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Technical Lead/architect Resume


  • An ingenious and resourceful hands - on engineer/architect with 1 4+ years of extensive proven experience with designing an d working on a wide umbrella of technologies. Have more than 6 years of architecture and leadership experience along with stakeholder management, team engagement and trai ning. Extensive proven experience working microservice s architecture on leading cloud platforms.


Technical Lead/Architect



  • Played the role of data scientist and developer to implement a BI platform for extracting data to generate insights using Adobe Analytics.
  • Played the role of Venture Architect to work with prospective clients in their digital transformation journey.
  • Designing cloud and technology architecture proposals for I&Co clients, such as Dhalsens which has turned into one of the biggest accounts for I&Co at the Melbourne location.
  • Developing proof-of-concepts on different technologies/platform to empower stakeholders in realizing their business goals
  • Optimization of current DevOps and Development process at the client environment to improve efficiency and performance of deliveries
  • Advising solution architects and projects team on handling technical/process challenges to help support microservices and cloud platform development.
  • Performed multiple technology assessment for Latitude Financial Service on their Buy Now, Pay Later product, which led to multiple opportunities for I&Co for enhancing the platform.
  • Developed and maintaining an open-source ruby gem for Here Maps Routing API integration.

Technologies: AWS Lambdas, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, Ruby on Rails, Ruby Gems, NodeJS, Typescript, Docker, Apache Kafka, AWS Kinesis, Adobe Analytics, HyperLedger, Micro-frontend, Angular, React, OpenShift. GoLang.

Technical Lead


  • Acting as Technical architect to bridge the gap between the enterprise and solution architecture teams,
  • Managing the architecture expectation and realizing the enterprise architecture to working cloud prototype using right technology and tool set on cloud satisfying NFRs.
  • Managing the team of 20 developers and training them on microservice choreography.
  • Managing stakeholder expectations and product deliveries in an agile environment.
  • Helping automation test teams and showcasing the solution.

Technologies: AWS ECS, Docker, K8S, NodeJS, Typescript, React, Redux, SagaJS, Apache Kafka, IBM MQ, API development and security, JWT, OAuth2.0, CloudWatch, Terraform, OpenShift.

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