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Delivery Lead/architect Resume


  • 14+ years of information technology experience involving development, architecture, reports and documentation.
  • Opentext Content server architecture, content suite and ECM.
  • Opentext SME with experience from version 9.5 to 16.2
  • Led team through the discovery, planning, analysis, data transformation, migration, testing and validation of a migration from an OpenText system.
  • Experienced with Sharepoint, SQL, windows server and OTDS.


Languages: HTML, Java, SQL, Unix Scripts, Visual Basic, XML

Operating Systems: Windows Server, AIX, Linux, Solaris

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server

Documentum: Administrator, Application Builder, BOCS, CADLink, Captiva Input Accel, Composer, Content Server 4.i, 4.2,5i, 5.2.5, 5.3, 6, 6.5, Content Rendition Services, CoreDossier, DeskTop Client, DocLoader, Documentum Compliance Manager, Document Transformation Services, DQL/API, eRoom, FirstDoc, Lifecycle, Reporting Services, SharePoint, Site Caching Services, WDK, WebCache, WebPublisher, Webtop, and Workflows.

OpenText: Adlib Express, AppWorks Gateway, AnswerModules, Archive Center/Server, Blazon, Brava CIS Modeling, Content Server 16.2,16, 10.5, 9.5, Content Server Mobile, LiveReports, OTDS, Physical Objects, Records Management, Tempo Box, WebReports



Delivery Lead/Architect


  • Responsible for project delivery of an OpenText based system for a large county in VA.
  • Managed multiple resources, timelines and project delivery for a Documentum to OpenText conversion project.
  • Architect responsibility for designing and implementing an OpenText Content Server based system that included Capture Center scanning for the Department of Planning and Development.

Environment: s: Windows Server, SQL Server, Content Server 16.2.4, Archive Center 16.2, Capture Center 16.4, OTDS 16.x, Documentum 7.2

Confidential, OH

Senior Architect


  • Architect and install OpenText Content Server 16.2, in Azure/Azure AD environment, with xECM that included clustered Archive Center, Blazon, Brava replicated OTDS, clustered AppWorks Gateway/Content Server Mobile/Tempo Box.
  • Architect for Controlled Documents workflow based on AnswerModules that used forms and emails to route.
  • Data refresh and Content Suite upgrade activities that included Engineering Document Management.

Environment: s: Windows Server, SQL Server, Content Server 10.5, 16.2, Content Server Mobile 16.2, Archive Server/Center 10.5, 16.2, OTDS 16.x, AnswerModules


OpenText SME


  • Content Server 16.2.2 upgrade planning and execution for an environment that included SAP VIM, ICC, DP and xECM document archiving.
  • Provided architecture analysis and best practice recommendations.
  • Split QA environment to support multiple SAP testing environments. Refreshed QA from Production within Archive Server for SAP VIM/ ICC.

Environment: s: Windows Server, Oracle, Content Server 10.5,16.2.2, Archive Center 10.5, 16.2, OTDS 10.5, 16.2.2, SAP VIM, ICC, xECM, SharePoint AGA integration, Brava, WebReports


OpenText Architect


  • Developed a high available architecture for Content Server 16.2 that included internal and externally facing components.
  • Installed Content Server 16.2 with Archive Center 16.2, OTDS 16.2, SharePoint AGA integration, Brava 16 in a horizontally scaled architecture.
  • Established taxonomy using CIS modeling, workflows and forms for AM Water Legal department users.
  • Managed offshore resources.

Environment: s: Windows Server, SQL Server, Content Server 16.2, Archive Center 16.2, OTDS 16.2, SharePoint AGA integration, Brava 16, WebReports


Content Management Architect


  • Developed an automated process for a C level executive to survey employees for conflicts of interest globally utilizing forms, renditions and workflow.
  • Established an automated BPM - like process for internal and external approval of audit projects utilizing forms, renditions and workflow.
  • Led software product evaluations and selections for content management.
  • Managed project to migrate Vitro’s OnBase invoice solution to O-I Mexico as part of a business acquisition of Vitro’s packaging business. Project included business negotiations with OnBase and O-I legal.
  • Supported and eventually migrated and decommissioned a large FileNet repository to OpenText.
  • Created Records Management configurations to automate O-I’s corporate Records Management policy.
  • Advanced a process to publish JD Edwards invoice data to OpenText for users to browse or search.
  • Automated campaign contribution solicitation process using forms, renditions and workflow.
  • Upgraded OpenText Content Suite 10.5 to OpenText Content Suite 16.

Environment: s: Windows Server, SQL Server, Content Server 10.5, 16, AnswerModules

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