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Sr. Software Developer - Java Resume

Ada, MI


  • Over 8 years of IT Experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, testing phases of Enterprise, Retail applications, Banking Domain applications.
  • Experience in software development process with Waterfall, Iterative, Agile Methodologies (Test Driven Development).
  • Extensive experience in application development in in Banking, Health and Retail Domains.
  • Experience in Analysis and Design including Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) techniques and knowledge of design patterns.
  • Expertise in implementing Design Patterns like Singleton, Front Controller, MVC (Model View Controller), Session Facade, Service locator, DAO, DTO, Factory and Abstract Factory, Decorator, Observer, Adapter and Strategy.
  • Experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using SOAP (Simple Object Access protocol) web services, JAX - RS, Restful Web services, JAX-WS, Apache Axis 2.0/JAXB 2.0.
  • Experience working in multithreading/ concurrency, collection framework, generics, internalization concepts.
  • Experience in developing front web pages using JSP, Servlets, JSTL, Filters, Listeners, HTML, XML, JSON, Java Script, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, Node.js, Angular JS, XSLT.
  • Experience in developing enterprise applications using RMI, EJB, JMS, ActiveMQ, JPA, JDBC, JNDI, JTA.
  • Experience in ORM frameworks like Hibernate, JPA.
  • Experience in Spring Framework Spring MVC/IOC/ORM/AOP/Security/Boot and Struts Framework.
  • Experienced in integrating workspaces and set up development environment in IDEs such as JBoss Developer Studio, Eclipse, Net beans.
  • Good Experience in build tools such as Maven, ANT, Gradle. Used JIRA for issue tracking.
  • Good Experience in Java logging framework such as Log4j and unit testing framework JUnit.
  • Experience in deploying web and enterprise applications in application servers like Apache Tomcat Server, JBoss Application Server, WebLogic and WebSphere, Glassfish Application server.
  • Experience in using version control tools like GIT Stash, Tortoise SVN, CVS (Concurrent Version System).
  • Experience in working with relational databases (RDBMS) concepts as Normalizations, Database designing.
  • Expert level skills in Relational Databases such as MySQL, Oracle. Programming experience in SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Have good experience in database tools like TOAD, SQLDeveloper.
  • Experience in writing Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, Functions and Packages.
  • Experience using Jenkins (continuous integration tool).
  • Knowledge of software testing tools as Cucumber-JVM, Selenium tools.
  • Knowledge of continuous code quality tools SonarQube.
  • Experience in using NoSQL database MongoDB.
  • Experience in working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.
  • Good experience in Unix Shell scripting, PUTTY configured to connect to remote servers.
  • Participated in Project Requirement and Planning meetings.
  • Excellent analytical and critical thinking, creative problem solving, quick learning, interpersonal and client interfacing skills.
  • Assisted project manager in defining project scope, time, effort estimates and deliverable management.


  • Java 1.8/1.7/1.6, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Scripting.
  • JDBC, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Spring-core, Spring-AOP, Spring-TX, Spring-JDBC, Spring -
  • Mail, SOAP and RESTful Web Services, JMS, JPA, JNDI
  • JDBC, JPA, Hibernate
  • HTML, XML, JSON, CSS, JSP, JSTL Tags, Angular JS, Node JS
  • Struts 2.0, JSF 3.0, Spring MVC, Spring-boot
  • WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat
  • MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • ActiveMQ, EJB, JMS, RMI, JDBC, JNDI, JPA, Sonic MQ
  • JAX-RPC, JAX-WS, JAX-RS(Restful)
  • Session Façade, Business Delegate, Front Controller, Service Locator, Singleton, Observer, DTO, DAO, MVC, Iterator, Factory, Abstract Factory
  • JUnit, Mockito, Selenium, Cucumber-JVM
  • Agile Methodology (Scrum), Waterfall, Iterative
  • Maven, Ant, Gradle
  • Toad, MySQL Workbench, Log4J, Oracle SQL Developer, Jenkins (Continuous Integration), SonarQube, Putty, Selenium


