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Java Developer Resume

Irving, TexaS


Seeking a Java Application Developer position.


Java developer with approximately 6 years of relevant experience, and 20 years total programming experience. I have a strong work ethic, dedication to quality


Servers: Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Glassfish

IDEs: Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, NetBeans, Visual Studio Code

Scripting Languages: Korn Shell, SED, AWK

Java APIs: Java SE, Java EE

Web Applications: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PrimeFaces, Ember.js, Handlebars, Angular 5

ORM Frameworks: Hibernate

Editors: VI, UltraEdit, Notepad

Testing/Tools: Junit, Mockito, Jmeter, Selenium, WILY, SoapUI

Build Management: Maven, Gradle

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

Quality Control: SonarQube

Version Management: CVS, Subversion, Git

Collaboration Tools: Jira, Confluence, SharePoint

Terminal Emulator: Xterm, SSH Secure Shell, Putty

Relational Databases: DB2, Oracle, MySQL

Database Utilities: TOAD, SQL Navigator, SQLPlus

DB Programming: ANSI SQL

Operating Systems: AIX/HP - UX/Linux, Windows 10/8/7

Methodologies: Agile XP, Agile Scrum, Waterfall

Microsoft Office Suite: Word 365, Excel 365, PowerPoint 365, Outlook 365, OneNote 365, Publisher 365


Java Developer

Confidential, Irving, Texas


  • Worked as the sole developer on a Spring based application for calculating the amount to be billed for hours of computing time.
  • IntelliJ was used as development IDE/platform, along with the operating systems Windows10 and UNIX.
  • Gradle was the choice for automating builds, Git/Bitbucket was the code repositories and JFrog Artifactory was the all-purpose repository manager.
  • Applications were run on a Tomcat 8.5 Server.
  • Jira and Confluence made workflow and communication across agile teams easy and seamless.
  • The list of development languages utilized includes Java SE 8, Java EE 7, Spring Framework 4.2, JSP, JSTL, Custom Tag Libraries, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Services, XML, Junit and SoapUI.

Java Developer

Confidential, Fort Worth, Texas


  • Worked as the sole onshore developer, along with three offshore resources in China.
  • Coordinated workflow and scheduling daily. It was occasionally necessary to modify my schedule to sync with offshore developers.
  • Worked on a shopping cart application where users purchased items using points earned through their employer, along with an application for maintaining those points.
  • Applications were dependent mutually dependent.
  • Eclipse served as the development platform, using technologies such as Java SE 8 and EE 7, Spring Framework, JDBC, JSP, JSTL and Custom Tag Libraries, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Web Services XML,, XSLT, and others.
  • Tomcat Server was used for development and production.
  • Primary testing tools used included Selenium, Junit & SoapUI. And finally, work was done using a TDD paradigm.

Java Developer

Confidential, Irving, Texas


  • The front end was a component based JavaServer Faces architecture, using its default templating system, so a considerable number of Managed Beans and Facelets were written. The application was constructed using HTML and CSS elements, Java Standard Tag Libraries, JavaServer Faces Core, Facelets, Composite and Component Tag Libraries, PrimeFaces Component Libraries, jQuery and JavaScript. SOAP based Web Services were used for accessing data from outside entities, XML, XSLT, whereas Spring JCBC was the access method for the Oracle Databases. The Oracle tool, TOAD, was used for database DML & DDL activities, while WebLogic Application Servers were used for both development and production. TDD paradigm was used in development.
  • Next, worked on a contract with Confidential, developing a web and mobile application, using Ember, Ember Data, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript & jQuery along with Node.js, npm and PhantomJS for environment setup and testing.
  • Git is used for repository management.
  • Oracle databases were used for data persistence, with Toad for database interaction, and the Agile development methodology used was Scrum. Jenkins was used for automation and continuous integration.
  • Spring Boot, microservices & Spring Batch are used, along with Single Page Applications (Angular4, HTML, CSS, & TypeScript). Git is used for the code repository, and Jenkins was used for continuous integration. Agile Scrum is the development methodology.

Java Developer



  • Member of the technical architecture group, primarily responsible for assisting in the determination of which development tools and frameworks would be used for development, while also maintaining and upgrading existing software used by all branches of the bank.
  • Due to the diverse requirements at the bank, architecture varied greatly between applications. Applications architecture followed MVC and n-tier patterns, when possible.
  • Among the many APIs & languages used the web/presentation were Struts/Tiles, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Dojo, JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Faces, Standard Tag Libraries, Custom Tag Libraries, Facelets and Servlet components.
  • Business logic was developed using mostly Enterprise JavaBeans, Spring, either JAX-WS or RESTful Web Services & managed beans.
  • The data access layer consisted of either JPA or Hibernate DAO elements, and finally, data was stored in DB2 Databases. DDL and DML skills were used extensively.
  • The Spring and Hibernate frameworks were increasingly integrated into new development and existing application enhancements.
  • The Eclipse IDE and Tomcat Server were used for development, with applications ultimately deployed to a WebSphere Application Server.
  • Junit and Mockito were used for unit testing, Subversion for version control, Nexus for Repository Management, Maven and Jenkins for build management and continuous integration, respectively, and finally, SonarQube for Quality Assurance.
  • The skills mentioned are not exhaustive.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills were essential for collaborating not only with immediate team members, but with other divisions at the bank as well.

Java Software Developer/Consultant

Confidential, Jackson, Tennessee


  • Primarily responsible for maintaining and upgrading a GUI Desktop Application related to the healthcare industry; through analysis of user requirements, system features and functionality, then implementing user requirements with Java components.
  • Data was stored in DB2 databases, so DML and DDL skills were used regularly.
  • A great many of the Java AWT, Swing, API components & interfaces were used.
  • The application was deployed on an AS400/Tomcat6 framework, which was also configuration in the development environment.
  • Development, debugging and testing were carried out using tools such as the NetBeans IDE and JUnit.
  • Additionally, worked with other software developers to ensure coordination and consistency of development efforts and standards during the complete application lifecycle.
  • The waterfall methodology was used initially, followed by a transition to Agile/Scrum. The Concurrent Version System (CVS) was used for revision control.
  • Working with end-users, management and other departments required effective written and verbal communication skills.

Software Developer/Consultant

Confidential, Nashville, Tennessee


  • Responsible for assisting in the conversion of a Micro Focus COBOL/UNIX based legacy system to an Enterprise Java solution run on a UNIX platform with PostgreSQL Databases.
  • The company was small, with few members on the team, so there was an additional opportunity to function as the PostgreSQL DBA. Skills such as JavaServer Pages, Servlets, EJBs, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used regularly.
  • Subversion was used for version management, and additional responsibilities included repository creation and management.
  • JUnit was used for unit testing, and Ant, followed by Maven, for build management.
  • There was an, approximately, 50/50 division of time between legacy system maintenance and Java development.
  • Applications were related to Healthcare & Facilities; Laboratory, Order Entry, Financial, Patient Management, Document Management, etc.

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