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Senior Fullstack Developer Resume


  • Experience in IT industry, finance, hardware for 19+ years with focus in Java, programming in RDBMS (Oracle/Ingres, Sybase, and SQL Server), Multithreading, and Systems Programming etc.
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Technology (OOD/OOA/OOP), Software Engineering and Software Project Management. Good understanding of Polymorphism, Virtual Functions, Derived Classes, inheritance. Good understanding of threading & concurrency
  • Extensive knowledge of Shell and TCP/IP programming.
  • Experience in RDBMS such as Oracle, mysql .Experience writing Stored Procedures and Triggers in Oracle
  • Experience in Java development on UNIX platform and windows. Experience in all phase of testing such as Unit Testing, System Testing, Assembly testing, Product test, Regression testing and Cycle Zero testing.
  • Experience in the Software Development Life Cycle and development of test scripts.
  • Proficient with design and development of a Test Framework and Report.


Languages: JAVA8, PL/SQL,ECL (Object oriented programming)


Operating Systems: UNIX.,LINUX



Senior Fullstack Developer


  • Working on internal customer facing healthcare projects using Java8/Springmvc framework and Hpcc big data platform object oriented language language ECL which is also used for ETL.
  • Used Ecl for ETL process to get the data bought from vendors into standard Confidential Format.
  • Working on Integration project, understanding how the data written in various languages like oracle MySQL data works from new vendors and convert it into standard Confidential format and upload it to the big data platform and make it available so everyone can use the data
  • Build queries in ava and MySQL for healthcare Portals and healthcare products.
  • Migrating Company’s bought by Confidential to HPCC systems to integrate their data and queries with our existing systems .Understanding the logic of how the new company’s product works and the logic and rewrite it in Java MySQL and ECL to integrate it into the existing business.
  • Writing extensive healthcare Queries to represent data we buy form other companies using Ecl and Java framework.
  • Designing and writing soap call to call third party software’s used for address cleaning and other purposes and providing a way for companies to receive data form Confidential ..
  • Conducting Code reviews 3 times week to help others with any issues and ensure that the bugs/code is written as per standards.
  • Mentoring new and existing team members and helping them with any issues and encouraging them so they can be independent and help others.
  • Implementing agile methodology. Participating in daily scrums, weekly sprints and grooming sessions..
  • Used for roxie queries which was used by the Batch processing team for batch customers using springboot .
  • Used multithreading for batch customer queries and soapcalls.
  • Have been part of the employee engagement group for 5 years taking lead in doing events (Diwali,ping pong tournament, holiday party..) And working with group members and helping with them with their events.

Environment: ECl, Oracle PL/SQL, JAVA8, Javascript,esp,Mysql,xml,springboot.

Confidential, Fort Lauderdale FL

Senior Developer


  • Working on two part application called Eclinical made of EDC based on Java/Spring framework using liferay portal and EDM based on Oracle forms
  • Responsible for developing new features for EDC using Java/Spring framework as per requirements.
  • Responsible for extensive bug fixing and patching EDC code and make sure all the existing functions and other functions work as per requirements as the product was migrated from Oracle 10g to 11g and MVC based architecture.
  • Responsible for rewriting some of the JavaScript and JSP pages as part of enhancements and migration.
  • Recompiling/developing older PL/SQL code in Proc and deploying to new 11g server.
  • Responsible for recompiling 10g forms to 11g and fixing issues that were a result of the migration
  • Responsible for writing code in Forms to call the Proc code and make sure that the
  • Responsible for extensive regression testing of product after cycles of bug fixing were done.
  • Responsible for build process on Jenkins server and deploying the new builds to Weblogic server.
  • Responsible for researching and upgrading liferay from 1.5 to 1.6 and patching features that were not supported but were critical for the existing application.

Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, JAVA7, JSP, Weblogic, JSP, Javascript,xml.

Confidential, Hollywood FL



  • Working on C++/C#/Java/Android based application for ScheduALL, Scheduling software for Broadcast, Media, and Entertainment Industry projects.
  • Responsible for developing new features for existing code in C++ platform as per release requirements
  • Responsible for developing and designing new features/code for migration project in C#.
  • Write stored procedures and Triggers in SQL Server and oracle as product supports both.
  • Databases as per clients needs.
  • Worked on developing a Web based application called Confidential web and hitch app using Java, Hibernate, Struts.
  • Developed New features for the web app and hitch using Java as per customers request/release requirements and also integrate the apps with the existing core Product.
  • Used Hibernate to write the database Interface for the Web app and new features as per Release requirements.
  • Helped architect and implemented high volume, high traffic transactional application using conventional design practices (test driven development, SOA, design by contract, MVC)
  • Wrote interfaces using WSDL for web integration services.

Environment: Oracle/PL/SQL, SQL Server, JAVA, JSP, Swings, Hibernate, EJB, MVC, JBOSS

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