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Principal Consultant / Tech Lead (java) Resume


  • I have 21+ years of application development experience with the last ten focused on Java development. I have had diverse client project assignments in batch processing, SOAP and REST services, process management, risk management (insurance), reporting, e - commerce, e-learning and content management systems.
  • I am an advocate for software craftsmanship principals which entails continuously working to increase my knowledge, skills, and abilities as well as educating others.
  • I am looking for an opportunity to build a team from the ground up or work on an existing and coalesced team with a technologically progressive mindset.
  • My current technical interests include Automation, DevOps, Amazon Web Services (AWS), “Macroservice” vs Microservice analysis and implementation, Event Driven Design, Neo4J, Elasticsearch, Flutter (Dart), Machine Learning (ML) Operations (MLOps), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • 21+ years of professional experience through the full lifecycle of many successful full-stack application projects for small-to-enterprise level businesses, academic institutions, state, and federal government organizations.
  • Extensive experience starting and managing development teams based on the Scrum methodology covering planning, roles, sprints, backlogs, burn-downs etc. Experience includes Kanban.
  • I work closely with client teams, in-house teams and outsourced development teams to design applications based on experience, best practices, and ultimately to meet the needs and expectations of the client.
  • I work closely with clients, information designers and subject matter specialists (content) to design an application that best suits its intended purpose whether it’s financial or functional.
  • I have experience in many areas of testing; from establishing acceptance tests, conducting manual regression tests to full automation via scripting, and associated tooling.
  • I have experience creating accessible web applications as well as working with government entities, vendors, and developers to ensure that requirements are met and properly deciphered.


JVM Languages & Technologies: Java 7-11, Scala Language; Thymeleaf, Spring 3-5 (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud), Play Framework 1 & 2 / Java MVC, Hibernate

Ruby/JRuby: Ruby On Rails 1-4, Sinatra

UI and JS: W3C Compliant HTML (4&5), Javascript (ES5/6), TypeScript, AngularJS and Angular TS, jQuery, CSS, JSON, Apache Struts/Tiles.

Natural Language Processing: Stanford NLP (Java), NLTK (Python), Apache TIKA

Mobile Frameworks: HTTP Mobile and intermediate experience with Android SDK (Java)

Testing & Deployment:

Continuous Integration: Jenkins CI, Vagrant, Chef, Docker & Capistrano

Behavior Driven Development (BDD): Cucumber, Selenium

Test Driven Development (TDD): MiniTest, JUnit, Mockito, JMockit, Spring

IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code

Open-Source Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, H2

NoSQL Data: Elastic Stack (ELK), MongoDB

Version Control Client/Server: Git, Subversion, Mercurial

Linux Server Administration: BASH, SSH, C++/ GCC Compiler, APT Package Manager

HTTP Servers: Apache HTTP Server, NGINX HTTP Server

Application Servers: Apache TOMCAT, Weblogic 12, Puma, Phusion

E-Learning Technologies: THINQ LMS Admin, Atlas Pro LMS Admin, QTI XML, ADL SCORM (1.2, 3 and 4), TinCan/xAPI, RELOAD Editor

Adobe: ColdFusion 4 - 8 (Fusebox Framework 2 - 5), Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash (OO and MVC AS2/AS3)

Other Languages: Python, Dart (w/Flutter)

Patterns (Favorites): Strategy, Command, MVC, Builder, Adapter, Factory, etc.


Principal Consultant / Tech Lead (Java)



  • Lead role in the development and maintenance of client solutions with various scrum teams.
  • Participation in stand-ups, technical workgroups; and code reviews.
  • Conducted Scrum Master duties for various internal and client projects.
  • Conducted project kick-off and requirements meetings.
  • Project assignments include:
  • Team lead for feature development, maintenance, and production support of Apache Struts/Tiles GUIs, Angular (TS) GUIs, Spring-based SOAP/REST services, Oracle DB, batch and integration services for globally-deployed series of internationalized/multi-language applications. These applications handle the risk management process from initial in-the-field data collection, through the claim process, arbitration to payments or settlements. Also conducted support and LoE analysis of security scans generated by BlackDuck.
  • Feature development, and maintenance of AngularJS and Angular (TypeScript) application front-end as well as Spring-based REST, Oracle DB, backend services,
  • Team lead for the integration of Concur.com products into the client’s existing expense management system using client’s proprietary batch framework.
  • Team lead in the development and porting of client’s internal agent application to an externally accessible application using Spring Boot and other Spring technologies and Thymeleaf for the UI.
  • Mentoring and management of on-site and remote developers.
  • Conducting monthly, quarterly, 6-month and yearly evaluations.
  • Conducted presentations on various technical topics via GoToMeeting/Zoom and in-person.
  • Principal role in the advancement of best practices through guidance and practice.
  • Multi-team oversight.
  • Conducted and participated in code reviews.
  • Principal participant in a workgroup created to maintain high development standards.
  • Principal participant in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) workgroup.
  • Assisted with on-site sales meetings as a technical advisor with a focus on emerging technologies like Angular, microservices, reporting, analytics, and Spring (Java) technologies.
  • Assisted with pre-sales phone conferences as a technical advisor.
  • Conducted numerous tech screens and/or on-site interviews for employee candidates applying for junior through tech lead positions for local and remote development centers.

