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Full Stack Java Developer Resume

Plano, TX


  • 6 years of software development experience in requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and production support of scalable, Multi - Tier distributed fault-tolerant Enterprise applications while meeting realistic implementation schedules and adhering to development goals and principles.
  • Experience in various agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD) and SCRUM.
  • Experience in User Experience (UX) design and development, User Interactive (UI) Web Pages and visually appealing User Interfaces using HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, Angular 6/7, Typescript, Node.js.
  • Extensive development experience on different IDE's like Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, NetBeans, Web Logic Workshop, and WSAD/RAD.
  • Expertise in Bootstrap, Angular.js and Node.js (Express, Mongoose, Body-Parser, HTTP, File systems, Browser Sync etc.) and used Log 4j for logging.
  • Strong Core Java background with experience in Collections, Multi-Threading, Java 8, Interfaces, RMI, Serialization, Synchronization, Exception Handling, OOPs techniques, Logging and Performance Tuning.
  • Strong experience on various J2EE Design Patterns such as Session Façade, Singleton, Factory Method, DAO, Front Controller, and Delegate Pattern and SOLID design principles.
  • Expertise in various open source frameworks like Spring Framework, Struts, Spring Security, Spring Integration, Java Server Faces (JSF), and Hibernate.
  • Expertise in all spring framework modules such as Spring IOC, AOP, Core, Messaging, ORM and MVC architecture.
  • Expertise in development and deployment of multi-tiered web-based enterprise applications using J2EE technologies like Servlets 3.0/2.5, JSP 1.1/2.0, Struts 2.0, JMS, Hibernate 3.0/4.0, Spring 3.0/4.0, JDBC, JNDI, JSF, angular.js, Java Beans and Web services (SOAP, REST).
  • Experienced in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) implementing Waterfall, V-Model, & Agile methodologies.
  • Experience in using various AWS components like EC2 for virtual servers, S3 and Glacier for storing objects, EBS, Cloud Front, Elastic cache, IAM, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation and DynamoDB.
  • Highly experienced with modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries like Angular.js, Node.js and Dojo, JQuery
  • Exposure on JSF framework which provides Pre-built UI components used for Component based framework.
  • Experience in AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2, AMI, EBS, Cloud watch, AWS SQS and AWS S3.
  • Profound knowledge in configuring and deploying web applications in Tomcat Server, Web Logic, Web Sphere and JBoss
  • Diverse experience utilizing tools in N-tier and Microservices architecture applications using Spring Boot, AWS, My SQL, Restful.
  • Expertise in developing integration technologies like MQ Series, SAS Enterprise Application Integration, JAX-WS (SOAP), JAX-RS (RESTful) web service and LUNA Encryption Device.
  • Strong knowledge on Hibernate 2.0, 3.0. Used Hibernate Connection Pooling, HQL, Collections, Hibernate Caching, Hibernate Transactions, Criteria API, Optimistic Locking.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in RDBMS databases like Oracle 10g/11g, DB2, and MySQL 4.x, 5.0.
  • Extensively worked with the Build and deployment tools like Maven and Ant.
  • Development experience in Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems.
  • Extensive experience in implementation of the version control software Git, SVN and CVS.
  • Extensively worked with testing tools like JUnit, Selenium Web Driver, and SOAPUI etc.
  • Exposure to Splunk for log monitoring and experience with JIRA, HP Quality Center for bug, issue tracking.
  • Extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing Model View Controller using, Spring and Hibernate framework.


Languages: Java, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL

RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Mongo DB.

J2EE Technologies: JSP, Servlet, JMS, JAXP, JAX-RPC, JTA, Java Mail, JNDI, RMI, JDBC, JCA, Web Services (SOAP and RESTful).

App/Web servers: JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Apache Tomcat.

IDE: Eclipse, RAD, NetBeans.

XML Technologies: DTD, JAX-RPC, XML Schema, XSLT.

Web Technologies: Angular JS, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, XML, AJAX.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows.

Built Tools: ANT, Maven, Jenkins.