Confidential, Ada, MI

Sr. Software Developer - Java


  • Involved in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance phases of MAGIC 2.1 version.
  • Developed new functionality, features, bugs fixes using SOAP webservices, Rest APIs, EJB 3/2/1, Servlets, JSP, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, JMS, Strong Multi-threading, Exception Handling, Collections API.
  • Developed the Oracle BI publisher reports and templates.
  • Boosted performance of the system by refactoring code to handle memory leaks and java code dumps, as well as enhanced rollover effect of each transaction in real time, 5K transactions per minute, and applied reusable code.
  • Boosted the performance of the transactions processing system using Rest API, JMS Message Queues, Topics to balance the load across all the server nodes.
  • Worked on maven scripts pom.xml for building and configure package dependencies.
  • Implemented scheduling activity process and concurrency multi-threading feature using Executor Framework.
  • Designed and Developed microservices in Spring boot from monolithic Rest APIs written docker files to containerize, Jenkins pipelines to drive all microservices to Docker Registry and deployed to Kubernetes, created, and managed pods.
  • Worked with OpenShift platform in managing Docker containers and Kubernetes Clusters.
  • Utilized Kubernetes for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • Integrate the log metrics coming from the AWS cloud watch and show in Grafana Dashboards using cloud-formation for all environments.
  • Set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline on AWS.
  • Used Swagger for REST and Microservices documentation.
  • Refactored the code to handle memory leaks and java code dumps.
  • Refactored the legacy code to structured Java 8 code using Design patterns Singleton, factory design pattern, DAO design Patterns, Java 8 features like Lambdas, Streams, Functions, Predicates.
  • Done Code reviews and Lead onboarding and training for new associates, delivering instruction on organizational policies and best practices, as well as providing coaching and informative feedback
  • Used GIT as source control management that communicate with server and GitHub as repository tool.
  • Wrote Junit, Mockito Test Cases for action classes and service layer classes.
  • Implemented the logging framework using Apache Log4j.
  • Used Eclipse IDE/IntelliJ for developing code modules in the development environment.

Environment: Agile (Scrum), JavaSE 1.8, EJB 3.0, JUnit, JavaScript, JSON, GIT, Spring boot, Tomcat, Dynatrace, Splunk, Struts, Maven, RESTful Web Services, Log4j, XML, Jenkins, HTML, JavaScript, CSS3, Oracle 12c, JIRA, Oracle BI Publisher Reports, WebSphere Application Server, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Kafka, Test Driven Development.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Application is developed using Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Involved in business requirements gathering, definition the functional requirements, designed the UML diagrams.
  • Controller and business logic are developed using Spring MVC module.
  • Business components and View Components are decoupled in Spring MVC.
  • Developed view layer using JSP, JSTL tags, custom tags, Html5, CSS3, java script.
  • Created responsive web design and implemented two-way binding using Angular MVC.
  • Used AngularJS directives, factories, services for developing single page applications.
  • Developed custom directives, Factories and Services in AngularJS.
  • Written Controller classes, Model(bean) classes, DAO classes in Spring MVC.
  • Written Spring form validations in HTML & JSP pages, loggers.
  • For service layer integration, Spring Dependency Injection/Inversion of Control (DI/IOC) was used.
  • Used Spring Security annotations to provide method level security for authentication.
  • Written Servlet Filter classes for user authentication, track the users of the application.
  • Created POC for Spring Batch for running batch jobs.
  • Used DAO, DTO, Singleton, View resolver, Factory Design Patterns while developing the project.
  • Responsible for publishing and consuming the Restful web services using JAX-RS with Jersey API jars.
  • Implemented RESTful Web Services within the application with the use of URI templates and content negotiation.
  • Used JSON for data exchange between application modules along with XML and other MIME types required.
  • Used JMS API for asynchronous communication by using Topics and Queues.
  • Worked on maven scripts pom.xml for building and configure package dependencies.
  • Written Perl Scripts to automate content migration process in Content management system(CMS).
  • Configured Spring with hibernate for database configuration, Written Hibernate DAO for business layer.
  • Designed and developed persistence layer components using Hibernate to store and retrieve data from the MySQL database.
  • Worked on hibernate caching, hibernate transactions, hibernate annotations for CRUD and persistence.
  • Used Collections extensively to store retrieve and manipulate objects in the business logic layer, also in view layer using JSTL tags.
  • Used various Core Java concepts such as Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, Collection APIs to implement various features and enhancements.
  • Worked on AWS environments for checking individual instances and checking failures by logging into the box.
  • Used MongoDB for storing user generator ruler data.
  • Application was deployed in JBoss Application Server and Tomcat Enterprise Web Application Server.
  • Used Rest Client plug-in into run the Rest API’s on Enterprise Tomcat Server.
  • Worked on Integration on the Project modules of UI Layer, Presentation Service Layer and Shared Services Layer for the Production.
  • Used GIT as source control management that communicate with server and STASH as repository tool.
  • Worked in Test Driven Development with Jenkins Continuous Integration/Delivery tool.
  • Wrote JUnit Test Cases for action classes and service layer classes.
  • Implemented the logging framework using Apache Log4j.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for developing code modules in the development environment
  • Used Maven to build the J2EE application.
  • Used JIRAtool for bug tracking, fixes, task assignment.
  • Enhanced and created new Jasper Reports according to the requirements.

