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Softre Engineer Resume



  • Technic knowledge and skills in objected oriented programming language, knowledge in java enterprise edition as well;
  • Familiar with frontend developing;
  • Familiar with essentials design patterns and general principles how to build effective and reusable system;
  • Familiar with test driven development;
  • Have knowledge in using automated process for build and deployments;
  • Had one - time experience with symmetric/asymmetric encoding/decoding;
  • Be able to work in a team;


Language: Java Core Adv., DS, OOP, GOF + Enterprise Design Patterns, SOLID;

JEE: Servlets, JSP, Tomcat AS;


Frameworks: Spring IoC/Boot/Data/MVC, Hibernate;

Frontend: Angular, TypeScript -> JS, HTML, CSS;

QA/TDD: jUnit, Mockito, SpringTest;

AppServer: Apache Tomcat;

Communication: HTTP, REST, JSON;

Security: SHA, MD, RSA, DSS;

Cloud: AWS;

Tools: Scrum Agile, IDEA, WebStorm, Gradle, Maven, Jenkins CI/CD, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket;


Confidential, WA

Software Engineer


  • Implemented algorithm for effectively using a transport routes using the most effective structures;
  • Developed internal module on Angular and provided components lazy loading;
  • Worked with http responses using asynchronous pipes using Angular rxjs/observable;
  • Was ensuring interaction with AWS S3-IA buckets for storing necessary data;
  • Configured Jenkins Jobs on separate node using S3 plugin for ensuring auto deployment to the storage, and auto deployment from github to AWS Elastic Beanstalk;

Environment: Java 1.8, Angular 8.1.0, RxJs 6.4.0, SpringBoot, Spring MVC, TypeScript, MongoDB, Jenkins CI/CD, Maven, Git/GitHub.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Java Software Engineer


  • Involved in analyzing client’s needs, developed specifications of software solutions;
  • Provided domain decomposition and designed relational database on MySQL;
  • Involved in designing all pages of UI mockups;
  • Used FlyWay for database migrations;
  • Designed POJO Entities, Repository, Services, Controllers using Spring MVC;
  • Used JPA and Hibernate as mapping from Java Objects to DataBase;
  • Used Spring Boot as the backend for the fast Java-Backend development;
  • Created REST endpoints using OpenAPI;
  • Wrote jUnit and Mockito integrational tests for all Controllers, Repositories and Services;
  • Tested endpoints used Postman;
  • Used Docker for create separately container for DataBase and API layers and provided communication;

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, SpringBoot 2.0.0, MySQL, Hibernate JPA 2.1, Hibernate 4.2.20, Gradle, Git, GutHub, Postman, Docker, Eclipse, FlyWay 5.1.4.


Java Back-End Developer


  • Created DataBase with using UML online tool;
  • Developed DAO layer using JDBC;
  • Created servlets for essentials services Reservation, Add and Delete Apartments, Add Landlord, AddTenant;
  • Developed CustomTag for output data about user from DB through JDBC;
  • Used tag library from apache-tags;
  • Used open-sourced templating framework Apache Tiles for UI;
  • Created form for upload using POST, and method for cashing pictures of user avatars using HashMap and @MultipartConfig annotation;
  • Created handouts manuals regarding Java Core and mentored a novices java developers;

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, MySQL, Apache Tomcat 8.0.23, MySQL Workbench, Servlets 3.0, JSP, JSTL, CustomTag, Apache Tiles, Maven, Git, GitHub.


Junior Web Developer


  • Involved in Agile software development life cycle with SCRUM methodology;
  • Created DDL database structure;
  • Involved in built Hibernate mapping on the DataBase tables;
  • Created various HTML tool page and necessaries html templates, modal windows, confirmation templates;
  • Created forms using BootStrap and adding navigation panels for jsp pages;
  • Created CSS styles and NavigationBars;
  • Used bootstrap-responsive and fixed templates: Admin, Manager, AddUser, EditUser, EditIssue forms;

Environment: Java EE 1.8, Java Spring Framework 3.1.1, Hibernate 4.3.8, Maven 3.2.5, javax.servlet 2.5, javax.servlet.jsp 2.1, log4j 1.2.14, jUnit 4.11, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS 3, BootStrap 3, ES5, Backbone.js1.1.2, Underscore.js 1.7.0, jQuery 1.9.1, OpenStreetMap, MySQL 5.1, Tomcat 8.0, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket.

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