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Technical Lead Developer Resume


  • Nineteen years of strong industry experience comprising of System Analysis - Architecting, Designing and Development, Business Process Analysis, Business Process Modeling and Business Process Choreography.
  • Domain Expertise in Market Research, Global Trade, Market Research, Supply Chain, Insurance and Datacenter.
  • Worked Extensively with JAVA/ J2ee, Bootstrap, jQuery, Dojo, Ajax, Angular 7, Portal/ Portlet Factory, Open Source Technologies like Struts, JPA/Hibernate, Spring, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Transaction Management, Spring Security, Spring Batch and Spring Core IOC. Exposure to Spring Framework API.
  • Strong work experience in application integration using Web Services such as JAX RPC, JAXB, JAX-WS, SOAP, WSDL, JAX-RS, Restful.
  • Worked with various Version Control Tools including SVN, Git, GitHub, CLEAR CASE and Bug Tracking Tools like Bugzilla and Jira.
  • Also has good technical background within Object Oriented Principals, Web & Enterprise Security (Identity and Access Management) and SOA Middleware & EAI technologies - Weblogic/ WebSphere/ Messaging (JMS, MQ) on Unix, Windows environments.
  • Good Architecture, Design and Development Skills with special focus on Functional and Non-Functional Requirement Analysis, OOAD, Technical and Business Architecture.
  • Experienced in developing and maintaining databases (Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, and DB2).
  • Very good understanding of N Tier Architecture, framework development using OOAD, J2EE and Core Design Patterns.
  • Experienced in CMM and ISO quality procedures like configuration management, reviews and walkthroughs, defect prevention etc.
  • Strong conceptual, analytical and design skills.
  • Strong verbal/written communication and interpersonal skills.


Programming Languages RDBMS\: Java, J2EE, JSR Portlets, C, C++, SQL, \ MySQL, Postgres, MangoDB, Oracl, SQL \ PL/SQL, Python, PERL, PHP, R\ Server and DB2\

Enterprise Solutions\ Web Servers\: J2EE, EJB 2.0/3.0, JMS, JMX\ Apache, Tomcat, LotusDomino and IHS\

Distributed Technologies\ Business Integration Tools (BPI & BPM)\: EJB, JMS, JTS, RMI, Corba.\ Lombardi Teamworks, WBI, WSAD, RAD\

Application Servers\ Others \: Jboss, Weblogic, WebSphere, WebSphere \ Documentum, Staffware Workflow Engine, \Portal Server, Connections, WebSphere \ Capstone Rules Engine, SiteMinder, Web \Process Server.\ Services and LDAP - implemented SSO\

Tools: / IDE’s\ Web Technologies\: AWS EC2/EKG/ECR/ECS/SES, S3 Storage, Amazon \ Servlets, JSP, JSR, Angular 6/7, Android SDK\ RDS services for MySQL, PostgresSQl, \ React JS, NodeJS, NPM, Spring, Spring boot, \MariaDB, AWS Lambda CLI, Eclipse, IntelliJ, \ Jquery, Java Beans, JDBC, JavaScript, Dojo, \Tableau, R Studio, PHPStorm, Rapid Miner, \ Ajax, Bootstrap, XML, XSLT, HTML 5, \RAD, RSA, WID, WSAD, WSAD, IntelliJ \ Hibernate.\IDEA, Plumtree Portal Server, JBuilder, \Strut-Console, Portlet Factory, Jasper ETL tool.\

Analysis and design\ Design Tools\: OOAD, UML\ Rational Rose, Rational XDE.\

MVC FrameWork\: Angular, Struts, ReactJS, Spring Boot \ Framework, Hibernate, Microservices\



Technical Lead Developer


  • Designed and Developed Speakers Bureau, ClientAdmin and KOL contracting Module
  • Developed various Angular modules(Dashboard, Admin, Login, Engagements, HCPs, Salesforce, Speakers, etc.,) using Typescript and Component classes .
  • Created Angular services(Base, Authentication, company, Salesforce, HCP, Engagement, etc.,) to be reused across above components.
  • Created radiusdemo, kolcontracting Android screens with Data validation and error handling.
  • Worked on Android landing pages for lising data with features such as pull to refresh and click to open details.
  • Worked on Android Search and Sort.
  • Developed Spring Boot Radius Core-Node Applications to expose REST endpoint to SAVE and retrieve data.
  • Built various RESTful Services(Admin, Audit, Company, Ems, Master, Meeting, Notes, Payment, etc.,) to save and retrieve information with help of Spring Controller, Services and Model.
  • Have built Micro Services API to help with KOLContracting, live Sideshare and Esif using Spring Boot, Spring Data with JPA.
  • Configured and used Jenkins as an Integration Built tool.
  • Created Spring MVC Validation via Bean validation, Error Hadling and Method Validation.
  • Incorporated Spring Security for User Authentication.
  • Used Hibernate DAO Support to integrate hibernate with Spring to access database
  • Created the Spring Boot Projects for JWT, Push Notifications, Auth Updates and Rest end points and deployed on AWS EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk
  • Created and Configured AWS EC2 and RDS Database MySQL, Postgres.
  • Developed REST Service using Node JS(Express and Sails)
  • Worked on AWS Cloud platform and features like EC2, AMI, RDS, S3, LAMDA, etc.,

