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Software developer Resume


To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional, possessing competent Technical Skills.


Programming Languages Known: Java

Data Base packages: Oracle 11g, MySQL and MS - Access.

Web Technologies: Html

J2EE Concepts: Jdbc, Servlets, JSPFrameworks Hibernate, Spring, Webservices

Platforms: Windows Family



Software Developer

Technologies: JDBC, Servlets, MySql and My Eclipse


  • Confidential scheme seamlessly incorporates a hierarchical structure of system users by applying a delegation algorithm to ASBE.
  • Confidential not only supports compound attributes due to flexible attribute set combinations, but also achieves efficient user revocation because of multiple value assignments of attributes.
  • We formally proved the security of Confidential based on the security of CP-ABE by Bethencourt.
  • Finally, we implemented the proposed scheme, and conducted comprehensive performance analysis and evaluation, which showed its efficiency and advantages over existing schemes.

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