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Devops Engineer Resume

Bothell, WA


  • Skilled DevOps Engineer with 6+ years of experience in Infrastructure Development (AWS & Azure) including Linux & System Administration, Build & release management, and Software configuration management.
  • Extensively worked with AWS services, such as EC2, IAM, Lambda, VPC, Router 53, Dynamo. RDS, S3, EBS, Security Groups, ELB, Cloud Watch, Code Deploy, RDS, Cloud Formation, RMR and Glacier.
  • Experience in setting up AWS CLI to control AWS services through python Boto3.
  • Experience in configuring Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Groups on AWS instances to optimize the cost, availability, and performance.
  • Experience in AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS Lambda for serverless deployments and running lambda functions to automate the tasks.
  • Experience in installing, configuring, and maintaining application servers such as Apache Tomcat, Nginx, and WordPress.
  • Heavily worked on containerization platform using Docker, Docker Swarm and Kubernetes to deploy and manage micro services.
  • Experience in Designing and implementing CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, maven, GitHub, SonarQube and Nexus to automate the build and deployment process.
  • Experienced in Java J2EE technologies using Core Java, Maven, JDBC, Threads, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Servlets, UI design and jQuery.
  • Experience in setting up and configuring application and infrastructure monitoring tools such as Nagios, Datadog, Cloud watch, Splunk and ELK Stack
  • Extensively used various databases like MySQL, ORACLE, Amazon DynamoDB, and MSSQL.
  • Experience in configuring testing environment such as SonarQube, Junit and Selenium.
  • Proficient on writing scripting language such as PowerShell, Bash, Python to automate Cron jobs and system maintenance.
  • Used Bug tracking tools like JIRA and Remedy. Also, worked under Agile (Scrum) and Waterfall methodologies.


Programming/Scripting: Java, Python, Bash (Unix Shell)

Cloud Services: AWS (IAM, Route 53, VPC, EC2, S3, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, Lambda, SNS) Azure (VM’s, blob storage, ARM templates, Active Directory)

Containerization: Docker, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes

Automation and Build Tools: Ansible, Jenkins, Maven, Ant, SonarQube, Selenium, Nexus and Terraform.

Operating System: Windows, Linux, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, RHEL, and Mac

Tools: JIRA, Rally, Slack, MS 365

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, DynamoDB, MSSQL

SCM Tools: Git, GitHub, Bitbucket

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Cloud Watch, ELK, Splunk and Data Dog


DevOps Engineer

Confidential, Bothell, WA


  • Build and managed a large deployment of RedHat Linux instances on AWS cloud using AWS services like EC2, EBS, ELB, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, Security Groups and IAM .
  • Wrote Cloud Formation Templates for creating and updating security groups and used terraform as a backend and stored tf states in an S3 bucket .
  • Created IAM policies, roles and S3 buckets to support applications built on the AWS platform in AWS accounts serving NPI/PCI data and CAT3 accounts as well.
  • Configured Backups and Disaster Recovery Plan using Route 53 polices by routing the traffic from primary region to secondary region during any failure in primary region.
  • Utilized AWS Lambda to trigger the functions to encrypt S3 objects and SNS for push notifications.
  • Implemented ECS based approach comprising of Load Balancers, EC2s and Docker containers on the instances to create a lightweight API which can be scaled as per demand in form of Docker containers and reduced cost compared to that of spinning up new instances.
  • Used nexus Artifactory as an artifact store and pushed docker images of the APIs to a dockyard hosted on Artifactory.
  • Dockized Java Spring Boot APIs built using maven via an Entry point Script.
  • Worked on setting up new tools such as Kubernetes with Docker to assist with auto - scaling, continuous integration, rolling updates with no downtime.
  • Initiated Microservices application through Docker and Kubernetes cluster formation for scalability of the application, and creation of Docker images, upload/download in and out from the Docker Hub. Container management using Docker by writing Docker files and set up the automated build on Docker HUB and installed and configured Kubernetes.
  • Created and Configured Jenkins free style and pipeline jobs integration with diff tools and environments such as GitHub, maven, SonarQube, nexus.
  • Implemented a master-slave architecture and Nodes on Jenkins to optimize the performance of Jenkins by allowing parallel builds.
  • Created build script using Maven to automate build and deployment process. Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issued related to build and deploy process.
  • Configured Nagios for monitoring resources and network such as uptime, system load, disk usages, network traffic.
  • Developed scripts using Shell and python for system operations and automating the jobs.
  • Worked under Agile-Scrum with 2-week sprint schedule .

