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Senior Developer Resume


  • Highly skilled software developer with exceptional ability to support software systems and operational growth.
  • Accustomed to high quality, high production with short turnaround in a team environment. Goal oriented, high - energy professional with the ability to easily establish rapport with users.


Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, OSX, IOS

Programming Languages: Java 11, Scala 2.11, C/C++, ORACLE PL/SQL

Database Software: Oracle 11g MongoDB 2.6, Sybase 15.x

Middleware: SOAP, ReST, GraphQL, JPA, ODBC, JMS-MQ, AWS, Spring-IOC



Senior developer


  • Senior developer responsible for migrating an outdated Customer Service application to a modern Microserver architecture.
  • Responsible for migrating a legacy Weblogic deployment to a server-less Spring-Boot implementation for simplicity, reducing cost and providing a smaller footprint.
  • Legacy java 6 based application upgraded to jvm 11, while simultaneously correcting the greatest web security vulnerabilities.
  • RestFul interface implemented using the latest GraphQL methodologies to deliver a self documenting interface as well as unified error responses for easier web-client integration.
  • Upgraded Hibernate/JPA components to use Spring JdbcTemplates /Oracle JDBC 11 for simplicity as well as improved Pl/Sql/stored procedure performance.
  • Incorporated Spring/Auth2 integration with Salesforce including custom queries over https to retrieve user/account and ACL info for greater security.
  • Researched the methodology for building task specific Docker images during the maven build process simplifying the deployment into Amazon Web Services.
  • Instrumented Spring-boot Integration testing and encouraged the offshore team to adopt similar Test Driven Development methodologies (TDD) for faster development.
  • Swift developer supporting in-house iPad Sparkle platform as well as its NodeJs Middleware layer interfacing with our python backend.


Senior consultant


  • Senior consultant responsible for the maintenance and upgrades of a Media files manipulation and transformation System in a distributed java 1.8 environment
  • Application suite consisted of a series of Unix/Jboss Application servers making use of independent RESTful endpoints (MicroServices) for synchronous and Message Queues for asynchronous operations.
  • Lead technical requirements gathering sessions for new features with the business community as well as acting as technical liaison with several other Confidential development groups to coordinate results for an entity wide project.
  • Built new ReSTful services as well as consuming existing API’s.
  • Focused on making parallel (multithreading ) ReSTful calls via java Futures in order to maximize speed and thru-put.
  • Augmented the existing Angular front end with new security access to show/hide menu items based on back-end LDAP security groups to only allow specific user groups to view/manipulate information and corresponding update functions.
  • Designed and implemented a rule based validation service.
  • In place of a a more typical cryptic and difficult to maintain if/then/else pattern, the logic was built from a series of rule-based interfaces (Command Pattern) for each possible validation rule, flexible enough to be chained together into any unique rule combination for validation at runtime.
  • Bonuses were ease of configuration, modifications and testing.


Technical lead


  • Technical lead in charge of upgrading a custom EJB online ordering system to one embracing Micro-services using RESTful methadologies.
  • Stage one, took charge of an offshore team in charge of a multi-tier RESTful architecture encompassing an angular JS front end, a Spring boot-based controller, service and JPA database layers, all interconnected thru a RESTful API java 1.8 jvm deployed in Tomcat.
  • RESTful API implemented thru Jersey with google JsonFactory assistance where appropriate.
  • Directed the refactoring of the API layers to consolidate separate calls into simpler and more generals’ ones, greatly simplifying the Service and JPA layers.
  • Each EJB replaced with a RESTful service call to well defined controller, service and DB layers.
  • Project architected with a Spring boot architecture and a JPA database framework in a Java 1.8 environment.
  • RESTful json transformations to local java beans/models handled with Jackson libraries.
  • Replaced in-house customer email components with a system based external API call to IBM Silverpop digital marketing.
  • Emails built via an and subsequently sent to thru a JMS Message Queue for HTTP Post to IBM Silverpop yielding decoupling as well as elasticity, failure re-try and greater reliability.

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