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Java Architect Resume


  • More than 14 years of experience and exposure to the best of the technologies being used across the globe for developing, designing and analysing enterprise applications. I have experience of working as Solution Designer, Technical Lead, Systems Analyst and Developer for Technical Product clients and Banking & Financial domain clients.
  • Designed and developed solutions implementing Web Services (REST & SOAP), XML and JAXB. Hibernate, service - oriented architecture (SOA), Spring various Modules (core, MVC, AOP, ORM), Multithreading,
  • Hands on experience working with:
  • Micro service Architecture, implementing Hysterix, Zuel and Eureka for discovery, load balancing and fault tolerance respectively
  • Designing and developing Micro services and deploying to cloud
  • Using EIP patterns like (Gateway, Polling Consumer, Service Activator, Message Channel, Message Transformer, and Enricher
  • OAUTH 3-legged authentication integrating with LDAP for authorization
  • Writing Spring Batch components using Spring Boot, Spring Batch and Spring Integration.
  • JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Angular JS 1.3
  • Java 11 and Thread pools, Multi-threading in test driven design (TDD) and Cucumber based Behavior Driven Design (BDD) scenarios
  • Implementing Spring MVC, Spring Web flow, and Spring Security
  • SQL queries, database functions, stored procedures for a variety of databases like MSsql, Postgres, DB2
  • Using MVC architecture-based applications (Struts 1.2 and 2, Spring MVC, JSF)
  • Jenkins (build automation) CICD pipeline, SonarQube (code quality) and integration of SonarQube with Jenkins CICD pipeline
  • API management platform like Apigee Edge and streaming platform like Apache Kafka
  • Deploying applications to various application servers like Tomcat, JBOSS and Websphere Application Server (WAS), using admin console for installing wars, creating web servers, application servers in WAS
  • JMX beans supported by JBOSS
  • Designed and implemented the Transport layer security (TLS) and Message Layer security (MLS) from validating the digital signature, verifying against the certificate authority and Signing of the message.
  • Having the ability to coordinate across teams and stakeholders in order to identify/ analyze requirements and ensure on-time delivery and good knowledge in Agile software development and Waterfall model in Software Development Life Cycle.
  • SCJP and SCWCD certified.



JAVA Architect


  • Working as a JAVA architect for client Confidential, developing an application for configuring Tax Rules, Tax Categories for getting Tax quotes for buying,refund for pricing, Confidential store connect and commerce customers of Confidential .
  • Developed Module to download, process monthly data update large volume files using thread pool and publishing changes to the downstream systems.
  • Implemented Spring Security for Hierarchical Role based authorization for the application.
  • Worked on publishing and looking after cross functional features like code compliance, test coverage, code smells, using right tools for the entire team
  • Implemented Spring Integration Gateway and service activator for event-based message processing.
  • Work with client architects to develop strategy to deploy application in a clustered environment with multiple nodes. Used oracle data guard for data replication and high availability.
  • Responsibilities include design, Full stack development, writing unit test cases, review code for other developers, testing and deployment to test and higher environment, doing proof of concepts for common components used throughout the application.
  • Responsible for end to end delivery of the application components from understanding functional requirements, Design, Development, code review and release to Test environments.
  • Participating in performance review meetings with testing teams and client architects for improving performance of application.


Senior Technical Consultant


  • Designing the solution, clarify design during meeting.
  • Co-ordinate with client IT team relevant to project as and when required.
  • Owning and Implementing enhancements and see through the entire implementation of enhancements.
  • Review code for developers within the project teams and key users.
  • Develop code and unit test.
  • Responsible for coordination/assistance to IT/UAT testing, Cut-over activities.
  • Developing and enhancing an in-house product of Confidential for configuring contact options for Confidential Care, Confidential Online store and Helpline Support applications for Confidential .
  • Developed code to enhance an email function for sending message to Confidential care users which included coordinating with all upstream and downstream systems of the application including, the Message system, email system, and system providing available contact options to name a few.
  • Analyze requirements, prototyping when required
  • Co-ordinate with stakeholders relevant to project as and when required.
  • Responsible for coordination/assistance to IT/UAT testing, Cut-over activities.
  • Provide Go-Live Support for the application post deployment to production.
  • Develop Micro Services, Discovery services (using Netflix Eureka), Fault tolerance using Hysterix.
  • Supporting APIs for various projects in CITI supporting partners (view CITI accounts via Chabot and third-party portal to view CITI and External accounts as part open Banking initiative if CITI group.
  • Create and update swaggers for the services supported by the Ledger services team.
  • Coordination with API governance team with registration and integration of services.
  • Unit Testing, Peer review of code and promotion to Integration stream (Built using Jenkins, RLM request for release management and change request via Service now)

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