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Systems Engineer Resume

Alpharetta, GA


  • Over 6+ years of IT experience worked in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from requirements gathering to the production and successfully implemented several projects with responsibilities and Developed User Interface (UI) applications and professional web based technologies using HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Angular as developer at different locations.
  • Experience in different Software development methodologies like Agile - Scrum and experience working with Agile, Waterfall methodologies and the application development
  • Designed Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams and Object Diagrams to model the detail design of the application using UML and good knowledge on Object Oriented Analysis and Object-Oriented Design, Modeling Applications with Use case, Class Diagrams & Sequence Diagrams.
  • Worked on various MVC Java frameworks like Angular 2/4, JQuery, Node.JS, Bootstrap, React.JS, ExtJS and developed independent web components WIDGETS using Java Script, JQuery and Angular with all old model browser compatibility.
  • Developed User Interface applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node JS, Express JS, Bootstrap, JSP, Mongo DB, NPM, GIT, MVC, JSON, XML, Jira and Angular.
  • Performed end-to-end UI testing using frameworks like Jasmine, Karma and Selenium and worked on build and dependency management tools like Ant and Maven.
  • Worked with Version Control Systems GIT, CVS, SVN and Clear case and Continuous Integrations tools Jenkins.
  • Knowledge on NoSQL databases like MongoDB and its advantages over relational DB's(RDBMS) like NoSQL databases, MongoDB, Cassandra DB.
  • Worked with databases like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and MySQL, MongoDB (No SQL).
  • Worked with tools like JUnit and Mockito for developing test cases and testing phases including Integration Testing, Unit Testing.
  • Well versed with Core Java concepts like OOPS, Exception Handling, Collections. Worked on Karma for testing reports. Created and executed both load and functional tests for web services.
  • Experience in writing test-cases in Java environment using Junit and worked with MVC Architecture using Struts & Spring Frameworks JMS, JNDI and Hibernate.
  • Expertise in developing data models using Hibernate, JPA Object relational mapping (ORM) Frameworks & also used Hibernate Annotations to reduce time at the configuration level.
  • Proficient in handling web and application servers in creating Domain, configuring connection pool, JMS, deploying applications on Web Logic, WebSphere, Apache Tomcat.
  • Developed REST based Microservices using Spring Boot. Experience in using Maven as a building tool.
  • Worked with Spring Framework by implementing Spring Bean Tags, Logical Tags and EJBs, Action forms, Action classes, Form beans to handle user requests.
  • Worked on various IDEs like STS, Eclipse, Postman, Atom and Microsoft Visual Studio Code.
  • Used Continuous delivery / Continuous Integration (CD/CI) tools Docker, Jenkins to deploy this application to AWS along with GIT for Version Control of code for incremental development.
  • Worked with entire system life cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Programming, Building, Testing, Debugging, Maintenance and Enhancements of multi-tier, database driven J2EE application.
  • Implemented POC for Notifications and Appointment module using RESTful Micro Service using Apache Camel framework using Java 8.
  • Deep understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment and good knowledge of AWS services like Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Container Service (Docker Containers), S3, Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Formation.
  • Worked on a ETL tool Trillium control center for data analytics and data analysis.
  • Developed, Tested and Deployed applications in Windows and Linux environments.
  • Expert Communication, Interpersonal, and Organizational skills and quick learner with sound technical, analytical skills and excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Languages: C, C++, Java (J2SE 1.8/1.7/1.6/1.5 , J2EE 6 / 5), My SQL, PL/SQL, UML2.0

Technologies: JSP2.1/2.0/1.2, Servlets 2.x/3.x, JavaBeans, JDBC, Struts2.x, Hibernate3.x/4.x, Spring3.0/4.0, Web Services, SOA, JMS2.0, and DOM Parsers, AJAX, Karma, Jasmine

Web Technologies: HTML/DHTML, XHTML2.0, JavaScript1.x, XML1.0, XSL, XSLT, XPATH CSS, jQuery, Angular-2, Ext JS

Development Tools (IDEs): Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans, MS Visual Studio, Spring Tool Suite, Trillium control center

.Web/Application Servers: Tomcat7.x, WebLogic 10.3/9.2/8.1/7.0 , IBM WebSphere7.x/8. X, JBOSS eap 7.x