Environment: JavaSE 1.7, Agile methodology, Spring 4.0, Hibernate 4.3.0,JBoss Application server, JUnit, JavaScript,Node JS, JSON, GIT, Maven, RESTful Web Services, MongoDB, Log4j, XML, Jenkins, Log4j, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Angular JS 1.6, MySQL, AWS, JIRA.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. Full Stack Java Developer


  • Used Agile methodology and actively participated in Scrum meetings to produce quality deliverables within time.
  • Actively involved in requirements gathering, analysis, conceptual design while upgrading the project on Spring framework.
  • Used Angular JS as the development framework to build a single-page application.
  • Implemented presentation layer using Angular JS MVC framework for Java Script, HTML, CSS.
  • Involved in integrating AngularJS MVC with Spring MVC.
  • Developed the front pages, views using HTML, CSS, Java Script, JSPs and XML.
  • Implemented agent-server messaging dialog using Camel and JMS (Active MQ implementation).
  • Used Spring-JPA API for the persistence layer implementation.
  • Used Spring JPA templates, JDBC templates for the DAO classes.
  • Used JPQL to persist, retrieve data objects to be used by presentation layer JSTL, JSP pages.
  • Created Triggers, Views, Stored procedures, functions and packages in JPQL.
  • Used Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) for implementing Restful Web services.
  • Involved in developing the Restful Web Services using Spring MVC to extract data from the databases.
  • Consumed Web Service for transferring data between applications using Restful API’s along with Jersey API and JAX-RS.
  • Used concurrency utilities like blocking queues, executor service, and thread pool executor.
  • Developed the Maven scripts for preparing WAR files used to deploy J2EE components.
  • Used WebLogic Application server to deliver a new class of enterprise applications that enhance business interactions and transactions between a company and its key constituencies.
  • Used SVN as source control management tool
  • Interacted with the users and documented the System.
  • Generated JRXMLS and integrated into my project.

Environment: Java1.6, JSP, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, JavaScript, XML, XSD, JSP, Servlets, WebSphere Application server, SOAP, JPA, Spring Framework, SVN, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Agile, MAVEN, Eclipse, Linux, JNDI, Active MQ.


Java Developer


  • Involved in the business requirements gathering, analysis, design, development and testing phases of SDLC life cycle model.
  • Built the application using Spring MVC architecture.
  • Experience developing rich application user interfaces using HTML, JSP, Java Script, JQuery, CSS, AJAX.
  • Developed presentation tier using JSP, JavaScript, CSS for manipulating, validating, customizing, error messages to user interfaces.
  • Collected the information for User Requirement Specification and requested insufficient information and helped clearing ambiguity in requirements document.
  • Developed Springs forms and actions for validation of user request data and application functionality.
  • Developed the Spring validation forms.
  • Developed JSP's with JSTL custom tags and implemented JavaScript validation of data.
  • Design and Development of software components like Interface, Action Handlers, client side scripts using JAVA, JSP, and JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Developed web services using Apache Axis-2 framework.
  • Implemented Hibernate for data persistence.
  • Used Log4J as a logging tool.
  • Created an XML configuration file for Hibernate for Database connectivity.
  • Implemented Object Relational mapping through Hibernate.
  • Defined persistent classes that are mapped to database tables based on the analysis of the business domain.
  • Developed stored procedures developed in SQL at the back end.
  • Wrote hbm mapping files and POJO classes which contain business logic to map database tables with java objects.
  • Worked with Web sphere as application server and Tomcat as web server.

Environment: JAVA 1.4, J2EE, Spring Framework, Struts, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, SOAP Web Services, HTML, JavaScript, Swings, JPA, JSF, JDBC, SQL, XML, UML, UNIX, Log4J, DB2, Web sphere Application Server, Tomcat, Maven, SVN, Jasper Reports, Unix, Shell Script.

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