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, JPA.

Web Services: SOAP, REST, Restful, AWS, Microservices.

Version Controls: Clear-case, Subversion, CVS.


Confidential, Plano, TX

Full Stack Java developer


  • End to End development of a complaint management application
  • Worked with Business team for elicitation, documentation and understanding the requirements.
  • Designed application frontend with HTML5 templates (pages), CSS3 (styling), Bootstrap. ES6 with extensive routing services using Angular 6/7 in a Data-Driven UI model.
  • Maintained Orchestration Layers based on Microservices Oriented Architecture using Node Js. Embraced Node.js cryptography and secret management using Hashi Corp vault.
  • Cyberworks like migration of applications to LockBox, Container Vulnerability Fix, and migration from PINPOINT to new Monitoring platform ‘New Relic’.
  • Administration of SQL server and PostGreSQL database clusters in AWS Virtual Private Cloud Network. Performed CRUD operations on the database regularly.
  • Total deployment using AWS (ECS and EC2) focusing on maximum Uptime, Auto-scaling and increased Resiliency. Monitoring Traffics, Work with SRE to increase/ decrease Services running in clusters, and participating applications in Failover and Regional Isolation Exercises.
  • Use Splunk queries to monitor the application especially before/after Releases. Also, used for analyzing Requests and SLO scores. Along with it, used AWS CloudWatch as a monitoring tool.
  • AWS S3 Bucket Management. Modifying policies, Deletion and Registering buckets for the Metadata Management.
  • Developed a third-party API with OAuth 2.0 authentication and used as a gateway for all the web services.
  • Administrative role in numerous GitHub Project. Regular maintenance and Password cleanups
  • Used ATDD based on Cucumber for frontend (Angular) and backend (Java) testing. Extensively tested Functionality of the Node.js applications with Mocha Chai and used JMeter for the Performance tests.
  • Used Swagger framework for testing and documentation of the OLs and Rest APIs. Along with it, used other tools like POSTMAN.
  • Worked on sensitive data remediation using various JavaScript libraries like Regex, for validation and enhancing security features. Also, data remediated by masking in DB and Data Warehouses like MySQL, SNOWFLAKE, ONELAKE, etc.
  • All application development using automated CICD pipelines in Jenkins. Debugged, fixed, and updated the pipelines.

Environment: Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Angular 6/7. AWS, ECS, EC2, Route 53, CloudWatch, Node Js, SQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, REST, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Node.JS, Tomcat, Cucumber, Jmeter, Mocha/Chai, Snowflake, Swagger, Hashi Corp vault, Splunk, Kibana


Full Stack Java Developer


  • Involved in Full Cycle of Software Development from Analysis through Design, Development, Integration and testing phases by following Agile Software Development with Scrum methodology.
  • Designed and Developed application based on Micro service Oriented Architecture using Spring Boot and node Js.
  • Created single page web application by creating templates with HTML5(for pages), CSS3(styling), Bootstrap (speed development, responsive, consistency), ES6 and responsive components by using event binding and routing services for great user experience with Angular 2.0.
  • Developed the application using Spring MVC intensively that leverages classical MVC architecture and JavaScript for major data entry that involved extreme level of data validation at client side.
  • Created Reusable Angular 2.0 components using Typescript and services are obtained using Dependency Injection to consume REST API's.
  • Used Spring Boot which is radically faster in building cloud Micro services and develop a Spring-based application with very less configuration.
  • Used Spring Boot framework to write Presentation Layer, Business Layers and Controller Servlets.
  • Used Spring Boot Actuator to externalize application's configuration properties for different environments.
  • Designed and developed custom message adapter components using Apache Kafka that allowed the message to travel through Micro services to base on Restful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC.
  • Build a prototype for various required services such as Scheduling, Logging and Notification Service using third-party Node JS based JavaScript library.
  • Utilized various JavaScript and jQuery libraries, AJAX for form validation and other interactive features.
  • Utilized Swagger framework for design, documentation, testing, and deployment of REST APIs in Spring Boot.
  • Used Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping (ORM) to interact with the Oracle database.
  • Installed, configured, and administration of No SQL database clusters in AWS Virtual Private Cloud Network. Created architecture stack for data access with No SQL database Mongo DB.
  • Unstructured data was handled using Mongo DB and used Mongoose Connector for connecting to the database.
  • Designed, built, and deployed a multitude application utilizing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) stack (Including EC2 & S3 SQS) focusing on high-availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaling.
  • Developed a third-party API with OAuth 2.0 authentication and used as a gateway for all the web services.
  • Used GIT as version control and regularly pushed the code to Bitbucket and used Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD).
  • Used ANT for building the application.