Environment: Java 7/8, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Javascript, Angular (TS/JS), Oracle DB.

Senior Systems Integrator / Software Engineer



  • My role as software engineer included development and expansion of an enterprise-level Java / Oracle based project management and courseware deployment application.
  • Application utilizes the Play 2 MVC Framework (Java) with Scala templates and deployed on Apache TOMCAT. This high-profile application has greatly improved NeL organization’s work-flow and overall efficiency to assist total-force elearning deployments not only limited to the Confidential .
  • Coordinate with internal organization principals to capture project requirements needed to submit requests necessary for eventual approval, funding and project go-ahead.
  • Develop tools and automated tasks with JRuby and Rails 3 to collect, process and migrate data.
  • Ongoing development and implementation of features.
  • Development of ad hoc batch processing tools (Ruby, Java) to handle various data management, manipulation, and migration requirements.
  • Work with NeL also included legacy application maintenance of ASP, .NET, Access MDB and Proprietary Office OLE applications, tool building and application development, database maintenance, metrics and statistics as needed for reports used throughout the NETPDTC organization.
  • Other responsibilities included course hosting, account/technical support and testing on multi-stage enterprise-level environments with a DoD user-base of over 1.5 million.
  • Administration, hosting and testing enterprise level e-learning environments containing over 15,000 active courses.
  • SCORM course QA testing/debugging. Assisting course developers with implementation.
  • Receive, review, troubleshoot, import courses to test environment for subject matter experts (SME) to test and approve for hosting on a global production environment.
  • Tier-three customer support for issues within the production LMS, CHaRMS and/or courseware.
  • Flash-based assessment application development in support of Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) SCORM technologies using IMS QTI.
  • Received Letter of Appreciation from Confidential for work related to analysis, timely modification and deployment of a high profile Confidential onboarding course.

Environment: Java 6/7, Scala, Ruby, Actionscript, Javascript, Play Framework 1, AKKA, SCORM, 508 Compliance.




  • Extensive experience in both inherited and proprietary e-commerce systems.
  • Architected, designed, developed, and deployed proprietary e-commerce systems in ColdFusion 7 and Fusebox 4 for multiple clients.
  • Debugging, refactoring, upgrading and maintenance of adopted client's ColdFusion, PHP and Ruby/Rails e-commerce systems.
  • Upgraded functionality to help legacy e-commerce systems keep up with security demands.
  • Retrofitted various specialized paid events, paid per download and paid newsletter sub-applications.
  • Created a multi-user social application (hospitality industry) that combined an industry portal and e-commerce-based member accounts.
  • Configured and maintained Windows Server 2003 & 2008 DNS, HTTP services and SmarterMail ( corporate version) server environments.
  • Configured, administered and maintained multiple VPS based Debian Linux, Apache (Phusion), NGINX and MySQL environment stacks as well as internal testing and development servers that mirrored production using SSH/Bash, tunneling protocols to securely connect client applications, Mercurial (as well as Subversion and Git) and RSync. Our internal development environment allowed our network of domestically outsourced developers to access, test and manage their various assigned projects.
  • Created a financially successful dynamic multi-language Content Management System (CMS).
  • Co-developer of a web-based mobile flight-log client and on-site server for a private company. This application enabled pilots to log, schedule and exchange information via mobile devices.
  • Seminar speaker at the 3rd annual Gulf Coast Technology and Summit 2003. The topic was Fusebox 3 Overview and Introduction to Fusebox 4.

Environment: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Capistrano, Sinatra, ColdFusion, Java 5/6, Actionscript, Javascript, Perl, 508 Compliance, MySQL DB, MS SQL Server, MS DNS, SmarterMail.

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