ, IBM Sterling Commerce8.5,9.1, 9.5 (OMS), Web Call Center

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux.



Software Developer


  • Sales Force is the front-end implementation for this project. OMS interact with SFCC for Japan.
  • Implementation of the Web call center for SFCC integration.
  • Installation of Sterling suite 9.4, Web call center, deploying fix packs and deploying it in the QA and dev environments
  • POC on what all the customizations that are to be shown on different screens on the web call center
  • Interact with Businesses and customize and organize the call center as per the requirements.
  • Design and develop sourcing nodes for Japan Enterprise.
  • Integrate and coordinate with Mule soft team.
  • Data mapping for create order confirmation emails, Order cancellation, Order update emails as per the SFCC display it on the web screen and pass along to Customer through Email.
  • Configured the sourcing and scheduling rules, distribution groups for Japan.
  • Rest API, integration with MuleSoft and payment integration with Adyen systems for Japan.


Software Developer


  • Gift card modernization - Implementation of Gift card tender type in Confidential
  • Service configuration, Payment Collection, Payment Agent monitoring and handle the REST API calls for different modules of Gift Card payment flow.
  • Gift Card Balance Inquiry, from PCA Screen, when a Gift card number is written and submitted, this will internally call in the sterling GC Balance Inquiry Service s
  • Configured services under order fulfillment, developed JSON request objects, elements and arrays to make a REST API call, created REST Template, and captured the required attributes and updated the data in new DB table.
  • GC Redemption API call - as soon as the gift card is placed for order, once the order is created, payment collection, payment execution agents will pick up this and invokes the service which in in turn invokes Redemption API
  • JSON request, response handling and pass it along the downstream systems
  • Developed REST API service API call for Gift Card Reload API where once the customer returns the orders or cancels the order, the amount deducted from the Gift card would reloaded to the original Gift card.
  • Gift card reload can happen in positive adjustments and negative adjustments scenario’s where a customer can be charged more or refunded back. Based on that respective API call is being made.
  • Handle Error Response for the API calls made for the Gift card. Respective HTTP errors are used for alerting Customer sales service representatives, alerts configuration, throw error on PCA screen, send an email notification as per business requirements.
  • Coded Gift Card Void redemption API call, once the gift card gets expired gift cards are to be made void.
  • Supported ON call schedule, monitor agents, environment issue troubleshoots, XYMON alerts monitoring and troubleshooting, space issue, heap dump issues handling, control-M tool agent health status check etc.


Software Engineer


  • Implementation of International Loyalty program for Europe, United Kingdom and United States
  • Responsible for Design and Development of OIS, OMNI Code enhancements and Loyalty projects
  • Developed interface mapping document according to the requirements
  • Web service implementation between ESB, POS and Sterling application
  • Worked on Web Call center - Implementation of New Screens, Buttons, configure mashup layers based on the API calls.
  • Worked on Web Call Center debugging, extending the screen functionalities, configure Events, Layouts, Labels, Buttons, Check boxes, mashup Layers and customized as per the technical requirements
  • Configured different API calls in Behavioral mashups, Initialization mashups which invoke respective API’s, configured services in Sterling OMS.
  • Created Dynamic, Static flows, conditions, transactions for the Synchronous and Asynchronous services and API responses to handle and interpret from different downstream systems Such as ESB, POS, CO, RMS, 500 friends by OMS.
  • Implemented different Features Availability Loyalty Point Balance, Rewards & Account history, Switch Account on Customer profile and Order Summary page.
  • Customize Web call center, Inspect Web Call center pages, Network debugging, Response handling, identify source pages, capture console logs.
  • Hide, display, configure and Implement of new functionalities, exceptions in various Order Flow pages.
  • XML Parsing, XSL templates configure, handle JSON response.
  • Worked on IBM Sterling suite 9.4, 9.5 and Web Call Center(WCC)
  • Played a key role in production deployment with zero down time
  • Played a key role in planning, implementation and development to ensure smooth deployment of sterling code in production.
  • Implementation of Different webservices call in REST, SOAP to downstream Systems ESB, POS, Central Office.
  • Responsible for CDT build and deployment process for the test environments
  • Customizing the Transactions, Events and Actions, Implemented Asynchronous and Synchronous Services
  • Design, Coding, Testing in Payment module.
  • Managing all aspects of the software configuration management process including code compilation.

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