Environment: Core Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Microservices, AWS, Hibernate, Agile/Scrum, HTML, JSON, AJAX, CSS, Angular JS, REST, JavaScript, Servlets and JavaBeans, Tomcat, WebLogic, Oracle, XML, My Eclipse IDE, Mongo DB, SVN, ANT, Junit, Windows.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Java/J2ee Developer


  • Followed Agile software development practice paired programming, test driven development and scrum status meetings.
  • Effectively interacted with team members and business users from different regions for requirements capture and analysis
  • Worked and developed functionalities in Agile Methodology of SDLC and involved in Team planning and grooming sessions and Retro session in Agile environment.
  • Involved in development, deployment of Web Applications, Micro services deployed on Cloud Foundry.
  • Working with Offline First Multi-device and Multi-Platform application architecture using Ionic framework with Cordova to achieve Multi-Platform and Web SQL.
  • Worked on Rest Web services as well as Node Rest framework for back-end services and developed back-end code using Java collections including Set, List, Map, Multi-threading and Exception Handling.
  • Working on AngularJS 1.5 to Angular 2.0 Code transition. With ES6 and TypeScript.
  • Built NPM libraries/packages in Node.js and Grunt Task runner for Unit testing AngularJS components as part of Test-driven development.
  • Developed Spring Application using Spring Core, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Security, and Spring DAO and middle-ware application using spring core framework.
  • Used Executor Service Multi-Threading in programming and developed various helper classes.
  • Involved in coding for the presentation layer using jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Node.js, and JavaScript.
  • Working on RESTful web services, exclusively consuming REST API with Asynchronous behavior.
  • Implemented application using Spring Boot Framework and handled the security using Spring Security.
  • Selected the Test Cases to be automated and performed functional testing of the front-end using Selenium (IDE and Web Driver) & created Data Driven framework using JUnit.
  • Wrote SQL queries and developed the back-end programs in PL-SQL for this application.
  • Provided data persistence by object/relational mapping solution via Hibernate for application save, update, delete operations.
  • Implemented interceptors using Hibernate and build and release Spring Boot framework.
  • Performed Unit testing, Integration Testing and generating of test cases for web applications using JUnit.
  • Used Spring (IOC) for injecting the beans and reduced the coupling between the classes.
  • Implemented the Model View Controller using Spring MVC and implemented various design patterns.
  • Worked on GIT for version control and bug tracking. Worked on Code integration and deployment tool Jenkins, Ansible, Docker.
  • Worked with Object relational databases like Postgrad SQL Database and H2 database engine.
  • Worked with Couchbase NoSQL database, multiple ERP connections based on RDBMS.
  • Used Node.js, Express.js to create server-side API with MongoDB.
  • Used Postman Collections for Rest API testing. JSON output was tested using Advanced REST Client or POSTMAN.
  • Strong understanding of supporting JSON based RESTful web-services, integrating with the front-end.
  • Develop RESTFUL Web Services interface supporting both XML and JSON to publish printing machines operational data, also developed the code to interact with other web services. Configured WebLogic application server and deployed the web components into the server.
  • Log4j is used for debugging process and application is built with Maven.
  • Developed the unit test cases using JUnit.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Angular JS, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, AJAX Eclipse, WebLogic, JMS, Maven, Restful, PL/SQL, JUnit, SVN, Windows, Unix.

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