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Sr. Software Developer Resume


  • An accomplished IT professional with 14 years of experience in Software Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Support of Enterprise applications using Java and J2EE technologies.
  • Has full Software Development life cycle experience in designing applications using object - oriented design methodologies & principles.
  • Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Java, J2EE, EJB, JSP, JSF, JMS, JPA, Web Services (JAX-WS/JAX-RS), SOA, Hibernate, Struts, Spring, XML, CSS, HTML, Java Script, jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, JSON, Log4J, Subversion, CVS, GIT and Maven. Excellent Inter-personal, Technical, Analytical, and Problem-Solving skills. Highly motivated self-starter accustomed to working in both small and large teams effectively.
  • Expertise in Requirements gathering, analysis, design and development of Web applications using Java/J2EE technologies in different business domains like Banking and Finance, Property & Casualty Insurance.
  • Expertise in designing and developing services using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Developed SOAP (JAX-WS & JAX-RPC) and RESTful (JAX-RS) web services.
  • Created XML schema definitions for exchanging data between multiple systems via messages.
  • Used Java XML binding tools like Castor, XMLBeans, XStream and JAXB for converting xml to java objects and vice-versa.
  • Rich UI Internet (WEB) application development skills using technologies like JSP, JSF, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS3, AngularJS, NodeJS, and Bootstrap.
  • Expertise in Implementations, upgrade and DR Testing. Well acquainted with the software development life cycle (SDLC) of applications.
  • Flexible and versatile in adapting any new environment and work on any project.
  • Extensive experience in designing multi-tier J2EE Web Application architecture using UML (Unified Modeling Language), and MS Visio.
  • Designed and developed multiple J2EE MVC Model based Web Application using J2EE Technologies (EJB, Servlets, JSP), Patterns and popular open-source framework Struts, Spring and Hibernate and Working with many popular Relational Database Management Systems like IBM DB2, Oracle and MS SQL Server
  • Extensive experience in programming, deploying, configuring, fine-tuning and administering middle-tier popular J2EE Application Servers like IBM WebSphere, BEA Web and Apache Tomcat
  • Extensive experience working with IBM MQ Series
  • Strong development skills in Java, J2EE, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, EJB (J2EE), JMS (MQ-series), JNDI, RMI, C, HTML, XML, XSL, Java Script, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server.
  • Experience in API Products like WSO2.
  • Experience in writing ANT, Maven build scripts and configuring and using Log4j.
  • Expertise in writing unit tests using Junit, EasyMock, Mockito, and PowerMock to assess the intended functionality of the application and to reduce the integration time.
  • Extensively used GIT, Subversion and Clear Case for source code version control.
  • Experience of application development in different environments like Windows, Linux and UNIX.
  • Worked with several application configurations including distributed, web, and client-server applications most of the time in a cross-platform environment.
  • Worked in different roles such as Design team member, Sr. Developer, Offshore coordinator, team lead.
  • Expert understanding of Insurance, Banking, Investment, and Financial services industry needs and transactions, with proven success architecting state-of-the-art technology.
  • Experience in Secure File Transfer tools like Tumbleweed, Connect Direct and Spazio.
  • Responsible for QA activities. Worked as a defect tracking lead.
  • Experience in writing Perl scripting, shell scripts, Batch Jobs and Schedulers using Spring.
  • Designed and developed efficient error handling methods and implemented in various projects.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete multiple assignments simultaneously and maintain high standards of client organizations.
  • Very Strong mix of academic and professional experience in the related area, demonstrated through the implementations of successful projects and diverse roles.
  • Recognized team member with the ability to perform well in a group or individually.
  • Cope well in a high intensity work environment and excellent communication skills.


Languages: C++, Java, J2EE (EJB, JMS, J2C, JNDI, JPA, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JSF, Facelets and Portlets), SQL, PL/SQL, and SQLJ

Scripting Languages: Java Script, jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, Python, AJAX, JSON, ANT, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, WML, and Cold Fusion

Databases: Oracle, MS Access (v2.0), DB2, SQL Server, and Mainframe DB.

Web/Application Servers: WebSphere, Web, Apache Tomcat and Jboss

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX and Macintosh


XML Technology: XML, XSL, XSLT, XSD, JAXP, JAXB, SAX, DOM, XStream, XMLBeans and Castor

Design Technologies: OOAD with UML (Rational Rose)

Frameworks: Spring, JSF, Struts, Hibernate, IBatis/MyBatis, Bootstrap, Junit, EasyMock, Mockito, and PowerMock

Java API’S: Applets, AWT, JDBC, Servlets, Java Beans, RMI, EJB, JNDI, Java Mail API, JMS, JAXP, JAXB, JAX-RPC, REST API.

Design Patterns: MVC, Session Façade, DAO, DTO (Transfer Object), Front Controller and Service Locator.

Build Servers: Jenkins and Hudson

Versioning Tools: GIT, Subversion, and Clear case

MOM: JMS, MQ Series (WebSphere MQ)

Web Service: Axis, JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, UDDI, WSDL, SOAP, and REST API

Group Ware: Lotus Domino R-5.X/R-6.X/7.X

IDE: IntelliJ IDEA, RAD, Eclipse, and WSAD

Others: Maven, Log4J, SoupUI, JIRA, Bitbucket(Stash), SonarLint.



