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Senior Software Engineer Resume


Motivated and self - driven engineer with over 10+ years of experience in Technology (- Java, Spring, RESTful APIs, PingIdentity, Maven, Git & Gradle) and Research/Analysis domains (- Database Security & Data Mining). Proven track record of ensuing quality deliverables in Enterprise Cybersecurity domains with numerous s, recognitions and research papers. Proficient with Agile methodologies, pair programming techniques, technical analysis and documentation. Continuous learner, multi- tasker, team-player with excellent communication skills. Exploring opportunities, willing to re-locate and travel if required.


Languages: Java 1.7, Java 1.8, C, C++, Java Script

Operating System: Unix, MacOS, Windows 7, Windows 9x, Windows XP

RDBMS: Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, MySQL, MS Access

Technologies: J2EE (JDBC, JavaBeans, Servlets, JSP), REST, JAX-WS, MounteBank, Mockito, Selenium Web Driver, Spring-WS, Apache Tomcat, Ajax, JSON, HTML, DHTML, PL/SQL, SQL, XML, SAML, Webservices, Hibernate, Spring, Node.js, Groovy, UMLGradle, Maven and PingIdentity

Tools: IntelliJ, Webstorm, Eclipse, PingAdmin, Net Beans, Oracle Data Mining tool, JMeter, log4j, Putty, VNC Server & Client, SQuirrel Client

Web Server / App. Server: Apache Tomcat, WebLogic

Design Tools: Microsoft Visio

Source Control: Git, SVN, CVS

Scrum Tools: JIRA, Rally, HP Quality Center


Senior Software Engineer



  • Working with the System Authentication team, developing secure applications for authenticating users on Confidential domain during any Single Sign On (- SSO) flow for Inbound, Outbound, DelegatedAccess, OIDC, Single Logout capabilities, etc. using PingIdentiy as the protocol enforcer.
  • Using Agile methodologies with Java 1.7 & 1.8, Spring Integration, PingIdentity, Maven, Git and Jira.
  • Designed and implemented a new custom data store in PingIdentity to support One Login capability for SAML bearer flow in Financial Investor domain.
  • Labelled as the Attribute Federation Datastore, it is the first datastore in PingIdentity to consume the backend ANSR service (- datastore also consumes the backend IMS service).
  • The code changes included upgrading PingIdentity infrastructure to consume the latest IMS dao-service version (- jump from version to
  • Analyzed and implemented a sample proof-of-concept (- POC) for OIDC capability leg 1 to prevent users from force browsing and generating an auth code without completing the 2-factor authentication challenge.
  • Exposed the PingIdentity supported wellknownopenid JWKS service for OIDC capability consumers (- external clients) to support jwt bearer profiles.
  • Disabled the MobileApp login related caching in the Authentication Server (- AS) layer to prevent bot attacks for both iOS & Android apps. eMoney Wealth Service (- EWS):
  • Implemented the code changes in AS (- IPGAS) and PingIdentity to support Inbound SSO session & Outbound SSO session capabilities for the new EWS domain.
  • Analyzed and Implemented the code changes in AS (- IPGAS) to allow SAML POST binding for SP Initiated Inbound SSO in Redirect flows.
  • Implemented the code changes in OIDC capability to allow a user to re-login after a session timeout and get the authorization code (- instead of a generic error).
  • Analyzed and worked on the code changes to enable Delegated Access Leg 1 for Financial Investor customers in PingIdentity.
  • Implemented the addition of the new WorkstationId param value to the FAC view for IPGAS including custom logging. Also, implemented the removal of FC.Product from the FAC view in AS code base.
  • Enabled the Impersonate and InboundSSO capability for Streetscape business domain in AS code base.
  • Did an end to end OIDC implementation for generating access tokens from SAML assertion for the PingIdentity Client Emulator ( - test harness). The implementation included writing three APIs that generate an open token, use this token to get a SAML response, extract a SAML assertion from this response and use it to obtain the access token.
  • Helped with the PingIdentity database connection migration from internal data store (- flat files) to an external PingIdentity DB for various environments using external PingIdentity APIs.
  • Exposed the PingIdentity supported wellknownopenid service for OIDC capability consumers (- external clients) in AS code base.
  • Did an overall analysis to find all the locations where the login URL were used and what are the impacts.
  • Implemented a sample POC to use toggles to direct the SSO flow from MyStreetscape to Wealthscape login widget or the Mystreetscape web login page during any dynamic federation flow.
  • Analyzed the PingIdentity datastore code and enabled the code changes for Project Liberty.
  • Analyzed the PingIdentity datastore code for addition of related tokens to enable PSW outbound flow.
  • Analyzed and presented an overview of the differences between the PingIdentity 9.1.1 over the existing PingIdentity 8.2.0.
  • Product Support: Troubleshooting incidents (- INCs) in the System Authentication domain and documenting the resolutions. JMeter & Testing: Helped with the JMeter test cases and suggested improvements to the coding practices.
  • Product Release: Helped create Change Management tickets and Install Plans for both the PingIdentity and the AS releases. Agile Methodologies: Helped with Sprint Planning, Backlog Refinement, Story Writing and other Scrum Ceremonies.
  • Documentation: Created technical implementation docs for any work undertaken as and when necessary.


Software Engineer


  • Worked as a developer writing RESTful APIs for Southwest Airline’s ticket booking website using Agile Methodologies, Java 1.7, Spring, Gradle and Pair Programming techniques.
  • Directly worked on implementing features like flight booking, flight status, flight boarding, etc on southwest.com website.
  • Wrote the credit card tokenization APIs for the flight booking flows enabling southwest.com to consume 3rd party generated credit card tokens instead of ‘masked’ credit card values.
  • The APIs validate these tokens and use it for all financial transaction across southwest.com including the backend databases.
  • Worked on the team responsible for complete re-design of southwest.com website’s technology stack including the UI and the middle tier.
  • The re-design included a REST architecture with APIs placed behind Circuit Breakers and Toggles.

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