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Senior Android Developer Resume


  • More than 7 years of experience in software development using Java and over 5 years of experience in Android and 2 years using Kotlin application development.
  • Proficiency in design patterns, data structures and debugging.
  • Expertise in developing apps using SQLite, MySQL, Java, RESTful web services, and JSON
  • Proficient in Android application framework: Activities, Intents, Services, Fragments, Broadcast Receiver and Content Provider.
  • Extensively worked on content providers, multiple screen support, multimedia, accounts and sync on Android
  • Good exposure in developing GUI using Interface design principles for Android mobile and tablet devices.
  • Excellent in Layouts and Multi Screen to support all devices
  • Proficient with Android Framework API's (Email, Web View, contact manager, Camera, Notifications, Maps).
  • Strong expertise in creating responsive UI for various screen resolutions.
  • Experience in using Storage options in Android like Shared Preferences, SQLite.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Architecture, Design and Programming from design to implementation.
  • Experienced in SQL and database query optimization techniques.
  • Experience in architecture design, development and implementation of software applications and testing.
  • Involved in full life cycle of Android Application Development, which includes testing on devices and emulator.
  • Experience in web service protocols such as JSON, HTTP, and XML
  • Experience with Git/GitHub and managing code on multiple branches.
  • Experience in mobile application development framework
  • Always curious to learn a new skill or a new technology.
  • Developed user interfaces with rich features.
  • Good understanding of all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) including requirements, specifications, design, construction, testing, and maintenance.
  • Excellent communication, organizational skills, attention to detail & the ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Good programming skills and hands on experience in developing Android enterprise applications for mobiles and tablets using IDE's like Android Studio, Android SDK and development tools in JAVA environment
  • Able to take initiative, work independently and also as a team player.
  • Experience with Android Studio and to develop application using MVVM pattern.
  • Good understanding of Android UI Guidelines and can develop apps that can support multiple screen sizes and Database development.
  • Worked in a Scrum based Agile Methodology with two - week iterations delivering new features and working software.


Android SDK: versions, Web Services, Intents, Activity, Notifications, Dialogs, Menus, Location based Services, Maps, Broadcast receivers & Services, Audio and Video, Localization/multi lingual support, Fragments, Image Caching, Mobile ads

Programming language: Java, Kotlin, SQL, XML, HTML

Web Technologies: Struts, Hibernate, Spring, JPA, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSD, XSLT, JavaScript, CSS, Web Services (SOAP, Restful), JSON.

Database: SQL server, MySQL, SQLite,

IDE/Tools: Android Studio, JUnit, GitHub, JIRA,

Operating systems: Windows, Android 10



Senior Android Developer


  • Designed and developed the app screens according to client requirement.
  • Implemented Push notifications to notify user for latest deals.
  • Worked with SQLite3 for managing the data.
  • Write the business logic by using core java and junit test cases.
  • Used Collections to handle objects.
  • Developed JDBC connection to connect oracle database.
  • Implemented custom Exception handling.
  • Used AsyncTask to connect the server and parsing data using Json parsers.
  • Used Notifications to show if there is any change in the application.
  • Developed, debugged, coded and deployed the application using Eclipse IDE.
  • Used JSON parsing for data extraction and to implement Content providers.
  • Worked with Google Map and Location base API to show the mall location.
  • Used Widgets to show the application on home screen.
  • In-House application that lets consultants track their information. All relevant information on prior and current projects. Even upcoming projects.
  • Converted mock design from Zeplin into android xml layouts
  • Integrated Apis on swagger docs using Retrofit
  • Worked on caching non sensitive user data using Room
  • Worked in MVVM architecture
  • Worked on using LiveData observables to send data to View from ViewModel
  • Implementation of different user interface components such as WebView, Image View, Text View and List View to display the data for the application.
  • Develop, modify, and implement Mobile applications according to business requirements using Android Studio IDE.
  • Used Android SDK to develop new features involving Fragments, Layouts and other UI components.
  • Implemented complex layouts from wireframes using Relative Layout, Constraint Layout, Grid Layout and other layouts provided by Android SDK.
  • Created the content provider logic to load the information with an Observer Pattern in the UI thread using Loaders in Android.
  • Utilized Android Studio as the IDE in development.
  • Tested the mobile app in various Android emulators to support multiple Android devices.
  • Worked on large complex existing codebase in latest Android SDK, Android Studio and APIs using MVVM, and dependency injection design concepts.
  • Worked on Android Wear version of the app to display records, track and display push notifications and reminders.
  • Loading images within App using Picasso.
  • Writing new classes in kotlin and migrating some classes form java to kotlin.
  • Creating custom views, used recycle view, used card view.
  • Helped to fixed bugs and created new features.
  • Adding the new features to UI, using navigation component of android.