Database: Oracle 11g, SQL server 2012, MySQL, Mongo dB, Cassandra, DynamoDB

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, LINUX, MAC

Testing Tools: JUnit 4.x, JIRA, Mockito, Rally, TestNG, Version1, Selenium

Version Control: CVS, SVN, VSS and Rational ClearCase, GIT Hub

Methodologies: Agile Methodology, Waterfall model, Kanban

Build Tools: Ant, Gradle, Maven


Confidential, ALPHARETTA, GA

Systems Engineer


  • Worked with Agile methodology and actively participated in Scrum meetings as a part of SDLC , to produce quality deliverables within time.
  • Develop the UI component architecture for developer framework using Angular 6 , Typescript, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap .
  • Developed custom, self-contained, reusable and testable Angular 6 modules , controllers , directives and services to implement key functionalities for customer account summary.
  • Used Angular 6 Http services for asynchronous validations for the input fields of the forms with the data existed in the database.
  • Create a reusable Angular custom component library using Angular Material components , reactive form builder, meta-data driven with error validations .
  • Took part in setting up the routing configuration using Angular 6 router for various views and sub views .
  • Worked simultaneously in both production and development teams and took part in designing and developing dynamic web pages using HTML5 , CSS3 , Bootstrap , SASS , JavaScript , jQuery , Angular 6 for single page applications .
  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Developed Java modules implementing business rules and workflows using Spring MVC , IOC and Web Framework.
  • Improved the maintainability of the project by implementing and improving Exception Handling and Collection APIs.
  • Used spring to implement MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and Hibernate for Java object mapping with database tables .
  • Used Spring AOP for cross cutting concerns like Transaction management and logging Web service calls
  • Implemented JAXP for SAX to the event-driven, serial-access mechanism that does element-by-element processing .
  • Implemented JAXP also supports the XSLT to control over the presentation of the data and enabling to convert the data from XML documents to other formats, such as HTML .
  • Developed Queue ( IBM MQ) based Integration Micro Services with Spring Boot and also Involved in Sprint planning for the estimation of efforts for user stories and bugs.
  • Used Java Message Service ( JMS ) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of information.
  • Used Spring, Spring Integration framework to build applications& interact with multiple interfaces.
  • Tested the responses of the SOAP services using SOAP UI and generated Mock Service in SOAP UI to simulate and test the functionalities of Web Service
  • Troubleshoot the Web Services and identify the issues based on the logs generated and fix the Issues.
  • Prepared unit test cases with JUnit , Spring Test and Mockito framework.
  • Used GIT LAB(CI/CD) as version control software to manage the source code and to keep track of changes to files which is fast and light weight system.
  • Used Log4j as the logging framework.
  • Involved in various critical meetings with developers helping them resolve the issue by providing detailed technical issues or issues faced by end customers. Represents team on priority for production tickets to resolve issues and stabilize application.
  • Worked with several monitor tools like Sitecat, Catchpoint, TLeaf, Glassbox, Adobe Analyticts etc.
  • Coordinated with offshore and onshore team in delivery of all critical issues which were identified as part of monthly ER(Enterprise Release). Logging JIRA for identified defects and tracked until it gets a proper closure.
  • Gained detailed knowledge of all business flows, application architecture and server configuration for required applications.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JS, Java 1.8, Spring boot, REST micro services, MQ, Log4j, Hibernate, JUnit, UML, JDBC, Log4j, MSSQL, UNIX, Tomcat, JavaScript, CSS, XML, HTML, Liberty server, Jenkins.