Environments: AWS (EC2, IAM, VPC, ELB, S3, Route 53, Glacier, Cloud Watch, Lambda, SNS, Auto Scaling, ELB, RDS), GIT, SQL. AWS CLI, Unix/Linux, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Agile-Scrum Shell, Python

AWS Cloud Engineer

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Lunched Amazon EC2 cloud instances using Amazon Images (Ubuntu) and actively manage, improve, and monitor lunched instances on AWS, including backups, patches, and scaling.
  • Utilized IAM to assign roles, to create and manage users, groups, and permission to use AWS resources and managed security using Security Groups, and IAM .
  • Configured databases in AWS using MySQL, OracleDB and DynamoD B. Used Amazon S3 bucket to configure database instance backups to S3 bucket. ( Multi AZ, Replication and backups)
  • Amazon Kinesis for app deployment and Utilized Dynamo DB using Lambda for value storage and stream backup
  • Used Ansible Playbook to setup Continuous Delivery Pipeline. Deployed micro services, including provisioning AWS environment using Ansible Playbooks.
  • Wrote Docker files to create custom Images, push/pull in and out from Docker Hub. Also use Docker to managing networks, setup automatic builds as well as mounting volumes in AWS EC2 instances.
  • Responsible for creating CloudWatch alarms to perform Auto Recovery and Auto Reboot on EC2 instance that are failing system status check.
  • Installed and Administered the monitoring tools such as Nagios and ELK Stack.
  • Configure build-pipeline-plugin, maven, SVN in Jenkins to automate and continuous build process and setup Cronjobs build fail email notification.
  • Installed, configured, and managed Jenkins on EC2 instance with adding plugins like GIT, SonarQube, Ansible, deploy to container, Build Pipeline etc.
  • Developed ANT and SHELL (bash) scripts to automate build and Deployment.

Environments: AWS (EC2, IAM, Security Groups, DynamoDB, S3), Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Maven, SVN, GIT, Ansible, SonarQube, ANT, SHELL, Nagios, ELK Stack.

Build/Release Engineer

Confidential, Pasadena CA


  • Designed and implemented EC2 cloud instances using Amazon Images ( Ubuntu 14 ) and responsible for maintaining the lunched instance for the company projects.
  • Used Amazon Route 53 to manage DNS zones globally and to give public DNS names to ELB ’s and CloudFront for Content Delivery.
  • Created VPC pairing between multiple VPC into various accounts. Configure Inbound/Outbound rules.
  • Developed SQL queries, joins with JDBC API, Hibernate Object-relation mapping to access data.
  • Implemented docker-maven-plugin in maven pom to build docker images for all microservices and later used Docker file to build the docker images from the java jar files.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins for continuous build process.
  • Utilize AWS CloudWatch to monitor the performance of the instances.
  • Developed Shell/Unix scripts to automate the process and allowing for building packages more efficiently.

Environment: AWS (EC2, Route 53, ELB, CloudFront, VPC pairing, CloudWatch), Docker, Ansible, ANT, MAVEN, Jenkins

Java Developer

Confidential, Fremont CA


  • Worked on online Banking portal and API to automate the online banking process
  • Worked in designed and development of web interface using JSP, Servlets, JS, and JDBC for administering and managing users and clients.
  • Designed and developed multi-threaded chat server based on J2EE architecture .
  • Designed and implemented web services using Spring Boot and REST .
  • Worked on ER modeling of the back-end tables and used JDBC for connecting to database.
  • Used Toad to build complex multi table joins, sub queries using SQL.
  • Implemented the MVC pattern with Struts framework
  • Managed the code versioning and releases versioning through SVN, GIT .

Environment: J2EE, Eclipse, Spring Boot, Rest, Toad, Strut framework, JSP, Servlets, JS, SVN, GIT, JDBC

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