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Android Developer Resume

Memphis, TN


  • Six years of Android Development experience.
  • More than three years of Web Development experience.
  • One year of iOS Applications Development experience.
  • Technically Proficient in Android Application Development involving User Interfaces, Notifications, Adapters, Content Providers, Services, Databases, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, Multimedia and Telephony Manager.
  • Programming skills in Java, Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript, C/C++, Perl, Matlab, Python, PHP and HTML5.
  • Strong in designing mobile User Interfaces using native technologies for android and iOS.
  • Experience of using custom views and animations in android.
  • Experience in building Android apps which consume REST web services, using JSON and XML parsing.
  • Working experience of SQLite, MySQL, and Oracle databases.
  • Android code testing experience using JUnit 4, Mockito, Power Mockito, Roboelectric and Espresso.
  • Strong knowledge and ability to work with Appcelerator, Titanium, PhoneGap and Cordova.
  • Strong in use of multimedia for audio and video content in android applications.
  • Used WebRTC for web, android, and react native platforms.
  • Used frequently adb and logcat for android applications debugging.
  • Experience in using RxJava and RxAndroid for concurrency/asynchronous tasks.
  • Knowledge about using Augmented Reality for android.
  • S ome hands on experience for application state management by Redux for react native applications.
  • Experience of using Canvas and WebGL for multimedia using Html5.
  • Experience in hand - coding web user interfaces using HTML/XHTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
  • Experienced in responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3 media queries.
  • Used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Strong in manipulating the DOM with standard JavaScript.
  • Used UI build frameworks - NPM, Grunt, Gulp.
  • Used JS testing frameworks - Mocha, Jasmine.
  • Experienced with Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools.
  • Used AJAX and JavaScript, including various types of libraries for different purposes such as jQuery, Prototype and many more, for forms, animation and visualization effects.
  • Working knowledge of cryptography, including encryption and hashing, to include proper application to real-world situations.
  • Used, Object-oriented server-side scripting, various PHP Development tools and debuggers, such as Zend.
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Bootstrap.
  • Experience in using jQuery and React JavaScript libraries.
  • Strong experience of using Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.
  • Experience of using development tools like Eclipse IDE, Android Studio, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, Emacs, Pico, Vi and Vim.
  • Expert in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), object oriented analysis and design methodologies.
  • Ability to quickly understand and resolve technical issues through debugging, research, and investigation.


Confidential, Memphis, TN

Android Developer


  • Assisted in Android development of multiple apps, which include adding new features and fixing bugs.
  • Built new UI designs for android and iOS apps.
  • Added unit and functional automation tests covering various test scenarios for android apps.
  • Added dashboard analytics, using push notifications without using third party cloud services.
  • Added dashboard analytics, using Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • Researched and tested for security vulnerabilities of android devices of various used versions.
  • Assisted in managing and adding new features to OAuth 2.0 authorization framework based library for Android.
  • Assisted in planning of development work during team meetings and other communications.
  • Used Gitlab as version control environment.
  • Used Agile Scrum environment.

Environment : Android Studio, Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, Robolectric, Espresso, GitLab, Air Watch, Linux.

Confidential, New York, NY Android Developer


  • Redesigned user interface for various default and custom layouts using material design.
  • Updated various login boxes, check boxes, dialogues and alerts.
  • Updated ListView to RecyclerView for displaying the various options for user to manage their account.
  • Worked with mobile payments and designed custom dialogs and custom notifications for displaying the generated payment code.
  • Implemented SQLite database, SharedPs and ContentProvider for application data management.
  • Used shared SharedPs and backend remote database to store user settings.
  • Used cursor adapter and custom adaptor to access the information from SQLite.
  • Used AsynTask, Handler, Threads, Service, and IntentService to implement multi-threading.
  • Made the Restful API calls using Retrofit http client and RxAndroid library.
  • App security was managed for stored and transmitted information over the network.
  • Worked on APIs for Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC for connectivity.
  • Collabrated with iOS team to redesign UI using Storyboards and AutoLayoutconstraints with size classes utilized to further support various screen resolutions.
  • Debugged the application using Android Device Monitor.
  • Used Python for application testing, using Monkey Runner tool.
  • For android test automation, used Espresso 2.2.2, UI Automator, Mockito, PowerMockito, and Roboelectric frameworks.
  • Assisted in automation for iOS Confidential app using Calabash and Appium.
  • Worked in Windows and Linux development environment.
  • Assisted in planning of the development work.
  • Used Git as version control system.
  • Worked in an Agile Scrum Environment.

Environment : Android Studio, Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, Groovy, SQLite, Python, Webservices, Espresso 2.2.2, Git, Linux.

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Android Developer


  • Designed, executed and debugged various automation tests, for all DX series android devices.
  • Upgraded UI/UX features and functionalities to recent APIs.
  • Implemented the UI for audio/video conferencing.
  • Used android multimedia framework, including infotainment multimedia middleware.
  • Created custom UI objects to display the graphical data.
  • Used Jenkins to do CI builds, for feature development and testing.
  • Worked with SQLite to store and display various Contacts and Favorites.
  • Handled restful web services consumption for fetching content from the Internal Webserver.
  • Worked on UI changes involving APIs for Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.
  • Used test automation frameworks Espresso 2.0, Mockito, PowerMockito, and Roboelectric.
  • Performed automation for audio and video conferencing calls.
  • Used Python for editing scripts for application testing.
  • Edited documentation related to Automation and UI/UX updates.
  • Performed debugging and triage for SW issues.
  • Reported many bugs with identification of their root causes using ADB, Systrace, logcat and event logs.
  • Used continuous integration and build automation using Jenkins.
  • Edited codes on mostly Linux development environment.
  • Actively participated in product feature and design discussions to help shape the product.
  • Assisted during various planning meetings, in prioritizing the development work.
  • Worked in an Agile Scrum Environment.

Environment : Android Studio, Android SDK, Java, Python, Webservice, Espresso 2.0, UI Automator 2.0, Gerrit, Linux.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Android Developer


  • Performed maintenance and updates to existing client Web sites.
  • Addressed cross browser compatibility issues.
  • Played major role in developing "Ordant", an estimating and Order Management System.
  • Used PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript/jQuery to design websites.
  • Used WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to design Content Management System (CMS) based websites.
  • Created logos, banners and buttons for websites.
  • Applied W3C standards, web accessibility and best practices.
  • Developed prototypes and high quality mock-ups.
  • Converted Photoshop layouts to web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Developed advanced database driven websites and systems including eCommerce.
  • Designed responsive web pages for mobile devices.
  • Built java-based web applications using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Wrote Test scenarios, Test cases and bug reports.
  • Used Quick Test Professional (QTP) for regression testing and running the automation suite.
  • Developed test framework using JUnit and Selenium WebDriver.
  • Performed back end web development and maintenance of websites using PHP and MySQL.

Environment : Notepad++, Sublime Text, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Java, Selenium.

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