Environment: Java/ J2EE, REST WebService, Spring Services, Spring MVC, Maven, Angular 7, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, Hibernate, Apache 2, Postgres, AWS (EC2, RDS, ECR, Lambda, et.,), MSSQL, NODE JS, Jenkins GitHub


Architect & TechLead


  • Designed and developed the npd’s TrendTracker, CheckoutTracking, VIPVoice, QMT Applications
  • Designed and developed NPD Corporate, international, Internet sites and NPDConnections for collaboration.
  • Designed and implemented application using Spring IOC, Spring Annotations, Spring AOP, Spring Transactions, Spring Boot, Spring JDBC
  • Implemented Spring JDBC using SimpleJDBC Template & NamedParameterJDBC Template.
  • Developed Form Beans/ JavaBeans, Spring Controller Classes and configured with the corresponding view pages in spring-config.xml file.
  • Implemented Spring Security.
  • Played key role in the design and development of application using J2EE and Spring Restful web services.
  • Implemented the Spring MVC Controller classes and Data Transfer Object layer
  • Implemented the Isolation levels & Propagation levels using Spring Transaction Management.
  • Implemented Inversion of Control (IOC) and bean injection utility with spring
  • Using Spring-Batch to parse & push text file/csv files to Database
  • Developed Form Beans/ JavaBeans, Spring Controller Classes and configured with the corresponding view pages in spring-config.xml file.
  • Played key role in the design and development of application using J2EE and Jersey Restful web services.
  • Used java 8 features to write Microservices.
  • Involved in Analysis, design and development for front end work JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Node JS and Angular7.
  • Used Angular7 as the development framework to build a single page QMT System.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component-based architecture provided by Angular 7 and worked with NPM package manager tools (Node JS).
  • Developed Angular7 Views, Templates, Components, Modules in QMT AngularJS Application.
  • Develop Micro services using Sprint Boot, Java and Angular in accordance with Confidential Speaker Contracting requirements.
  • Done Jasper reports integration within KOLPortal j2ee components.
  • Creating logs for error tracking using Log4J.
  • Built the Directory Management System in ReactJS, with the help of JSX tags, Rendering Elements, Component, props, etc.,
  • Also implemented, communication between ReactJS component.
  • Implemented Hibernate Transaction Management, Hibernate Batch Transactions and Hibernate cache concepts.
  • Implementing endpoint protection using OAUTH2

Environment: Java, J2ee, Spring Boot2, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring JDBC, Spring AOP, WebSphere Portal & Content Management, EJB3.0, REST & SOAP Web Services, Bootstrap, Angular 7, jquery, Ajax, Dojo, Hibernate, SOA, Microservices, Kubernates, Containerization, Docker.


Architect & TechLead


  • Responsible for designed and architecture of Order Creation, Order Configuration Processes and Ratings Processes.
  • Involved in Analysis, design and development for front end work JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Node JS and AngularJS 2.0.
  • Used J2EE design patterns namely Singleton, TransferObject, and BusinessDelegate etc.
  • Have prepared UML Sequence diagrams, Class diagrams, and Activity diagrams to be incorporated in the Technical Design document using Microsoft Visio software.
  • Used to spring cloud ribbon and eureka for auto discover and load balancing.
  • Monitored Microservices with Eureka and spring boot admin.
  • Designed and coded JAXB API to interact with third party application for asynchronous loading and parsing of JMS XML messages.
  • Implemented Business Delegate, Singleton and Factory patterns towards interaction between web and business components.
  • Done services integration(i.e., Restful WebServices) for the processes/ services developed.
  • Extensively used JavaScript to enforce client-side validations.
  • Extensively used CSS for styling the HTML documents.
  • Involved in the release management, deployment plan creations, production deployments and code merges in RTC for the project.
  • Used JSP tag libs to develop more dynamic web pages.
  • Used Hibernate DAO Support to integrate hibernate with Spring to access database
  • Developed ORM Data access layer using spring with hibernate.
  • Involved in writing Oracle PL/SQL Stored procedures, triggers, views.

Environment: Java, JDK, Visual Paradigm for UML, Lombardi Teamworks, Web Service, Ajax, Spring Framework, Hibernate O-R Modeling, JBoss Application Server, Microsoft SQL Database and Linux OS

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