Sr. Software Developer


  • Worked in Design, Development and maintenance of new version of Policy Administration System
  • Worked in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) environment.
  • Prepared POCs (Proof of Concepts) for new line of business.
  • Developed Genesys Web services using JAX-WS & JAX-RS.
  • Worked on Design and Development of RESTful webservices using Spring RESTful webservices.
  • Developed Message Driven Beans (MDB) to read messages from the Message Queues.
  • Used Spring Boot for application startup.
  • Used jQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap, Ajax, and JSON to enhance the functionality of web pages.
  • Used Angular2 features such as directives, modules and routers.
  • Responsible for analysis of current programs including performance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of problem programs, and designing solutions to problematic programming.
  • Involve in the Development, testing and maintenance phases of Software Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ).
  • Used Java 8 features extensively.
  • Worked in TTD and Model-Driven Development
  • Used Spring JMS as messaging framework.
  • Participate in BTS ( Confidential Services) initiatives to support WR Berkley company implementations.
  • Developed Stateless Session Beans to handle J2EE transactions.
  • Developed Message Driven Beans (MDB) to read messages from the Message Queues.
  • Rewriting legacy applications to Spring Boot Micro Services.
  • Worked ESQL in WebSphere Message Broker/IBM Integration Bus using IIB Integration Toolkit
  • Used Hibernate as the ORM tool to be able to integrate the software with db2 backend.
  • Implemented Test cases (JUnit) for each LOB and improved functionality efficiently.
  • Used IntelliJ and RAD as IDE for development and Web Sphere as application server.
  • Used XRebel to identify and improve the application performance and Tuned SQL Queries to improve the performance of the application.
  • Wrote Junit test cases for all the java classes using Junit, Mockito, and PowerMock
  • Perform design and code reviews.
  • Used Maven for building application artifacts.
  • Used Jenkins build server for build management.
  • Used SonarLint integrated with IntelliJ to maintain the code quality and follow best coding practices.
  • Using JIRA/ Squish tool for bug/task tracking and time tracking.

Environment: Java 8, J2EE, EJB3, JMS, JSF, WAS 8, IntelliJ, Maven, GIT, DB2 UDB, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, REST API, WSO2 API Gateway, Spring boot, Java Script, CSS, Ajax, Enterprise Architect, Spring, Hibernate, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, XRebel, Windows, Scrum Agile, Junit, Mockito, and PowerMock.


Programmer Analyst


  • Written software code using Java/J2EE technologies to implement RDP, RCP functionality in the CORE Application and improves accordingly.
  • Responsible for analysis of current programs including performance, diagnosis and troubleshooting of problem programs, and designing solutions to problematic programming.
  • Involve in the Development, testing and maintenance phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Actively involved in designing and implementing Singleton, DAO, DTO, Session Façade, and Composite view and Business Delegate design patterns.
  • Written XSD and generate Java classes out of XSDs using XML Beans.
  • Eclipse modeling framework (EMF) for code generation facility, building tools and other applications based on a structured data model.
  • Used Google Guice for Dependency Injection.
  • Design UI screens using XMI, JSP, CSS, MDA Framework and HTML.
  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is a "philosophy" of how models should be used in the software development process. MDA guides architects and developers to more effectively define models at various levels of abstraction and to develop transformations among models, code, and other artifacts of the software lifecycle.
  • XMI is a standardized exchange format, with the objects in XML can be serialized. It can be interpreted mapping and, through the Meta Object Facility (MOF) structures in XML. XMI specifies the rules for XML schemas by using the models can be mapped. These features make a powerful XMI specification that is especially suited for:
  • Model-Driven Development
  • The integration needs of tool vendors, which also support XMI.
  • Consistent and uniform formatting serialized objects
  • Checking the syntactic correctness of models (Serializable or not)
  • Used Hibernate as the ORM tool to be able to integrate the software with the Oracle database backend.
  • Perform test of the functionalities in the CORE tools and improves accordingly.
  • Used SVN for version control.
  • Used JIRA for bug/task tracking and time tracking.

Environment: Java 1.6, J2EE, GWT, JSP, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jquery, REST,JSON, MDA Framework, JBoss 1.5, Hibernate, Oracle 11g, SVN, SQL Developer, Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF), Google Guice, JIRA, XML Beans, Agile methodology, Eclipse Galileo.


Programmer Analyst


  • Worked on critical and high priority issues which are having maximum impact to business. As team member, involved in analyzing the system issues and resolving them. Coordination with multiple teams to ensure that tasks are delivered on schedule.
  • Configuring of data source for WSAD 6.1 and designing the common components of the application.
  • Involved in developing Stored procedures and Triggers.
  • Developing the front end with JSP’s and maintained the session with Session Beans.
  • Coded Server side Enterprise Java beans using Session and Message Driven Beans.
  • Creating of EAR files and setting up the paths and properties for Web sphere application server.
  • Used Spring Framework for the application and Developed Business Logic.
  • Used DOJO framework for UI development.
  • Responsible for Unit Testing with JUnit, integration testing of software and load testing using Jmeter.
  • Development of testing strategies and test cases.
  • Analysis of all the requests for code enhancements or changes, writing specifications and making the code changes.
  • Conducting Unit testing, Regression testing, UAT, Implementation walkthroughs and support during implementation of changes.
  • Conducting training for new team members.
  • Implementing Disaster recovery management.
  • Upgrading the system as per client requirement. Also involved in DM (Demand Management) and PI (Performance Improvement) initiatives. DM and PI include optimizing the system further for saving CPU time and dollar amount for Amex.

Environment: LINUX, Java, JSP, JSF, Web Sphere, DB2, UNIX, WSAD 5.1.2,Spring frame work, Mainframe DB,DOJO,Shell scripting and Perl Scripting.

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