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Software Engineer Resume


  • Design, Develop and maintain automated infrastructure for application development projects based on the project requirements and feasibility using Python, Java and C programming languages with the industry - leading scripting tools.
  • Provide technical input to the Enterprise Management engineering roadmaps, working in partnership with Infrastructure Operations Teams to design Automation suites.
  • Automation Development of BIOS, OS and Web Applications and Distributed systems of 11 projects in total.
  • Redesigned existing automation frameworks in the production and hence increasing throughput by 30%.
  • Exploit good engineering procedures and concepts and adhere to audit requirements and understand corporate compliance issues and requirements. Mock Auditor for the ISO training.
  • Identify areas where more effective Enterprise Management principles and processes can be adopted.
  • Implemented open-source solutions into existing products and saved 40% of Development costs.
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment with hands-on knowledge in Cloud infrastructure AWS and Docker and Agile methodologies Atlassian tools - J IRA, Confluence, BitBucket .
  • Trained in the Cucumber School program for BDD tools and Python Testing frameworks Robot and PyTest .
  • Efficient documentation skills ( Technical Writing) with software engineering terminologies using MS Office and strong hands-on in animated video creation.
  • Excellent IT administration skills with a high focus on Security and Cloud. Hands-on knowledge of virtual machine hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Hyper-V).
  • Broad knowledge of the systems development and testing life cycles - SDLC and STLC.
  • 1 to 2 years of experience in various aspects of setting up automated delivery pipelines for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing of applications
  • Possess a wide range of testing expertise in System Testing, Stress Testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, Browser Compatibility Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing
  • Strong technical knowledge in Machine Learning Models, Algorithms, Data Visualization, and Data Structures.
  • Mentored junior engineers on QA methodologies, processes, products, and skills. Handled 3 interns and 2 job shadows.
  • Strong hands-on knowledge in Computer Networking(Ethernet/IP, UEFI and OS Network Stack) and Hardware design
  • Certified in handling PHI (Protected health information) data. Health Care Domain


  • Extensively implemented python and its frameworks for building End to End Automation Solutions.
  • Design, Develop and Maintain E2E cloud-enabled custom Automation frameworks.
  • Efficient user of leading scripting languages in Web, Linux, and Windows platforms
  • Windows OS Developer with strong hands-on in PowerShell, Python, and Batch programming.



Software Engineer


  • Engineered end to end Automation Infrastructure including CI/CD pipelines, developed test automation tools using Object-oriented programming.
  • Designed and developed DUAF from scratch to support pre-boot automation with cloud support. Implemented CI in all of the projects.
  • Developed API’s to upgrade the firmware over the air.
  • Achieved API testing and load testing scenarios in a low latency environment.
  • Implemented CI successfully and saved 35% Development time.
  • Developed a POC for assigning Confidential Support queries for the respective BU’s.
  • Used ML Algorithms (Text Classification) and achieved 83% accuracy.

Key technologies: UEFI, C, Python, Client-Server, Git, Batch Scripting, PowerShell, PuTTY, boot process


Windows Sustenance Developer


  • Design, development, implementation, and maintenance of automated infrastructure (scripts, functions, programs, processes) to increase the efficiency of testing processes.
  • Security Patch Automation: Single-handedly created an E2E automation suite for creation, execution, deployment, and reporting of the security patches.
  • Responsible for Windows OS Development to build a lean multi-lingual OS for thin clients using PowerShell, Python, Batch scripting, Client-Server, and C++.
  • Developed a realtime application for the visualization of company-wide open tasks.
  • Develop customized Windows OS for Confidential Wyse Thin Clients. Building Windows 10(IoT), Windows 7 OS for Thin Clients and fixing the defects.
  • Embedded OS, Django, CSS, Connection brokers (VMware, Citrix) for virtualization, ProcMon, Selenium (Python), PowerShell, Firewalls, Visual Studio, SCCM, Windows Server OS, TPM, KVM
  • Monthly Report Generation: Management application for a visual dashboard for team performance from scratch. Time Saved: 10hrs/week.

Key technologies: Django, Matplotlib, CSS, python-docx, Jinja2, PdfKit and Pandas (Visualization)


Test Engineer


  • Automation Developer of CareFirst healthcare team to ensure timely and effective payment strategies and benefits were invoked, by enhancing and maintaining the systems to allow various areas interoperability of data, which aids in resource distributions.
  • Designed and developed Automated Test Data using HP UFT (VB) Time Saved:50hrs -> 45mins.
  • Test execution and Testing Deliverables - documentation, test plans, test cases/scripts, bug reports
  • Hands-on knowledge in Programming Java, Selenium (Java), TestNg, HP UFT(VB),Page Object Model, JDBC, Hibernate, JSF Framework, ReadyAPI, JDBC, UI(HTML, CSS, and BootStrap) , Scripting Batch Scripting, Visual Basic, SoapUI (JavaScript), Python, Selenium, WebDriver , Tools FACETS, SQL and Management HP ALM

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