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Senior Front End Developer Resume


LANGUAGES, FRAMEWORKS: JavaScript (Typescript, ES6), AngularJS, Angular 2 - 9, NGRX, RxJS, React, Node, Express.js, PHP, Python, Flask, Karma, Jest and Jasmine(testing), Webpack, HTML/CSS/SASS/LESS, ADA WAI-ARIA/508 Compliance

INFRASTRUCTURE: AWS EC2, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS RDS, Docker, Jenkins, Gulp, Grunt

DATABASES: MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Postgresql, MYSQL, MSSQL




Senior Front End Developer


  • Developed web application using Typescript and Angular 9 and Ionic for Mobile.
  • Used NGRX for state management.
  • Building entry forms for sweepstakes entries and Scss/CSS for the entire site.
  • Helping the team at TracyLocke debug and rework some of their api service calls using NodeJS.

Skills Used: Typescript, Angular 9, Material UI, RxJS, Ionic, Scss, NodeJS

Confidential, NY

Lead Application Developer


  • Involved with application and data structure design.
  • Leveraged modern web technologies such as Angular 2-8, Typescript, NGRX, Angular Material, HTML5, CSS3, & ECMAScript 2016.
  • Involved in design and development of SPA (Single Page Application) using Typescript, Angular 2-8, Angular Material, Ag-Gird.
  • Used NGRX for state management.
  • Used Rxjs to converting existing code for async operations into observables, iterating through the values in a stream, mapping values to different types, filtering streams, Composing multiple streams.
  • Implemented customer Directives using the host binding and host listening, created Services to make Rest API calls using Angular Httpclient module .
  • Used Input/Output, ViewChild decorators implementing the communication between nested components, used Service, Subject, BehaviorSubject to implement the communication between the different Angular components.
  • Implemented the search box using custom pipes.
  • Developed higher order components for reusability throughout the application. Including Services using RXJS.
  • Built custom form control library to add in accessibility, end-to-end testing and directives for form validations.
  • The project also had to have 85% test coverage for the project and comply with Accessibility Methods & Techniques.
  • Contributed to a node project to add accessibility to a datatable module.
  • This was an agile project with daily scrums and two week sprints.

Skills used: Angular 2-8, NGRX, RxJS, Angular Material, Typescript, Node.js, Express, Javascript, Jasmine, CI/CD, ADA compliance.

Senior Full Stack Developer



  • Python was used for the algorithms for energy usage on a building.
  • UI was developed using Javascript, ES6 and React/Redux.
  • Node js was used for the microservices to pull the map tile data and building data.
  • Everything was deployed to AWS through docker

Skills used: Python, Node.js, React, MongoDB, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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