Environment: Android, Android SDK, Android Studio, Android Binding, Android Framework, MVVM

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Android Developer


  • Delivered Functional Requirements document after detailed Requirements gathering sessions with Business.
  • Assisted in designing the User Interface (UI/UX) and overall look and feel of the app.
  • Developed the app to adapt to different orientations and various resolutions (LDPI/MDPI/HDPI) based on the device.
  • Used Android content providers for implementing features like integrating the customer details into the app and designed suitable GUI for these applications.
  • Used Android content providers for implementing features like sending E-mails, SMS, etc., from the app and designed suitable GUI for these applications.
  • Regularly followed up with Development Team to discuss discrepancies identified during testing and performance tuning.
  • Implemented apps with Google new SDK implementation, new features in Android SDK.
  • Worked with Android API’s for a few tasks including simple activity transitions and Recycler Views.
  • Worked with Activities, Fragments, Android Binding, Android Framework, broadcast Receiver and Adapters.
  • Utilized Kotlin for higher order functions and delegate design pattern.
  • Worked with the Android SDK.
  • Implemented the Kotlin with Android studio for smooth functioning of the location-based services GPS on Android
  • Used logcat, DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server) and trace view for debugging and detecting memory leaks.
  • Implemented unique design for portrait and landscape mode.
  • Handling XML data using efficient parsing techniques such as DOM parser.
  • Responsible for consuming the REST services, getting JSON response and parsing them
  • Work closely with the web application development team to ensure proper integration between mobile application and web application.
  • Implemented native libraries in application by using Android NDK.
  • Used GIT for project management and version control.
  • Worked on Android lock pattern, sure-swipe, Touch-ID for user authentication for user preference and core java programming.
  • Used JSON to fetch data from the server using RESTful web services.
  • Modify existing databases, applications, and interface API’s for efficiency and speed.
  • Working on Agile methodology, with active participation in daily stand ups and providing the progress of the respective sprint
  • Implemented list views for displaying new releases.
  • Provided subsequent releases which included feature changes, enhancements and bug fixes.

Environment: Android, Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse, Java, JSON, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, Flash, REST, GitHub, agile, SQLite and Windows.

Confidential, San Francisco, California

Android Developer


  • Assembled the necessities, broke down the venture highlights, planned the application design and database, and executed server back end.
  • Developed the User Interface layers for Activities and implemented Fragments within User Interface.
  • Integrated location-based services using Google Maps API to display locations of the nearest stores.
  • Used Implicit Intent Functions to enable access for the application to use media, and other pre-built applications.
  • Used shared preferences to store and retrieve persistent key value pairs across user sessions.
  • Inserted suitable code to capture the various Button and Text field events and implemented the desired action for each of the applications.
  • Designed various User Interface layouts using custom layouts, buttons, dialog boxes and Widgets.
  • Followed agile technologies in front-end development life cycle of application.
  • Experience working with remote data via REST and JSON and Android SDK.
  • Used custom Views and Adapters in various scenarios during project.
  • Registered the Broadcast Receivers for the android system announcements.
  • Worked with Notification Service to notify the user and automatically log out for security purpose and update the apps version.
  • Understood business requirements and translated them into technical requirements.
  • Implemented all text and image related operations.
  • Various commitments to bug settling and execution/solidness upgrades over the application for generation availability.
  • Implemented JSON web service calls for server interaction.

Environment: Android 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 versions, Java, Android SDK, ADT, Notification, Shared Preferences, Fragments, JSON, SQLite, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Eclipse, XML.

Android Developer

Confidential, Houston, TX


  • Worked and finished two application versions for Reliant (Version 4 and 5).
  • Google maps API were used to display nearby Reliant locations.
  • GitLab and Bitbucket were used as version control systems.
  • Worked on MVC patterns.
  • Async Task , Retrofit , okHttp were used for making web service calls (POST and GET) and parsing of data using the JSON, XML parsers.
  • Fragments and interfaces were used for small re-usable pieces that are easier to manage and allow for a more fluid visual design.
  • Used Recycler Views for displaying lists.
  • Implemented Shinobi Charts to display the electricity consumption of each customer.
  • Used Junit and Mockito for testing the application.
  • Used Parcelable implementation for serializing java objects.
  • Followed Agile methodology with 2-week sprint cycle and used Rally (Agile management tool) for that.

Environment: Android SDK 6.0 (Marshmallow) and Android SDK 5.0 (Lollipop), Android Studio, Logcat, SQLite, Retrofit, JSON, MVC, Data synchronization, Windows.

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