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Senior It Analyst Resume


  • Interpersonal and dedicated developer known for technical acumen in AEM web development and 6.x concepts. Remain customer - focused while successfully balancing client and stakeholder needs. Extensive experience collaborating with diverse groups to deliver solutions that achieve User Experience (UX) design and support business objectives.
  • Utilize attention to detail to deliver meticulous technical documentation. Track record of adapting to various challenges to ensure quality code reaches production environments on schedule. Passionate about continuously learning new technology and skills.


AEM Technology Stack: Java Content Repository (JCR), HTL (Sightly), Sling framework, OSGI

Front End Skills: HTML, JSON, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS

Versioning Systems: SVN / GIT

Java IDE’s: Eclipse, Intellij, NetBeans

Java / J2EE Development: Java / J2EE, JSP, Servlet, Sling, JUnit

Languages: JAVA, JSP, PHP, Visual Basic, ASP

Tools: Maven, Jira, Confluence, Crucible

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase



Senior IT Analyst


  • Identified and resolved project issues, verified business requirements were achieved before deployment, and effectively communicated updates during scrum-style development sprints, in collaboration with front-end developers, UX designers, and content authors.
  • Consolidated multiple corporate blogs spread across various WordPress and CMS systems into single AEM-based set of customized blog templates that reduced hosting spend, increased system stability and up-time, and improved SEO impact and find-ability of blogs and parent site.
  • Reduced time to market for roll-out of international versions of company website by developing custom CMS module that cloned US site’s page navigation structure.
  • Performed technical validation during weekly releases, ensuring product modifications satisfied business requirements.
  • Led effort that established standardized release notes and documented smoke test instructions in Confluence.
  • Provided Tier 3 AEM technical support to content authoring teams, resolving issues quickly and reducing Jira backlog.
  • Developed and implemented web-based custom Content Management System using CodeIgniter framework that replaced an in-house Visual Basic desktop application.


Web Developer / Designer


  • Maximized website effectiveness for business objectives and usefulness for customers using Software Development Life Cycle methodologies for scripts, Ajax functionality, web services, and other intelligent features.
  • Reduced web page overhead and improved website performance through designing and implementing database views, stored procedures, tables, and database features.
  • Redesigned, supported, and implemented new features and functionality in client-based CMS application written in Visual Basic, improving usability and user experience.

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