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Software Developer Resume

Raleigh, NC


Senior Application Developer with 20 years of Java, Full Stack development experience. Skilled at developing web applications and microservices. Experienced in integration, and implementation projects.


Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Software Developer


  • Implemented the Arrest Search System in over 30 counties in Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma
  • Implemented Bug Fixes and enhancements for the Synaptec Court Data Search System.
  • Used Git for version control including branching and pull requests
  • Deployed Applications to Amazon EC2
  • Maintained configurations in Amazon S3
  • Wrote Issues and Tasks in JIRA
  • Used Spring for Dependency Injection in all Java classes
  • Used MySQL in the deployment process for the new Arrest Search
  • Worked within Spring Boot Applications
  • Used JUnit and Mockito for unit testing
  • Monitored Services using Amazon SQS

Confidential, Burlington, NC

IT Technical Specialist


  • Co - Developed the Confidential first successful prototype Java Web Service using the Distributed Transaction Processing Resource Apapter for the Unisys 2200.mainframe.
  • Co-Developed the Confidential ’s first three production ready Java Web Services using the Transaction Processing Resource Adapter for the Unisys 2200 mainframe.
  • Mentored COBOL developers transitioning to Java.
  • Ran Websphere Application Server(WAS) on my personal system
  • Installed the Unisys Resource Adapters on WAS on my personal system
  • Set up WAS to read remote WebsphereMQ Queues
  • Used Spring for Dependency Injection in all Java classes I have written
  • Maintained Maven POMs, troubleshooting them and adding new resources from Maven Central
  • Promoted code to Bitbucket and created a Feature Branch.
  • Wrote stories and tasks in Jira
  • Monitored Bamboo to ensure that newly promoted code behaved properly.
  • Used SonarQube to improve code quality
  • Used Urban Code to deploy new builds to the development server
  • Wrote documentation and shared insights in Confluence
  • Assisted in writing code to read queues using Spring JMS
  • Used Spring Boot and Spring MVC to write troubleshooting applications
  • Used Jersey to implement JAX-RS base Restful Web Services

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Senior Software Developer


  • Analyzed various ETL systems and selected Pentaho
  • Created a prototype ETL system with Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Quartz, and Pentaho
  • Created CRUD Web Services for User and Client records
  • Adapted ApachesDS as LDAP system for the new ROAMS version
  • Designed LDAP system for the new ROAMS version
  • Created User and Client CRUD functionality using Spring LDAP and ApacheDS
  • Created an editor for a Labor Categorization Rules system along the other CRUD functions
  • Created functionality for creating a basic Menu Rule
  • Used Spring MVC to write Restful Web Services
  • Used Spring Data to access a Postgres SQL Database
  • Wrote Bamboo build scripts
  • Used Spring for Dependency Injection in all of my Java classes
  • Developed Java Applications using IntelliJ
  • Wrote Front Ends for Utilities using Thymeleaf
  • Adapted an AngularJS Front End to connect to a Web Service running an ETL system
  • Used Jira to manage Agile Scurms and Sprints
  • Wrote deployment scripts for Jet Brains Team City
  • Used Mongo DB to store interim data during ETL process
  • Wrote documentation in Confluence
  • Promoted and managed code using Git

Confidential, RTP, NC

Engineer - User Experience


  • Integrated Siebel/Mongo query translation capabilities into a enterprise defect tracking system in anticipation of moving from Siebel(Oracle) to MongoDB
  • Completed the initial conversion of Post Load Siebel business rules to Drools in conversion of a Siebel/Oracle back end to Drools/MongoDB for the same system
  • Developed ETL application for bringing attachments from the Siebel file system to the file system supporting MongoDB
  • Developed an EmberJS POC as part of an investigation into a new UI
  • Used Spring for Dependency Injection in all of my Java classes
  • Modified existing Groovy Code
  • Used Rally for all Scrums and Sprints in an Agile environment
  • Promoted and managed code using SVN
  • Set up and configured Tomcat server on my system
  • Monitored Build Progress using Gradle, Jenkins, Artifactory
  • Used Spring Data for database interaction
  • Used Spring Boot for Support Services

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