Confidential, HARTFORT, CT

Java Integration Developer


  • Involved in developing the application using Angular 6, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular CLI, Typescript, JavaScript, Spring REST, JPA and Oracle as the database.
  • Developed various feature specific modules using Angular 6 components, modules, services and pipes.
  • Implemented responsive UI layout using Bootstrap Responsive CSS and jQuery features.
  • Developed various feature specific modules and implemented module wide routing in the application using Angular router module.
  • Created web pages using Angular data driven and template driven forms and created custom asynchronous validations to validate the data on server side.
  • Developed web services using Spring framework and REST and exposed the data to the UI in JSON format for Smart phone vehicle enrollment services.
  • Development involved inbound and outbound services under the PUB/SUB concept using IBM MQ where one of the service has to be interacted with vendor partner for Data communication.
  • Implemented Load balancing approach in Jboss server by configuring connection factory settings with in the server.
  • Implemented E2E AD secure authentication throughout the whole application.
  • As webservice involves financial activities we incorporated highly available infrastructure to make application live 24x7 with proper alert mechanism in place.
  • Developed the application using Spring tool suite and involved in testing and deploying to other environments on Jboss EAP server using Jenkins.
  • Participated in several discussions with client team about the project architecture.
  • Developed a batch job using spring batch and quartz scheduler to process failed transactions.
  • Executed all the web service test scenarios by using SOAPUI .
  • Used Microservice architecture , with Spring Boot -based services interacting through a combination of REST and MQ and leveraging Jboss to build, test and deploy micro services.
  • Involved in Production support monitoring for Java restful webservices.
  • Used log4j API for logging in development, testing and production environments, configured to send email notifications too.
  • Developed hibernate inheritance mapping using single table approach and configured multi-level caching in Hibernate to reduce the load on the MS SQL database server.
  • Coordinated with Vendor partner whenever we encounter issues and ensuring there is no data loss.Organized several release on a monthly basis for additional enhancements for the service.
  • Worked on a ETL tool Trillium control center for data analytics and ensuring all the data is parsed properly.
  • Implemented several business rules in Trillium control center to avoid data issues while loading them in the control center.
  • Achieved 97% in data standardization using this ETL tool for middle market data.

Environment: Angular 6, Typescript, HTML, CSS, JS, Java 1.8, Spring boot, REST micro services, MQ, Log4j, Hibernate, JUnit, UML, JDBC, Log4j, MSSQL, UNIX, Tomcat, JavaScript, CSS, XML, HTML, Jboss EAP 7.0.12, Jenkins(CI/CD), Trillium control center.


Java / UI (Full stack Developer)


  • Designed and Developed New User Interactive Web pages with the help of HTML5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Typescript, Bootstrap, PrimeNG, JSON and Angular 4.
  • Involvement in all stages of Software development life cycle including Analysis, development, Implementation, testing and support.
  • Involved in designing the application by creating multiple components for each separate route and created custom services to share data among them.
  • Implemented routing in the application to map routes to components using Angular Router module.
  • Worked with various inbuilt Angular pipes such as Uppercase, Lowercase, Titlecase, Date etc..
  • Worked with various Angular directives such as NgFor, NgIf, NgStyle, NgClass etc..
  • Worked with RxJS Observables and Operators to handle asynchronous events and responses.
  • Developed unit and integration tests using Jasmine, Jasmine-spy, Angular Test Bed and Angular CLI .
  • Worked with Angular HttpClient to make REST calls and developed Custom Http interceptors and error handlers.
  • Developed REST Micro services using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud and Netflix Spring stack such as Eureka, Zuul,Hysterix, Ribbon, Feign etc..
  • Used Maven Docker to create images and containers for the micro services developed and deployed them to AWS environment with a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins.
  • Worked with Responsive web pages using Bootstrap, RESTful API web development and media queries.
  • Used Spring data Mongodb to map java classes to documents and used mongo repositories to perform CRUD operations.
  • Developed REST exception handling AOP advices to handle various REST exceptions and send HTTP codes.
  • Used Hibernate validators to validate the incoming request body and created custom validators to handle business requirements.
  • Created JMS message listeners using Spring Kafka to consume messages from Kafka messaging broker.
  • Developed unit and integration tests for the REST microservices using Junit, Mockito and Spring test.
  • Experience in Test driven development (TDD) using unit testing frameworks such as Jasmine, Protractor, Karma, JUnit, Selenium etc.
  • Experienced in developing scenarios/unit test cases to perform BDD testing using Selenium, Cucumber and Jbehave.
  • Supported and enhanced existing applications developed using Java, spring, Hibernate, JMS and REST web services.
  • Developed batch jobs using Spring batch and Spring scheduling to process XML files received from other systems.

Environment: Jira, Angular 4, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, PrimeNG, Typescript, JSON, Ajax, MongoDB, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Batch, JAVA 1.8, MVC, GIT, Maven, Tomcat, Restful Web Service, Kafka, JMS, AWS

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